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Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 3.3

Delia’s head was down, her gaze glued to the magazine in her lap when her new doctor entered the examination room.

“Enjoying the magazine, Miss Valentine?”

Nodding, Delia looked up only to gasp in shock a few seconds later. “You’re…Dr. Seeger?” she squeaked out. Surely her doctor was not this handsome young man standing across from her.

The olive-skinned man looked almost exactly like the actor Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami. Except he had grayish-blue eyes, deep dimples in each cheek, and a goatee that was trimmed to perfection. That dimpled smile in particular made Delia forget all about her sadness, her guilt, and about her wariness towards doctors.

How was it possible for this man to have such a powerful affect on her? She didn’t know him. He didn’t know her.

Royal grinned. “Let me guess, you were expecting someone older, right?”

“Ah, yeah. You can’t be no older than me.” Delia blinked rapidly to refocus, wondering if she was hallucinating. Surely no man was this gorgeous.

Royal briefly looked down at something on the chart in his hand, and then back up at her. “According to your chart, I’m exactly three years older than you.” He moved closer to the bed and sat down in the blue chair next to it. “But don’t let my age fool you. I am very competent. I wouldn’t be a full partner at this medical practice if I wasn’t.”

Delia took a deep breath and exhaled in relief. “That’s good to hear,” she replied, finding it extremely easy to trust him for some reason.

“I thought you might like hearing that.” Royal chuckled. “By the way, has anyone ever told you that you look just like the R&B singer Beyonce Knowles?”

“Oh, yeah,” Delia replied, smiling a smile that reached all the way up to her eyes this time. “People have been comparing me to Beyonce all my life. Unfortunately our looks are the only thing we have in common. I can’t sing a lick, though I can do a mean Beyonce bounce. When I’m not pregnant, of course.” She laughed, feeling completely at ease with him now. She’d never met a man more easy to talk to in her life.

“Of course.” Royal chuckled, so captivated by her smile that he nearly forgot what he was going to say or do next.

Fortunately, many years of training quickly kicked into gear. Thus Royal was able to promptly get back on track. “All right. Let’s get down to the business at hand,” he said in his most professional tone. Then he got up to warm his hands with a heating pad before starting the examination.

All during the exam doctor and patient conversed about a variety of topics, but mostly about babies. Royal found Delia very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about every aspect of motherhood. It was clear that she loved children.

Delia found Royal to be very gentle in his examination and open to questions. There was no question he shied away from concerning the female body. And he always explained things in a way that she could understand, keeping the medical jargon to a minimum.

Delia also found Royal to be very encouraging. When she told him about the baby store she was planning on opening soon, he urged her to go for it with her whole heart.

Delia wished E-Blade had been this encouraging. Though he’d always financed whatever she wanted to do, and was actually indirectly financing this baby store venture due to the Enfield house that he’d put in her name to sell at will, E-Blade’s support had stopped at the money level. Delia now realized that she’d needed his words of encouragement, too. In short, she’d needed E-Blade’s support on an emotional level as well.

Speaking of Delia’s old house, which had been sold to help fund her new life, it was very different from the house she owned now. The house in Enfield was three-stories high and looked more like a trophy case than a home. There had been large screen televisions and wall size stereos in almost every room. The color schemes of the carpet and walls were too light with active kids around and there had been no sign of plant life inside.

The house Delia owned in London Bridge had a more relaxed family atmosphere. The televisions and stereos were much smaller now, except for the one she kept in the den. The carpets and walls were darker, requiring less maintenance. And at the advice of a friend, Delia introduced more plant life in and outside of her new home, adding even more balance to her surroundings. Now her home felt like a home.

Towards the end of the examination Royal became decidedly quieter. He noticed two unexpected things about Delia on a medical level that disturbed him. One, was the fact that she was already dilated two centimeters, which meant her baby could come earlier than expected. Two, was the fact that Delia had a deformed clitoris.

With that deformity and the loss of sensation that normally went along with it, it was a wonder Delia had been sexually active at all. It was also a wonder that her former doctor hadn’t corrected the problem by now. Especially since her condition was highly reversible.

Quickly concluding his examination, Royal removed his gloves and went over to the sink to wash up. “Miss Valentine, have you been having any contractions today?” he asked, addressing medical issue number one.

“No contractions yet, but my back has been hurting off and on since I woke up this morning. Why?” Delia looked concerned. If only she could see his face to gauge if something was wrong or not. If only she knew him well enough to be able to tell from the sound of his voice.

“You’ve dilated two centimeters, that’s why,” Royal replied, drying his hands with several paper towels. “Which means I get to show you how good I am at delivering babies real soon,” he added, turning around to face her. A warm reassuring smile was upon his face, belying his concern about medical issue number two.

Delia received that news with a nod. “Will I have to go to the hospital right away? Once I start dilating, things usually move very fast for me.”

“In that case, it might be best that we do have you admitted soon, though you aren’t in danger of delivering at this very moment.” Royal sat down beside her again. If he had known Delia longer, he would have known that she was a fast deliverer. He definitely would have fixed that deformed clitoris for her. Royal would address that latter topic now.

