Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 4.1


Delia waited in exam room seven for Royal this time around. She was undressed and lying on the examination table with a white sheet covering her body. Everything that needed to be shaved or trimmed had been done so at home during her shower. She was as ready as she’d ever be for this six-week checkup.

Actually, this was more like Delia’s seven-week checkup. This was the first day Royal had room in his appointment book to see her since the birth of her daughter, Tess.

Delia could still remember the last time she saw him. Royal had been just as gorgeous as ever, but dressed in full blue scrubs with a white surgical mask about his nose and mouth. His eyes had been alert, his gloved hands skilled as he assisted her in Tess’s delivery.

Delia had felt so safe in Royal’s care that day. And when she’d followed his instructions to push for the last time, she’d seen the look of pride in his eyes. He’d made her proud of herself for her part in such a smooth delivery.

I don’t know if he’s like that with all of his patients, but if he is, that would explain why he stays so booked up, Delia mused, right before the man in question walked through the exam room door.

Like before, Royal was alone for the examination and so courteous. He warmed up his hands before examining her, also like before. However, this time his touch was beyond gentle. Royal’s touch was so tender this time that a part of Delia actually felt like crying.

Yet she refrained.

I don’t want the man to think I’m crazy, Delia mused, quickly pulling herself back together as the examination began in earnest.

The first significant thing Royal noticed when he examined Delia was her stomach. It was amazingly flat when only weeks before it had been huge with child. The few stretch marks she did have were tiny gatherings on each hip.

“Your stomach is pretty flat, Miss Valentine. Have you already started an extensive exercise regiment?” Royal asked as his gloved hands slowly examined her abdomen. He regularly discouraged his patients from doing any strenuous exercise until after they’d seen him first. Delia’s stomach looked as if she’d been doing abdominal crunches from day one of having her baby.

Delia looked sheepishly at him. “I could lie and say that all I’ve been doing are Kegel exercises and a little yoga. But since I’m a lover of truth these days, I have to confess that I’ve been doing as many crunches as I can stand. I like my body to be tight and right for all those nice clothes I like to try on at department stores.” She chuckled and added, “And sometimes buy as my budget allows.”

Instead of scolding her, Royal shared her mirth. “At least you’re honest.”

“My mother says I’ve gotten too honest lately, whatever that means.” Delia grinned mischievously.

“I can imagine.” Royal laughed harder. “In any case, try not to overdo it with the exercise. Listen to your body. If you experience any pain whatsoever, stop and call me immediately, okay?” he continued, turning serious again as he moved between her legs. It was time to examine Delia from the inside out. Thanks to Charlize, the necessary equipment and supplies had already been prepared and loaded on a pushcart near the foot of the examination table.

“Will do, doctor,” Delia consented. “By the way, all the females on my mother’s side quickly regained their figures after childbirth, so I guess I have good genetics to thanks for my flat stomach, as well.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” Royal gently readjusted her feet in the stirrups. “Were they all breast feeders, too?”

“Yeah, we all wanted to give our children the best start in life.”

“Very good,” Royal said, issuing his stamp of approval about her decision to breastfeed. “I’m getting ready to start the pelvic exam now,” he added gently, giving her fair warning before he began.

“I’m ready,” Delia replied, mentally bracing herself for that dreaded part of the examination.

Though she loved being pregnant and being a female in general, Delia loathed the evasive doctor visits. Yet they were necessary in order to monitor her health and the health of her offspring.

Fortunately, Royal continued to talk to Delia over the next few minutes, keeping her mind distracted from what he was doing to her lower body. They talked about her children and about Delia’s new business, which she cleverly named ‘Baby-This-and-That’.

“My store is gonna sell everything a mother would ever need for her new baby from birth to age five. Toys, diapers, formula, car seats, even book bags for that first big day of kindergarten. Just everythi…” Delia’s words suddenly trailed off as strong contractions of a non-pregnant sort unexpectedly rocked her body.

Royal noticed the contractions at the same time she did. If he didn’t know any better he’d say Delia was having an orgasm. Not from the pelvic exam that he completed a minute ago, but from the simple platonic touch of his hand on her restored clitoris.

Had Delia’s operation had been too successful? Had Royal overcharged the center of her sexuality by reconstructing it to perfection? He had always been an overachiever, had so many awards, trophies, and plaques that he didn't have room for them all in his house or his parents'.

Quickly concluded his examination of her repaired genitalia, Royal hoped against hope that the removal of his hand would halt Delia’s orgasm.

It didn’t.

Nothing would stop this tsunami. This ocean wave was a long time coming. It would be powerful, yet in no way painful or destructive.

“What’s…happening…to me?” Delia panted out, grabbing one of Royal’s hands as she quickly surrendered to the inevitable.

For the first time in his professional life, Royal was without words. All he could do was stare wide-eyed as his patient made up for almost six years of orgasmic drought. It was raining cats and dogs in Delia’s world now. A couple of birds, too.

Monsoon. Monsoon.

Delia’s eyes closed in ecstasy. Her toes curled in the stirrups as she went over the edge with a violent shudder, a low moan, and an elongated purr.

A purr!

Royal was granite by this time. He had to get out of here, lest he…

He just had to go! Now!

Fortunately, Delia released Royal’s hand at that exact moment, allowing him to make his escape as she slumped against the headrest with her eyes still closed. An enormous smile of relief rested upon her lips as her toes uncurled in the stirrups.

Clearly shaken by this experience, Royal stood up, disposed of the gloves on his hands and promptly left the room. He just hoped he could make it to his office without anyone seeing the tent in his long white physician’s coat.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Ladies, what would you do if something like this happened at your next OB/GYN visit?


Subrina said...

I probably would be embrassed at first and at the same time praying that he is single, available, and attractive to he got the midas touch.

Jessie said...

Well, least we know that he is human. What will now happen to the doctor-patient relationship? Hope you keep us attached to our computers Suprina. I know, I will be. Is this a noticeable tent, LARGE? HeHe. Keep us interested.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Oh, yeah, that brother got the midas something. (inside joke). lol.

Jessie: Royal is very human. lol. You'll see how much as the book progesses. lol. I'm laughing because this book has so much juice that I know y'all gonna stay beyond interested. At least I hope so...and this is beyond the whole mystery man thing.

All I ask is that y'all be understanding when I have to take the occasional day off for school or work since I'm squeezing this story in as it is.

Okay, going to answer a few emails and then I'll be editing and posting a bit later tonight.


Suprina said...

Jessie: Yes, it was a noticeable tent. Delia didn't see it though because her eyes were closed by the time he stood up.