Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 3.1


On that cool autumn day, Delia got out of the passenger side of her mother’s car, waved goodbye, walked to the front entrance of her doctor’s office, and went in. Actually she waddled in considering the fact that she was now eight and half months pregnant.

If Delia wasn’t uncomfortable enough carrying such a heavy child in her womb, her back was aching today, the grief of losing E-Blade was still prevalent in her heart, and she was about to see a new doctor this late in her pregnancy.

Where was her old doctor?

Back in Enfield, Georgia. Delia lived in London Bridge, Florida now. She’d been here since midsummer.

Delia had to relocate for the sake of her children and for her own peace of mind. Enfield had too many bad memories attached to it. Memories that E-Blade’s family didn’t want her to ever forget, despite the fact that Delia had shown him way more love than they ever did when he was alive. Despite the fact that E-Blade’s death had been legally ruled to be exactly what it was - accidental.

Fortunately, Delia’s mother decided to relocate with her, so she was not completely without a support team in Florida. Too bad Valena couldn’t stay at the doctor’s office with her today. Delia’s mother had always been skittish around doctors. Plus, somebody had to pick up the children from school and daycare. Valena couldn’t be in two places at one time.

As Delia thought more about the children, her mind focused in on Cami’s son in particular. She wondered how Little Man’s school day went. Was this a good day in his classes? Or had the teachers just gotten tired of calling Delia up to the school?

I guess I’ll know soon enough when I get home, Delia mused, waddling up to the receptionist’s desk to sign in. Wonder what his progress report will say today, she thought concerning her rambunctious young cousin.

Besides his mother’s ungrateful attitude, Little Man’s behavior problems gave their relatives yet another reason not to take him in after Cami went to jail. The boy stayed in trouble at school and was overly aggressive towards other children at times. The only people that had been willing to assume guardianship was Delia and Cami’s father. Yet Frank had been recovering from prostate cancer at the time and could barely take care of himself. Even Valena, who loved kids as much as Delia, hadn’t wanted to take Little Man on full time.

Had Delia not promised to do most of the legwork with Little Man, her mother might have outright refused to help her at all in the matter. On a deeper note of truth, Delia might have refused to take the child in herself if she hadn’t already had a close bond with Little Man and hadn’t felt so guilty about everything that had happened. After all, it wasn’t like she didn’t have enough problems trying to raise her own two boys alone.


That one emotion was Delia’s constant companion these days. It motivated a lot of her actions, nearly all of her decisions. Guilt was also expanding its range of effect upon her life.

Delia now felt guilty about almost everything and she was more married to her regrets than ever before. Mrs. Regrets is what her best friend Alexis called her these days since she refused to divorce her sorrows and finally lay the past to rest.

Today Delia felt guilty about leaving her former doctor. Dr. Jamestown delivered both of her other children and had been her physician since age fifteen. Yet it didn’t make sense to keep traveling all the way back to Georgia for OB/GYN appointments when there were good doctors right there in Florida. Delia did that last month and the long ride had been very uncomfortable for a woman in her condition.

In a few minutes, Delia was scheduled to see one of the best doctors in the area – a Dr. Royal Seeger. From what she’d heard of him, Dr. Seeger’s calendar stayed fuller than his more experienced partners. People usually had to wait months to see him. If her mother hadn’t known the head nurse, Delia would have had to wait, too.

I hope you live up to your reputation, Dr. Seeger, Delia mused, unaware that this appointment was actually an appointment with destiny.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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