“There’s one other thing I wanted to discuss with you, Miss Valentine,” he continued in a more somber tone.

A frightened Delia shot upright with the covers pulled nearly up to her neck. “What is it? Is something wrong with my baby?” she asked in a rush of words. “Please don’t let anything be wrong with my baby.” She cradled her belly protectively with one arm.

“Miss Valentine, the baby is fine.” Royal laid a comforting hand on Delia’s shoulder, prompting her to relax again though she remained upright. It pleased him that she’d been more concerned for her baby than for herself. That was always a sign of a good mother.

“If there’s no problem with the baby, then it must be with me. What’s wrong with me, Dr. Seeger?” Delia asked, mentally preparing herself to hear the worst.

“The problem is with your clitoris,” Royal disclosed.

“My clitoris?” Like so many other women, Delia knew that she had one, but had no idea where it was located or what its function was.

Seeing the confusion upon her face, Royal retrieved a diagram from a nearby drawer and showed Delia exactly where the small protrusion (clitoris) was located between the labia minora. “The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body,” he explained. “Its only known function is to provide its owner with sexual pleasure.”

Delia’s face was crimson by this time. Her lips were in the form of a large ‘O’. Now she understood why her sex life had been devoid of pleasure for the last five plus years. What she didn’t understand was why her former doctor hadn’t caught this problem. Why did it take another doctor to find it?

Then Delia thought about how old and set in his ways her former doctor was. How even the magazines in Dr. Jamestown’s reception area had been outdated.

Delia wanted to kick herself for not picking up on these clues earlier. After all, if Dr. Jamestown was too set in his ways to give his patients updated reading materials, then it was likely he was too set in his ways to read any new publications himself. Medical publications at that.

Now Delia wished she’d listened to Alexis and gone to her friend’s doctor all these years. But no, she just had to stay with Dr. Jamestown. He’d been her and her mother’s doctor for so long that she’d felt a strange sense of loyalty to him. Delia didn’t feel so loyal to Dr. Jamestown now.

“Miss Valentine, I don’t mean to embarrass you with my statements or questions,” Royal continued, interrupting her thoughts. “But I need to know if you’ve always had problems obtaining orgasms or if you only recently started having problems?”

Delia swallowed hard over the lump of embarrassment in her throat. She could pinpoint exactly when she started having problems in that area. “I started having problems right after my first child was born.”

“I see,” Royal replied. He reached for her file again and flipped through a few pages. When his eyes lit upon the words episiotomy and Dr. Jamestown, frown lines creased his forehead.

That old geezer severed her clitoris during the episiotomy! Royal deduced with white-hot ire coursing through his veins.

Every physician on the east coast knew of Dr. Jamestown. Though the man was highly respected in the medical community for all the work he’d done in the past, in recent years he’d become known as ‘Shaky Fingers’. No need to explain why since Dr. Jamestown’s nickname was pretty self-explanatory.

“Can it be fixed?” Delia asked, noting the frown on Royal’s face.

Pushing past his ire, Royal looked up and gave her a reassuring smile. “Yes, it can,” he replied confidently. “In fact, I can fix it right after your delivery if you want me to.”

Delia sighed with relief. “Please do,” she replied with a nod of her head. If only she had met Dr. Seeger years ago. Maybe then E-Blade wouldn’t have strayed. Maybe then he’d still be alive today.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: I know this is a long one, but I didn't want to split it up since it was their first meeting and there was no good place to cut it off.

Hopefully this chapter answered a few questions from the last book. Particularly what was physically wrong with Delia and why E-Blade was so tempted to cheat all the time.

What do y'all think about Royal so far? Can't wait to hear your comments!

Okay, going to class now. May post more later.



Subrina said...

Wow I never heard of a deformed clitoris and but I guess that Doc have seen so many he could tell you was it too big or small, normal or deformed...lol..I can't believe that Delia didn't know where it was located what was E-Blade doing during foreplay...rofl...I'm glad she met someone who probably gonna teach her somethings about you-know-what.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Yep. There is such a thing. Except in Delia's case hers had help getting deformed. She wasn't born with it that way. In some parts of the world, a woman's clit (clitoris) is cut on purpose. They call it female circumcision.

*trembling at that very thought*

As for Delia not knowing where her clit was located, I have to confess, I didn't know either in my twenties. Man, was I dumb back then! lol.

E-Blade probably didn't know what he was doing either. Otherwise he should have caught the problem and said, "Babe, something is different about you down there. I think you need to get checked out."

No, he just got mad and started cheating. Just selfish.

As for Royal teaching Delia a few things, that is exactly why I put the warning at the beginning of this story. The things I'm going to discuss during their times of intimacy are things all females should know about their bodies. Things women need to teach their men so that they'll know how to properly honor us down there. In short, grownup stuff.

Hopefully I won't shock or gross out too many people. Hopefully readers will stick with the story and be enlightened as I was while researching for this tale.

Okay, back to editing now. There's a funny scene that I'm just itching to put up tonight.