Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 22.4

On the way to Royal’s house, the conversation was light, fun, and extremely playful. Laughter abounded. Delia completely forgot about Vanna, the spotlight, her past and anything else that divided them. It wasn’t until she pulled into his long driveway that things started to rapidly turn serious between them.

“Thanks for bringing me home, Delia,” Royal said, reluctant to get out of the car, though he had unbuckled his seatbelt. “I really appreciated it.”

“No problem. Like you said, you did safely deliver my last child and all,” Delia teased, reminding him how he extorted this ride home.

“It was my pleasure to assist you with Tess,” Royal replied, showing no sign of offense or remorse at that reminder. “How is it going with that other thing I did for you?” he asked, referring to her restored clitoris.

Delia inhaled sharply as he issued a potent reminder of his own. “Everything’s fine,” she said, wishing that her voice didn’t sound so husky right now. But she couldn’t help it. She still loved Royal. Her body still craved him.

“You sure?” Royal’s voice was equally husky. “I could check it out for you.” He reached over and put his hand on her right thigh.

Delia shuddered. “I—” She couldn’t think straight when he touched her.

“Let me check it out for you, precious.” Royal’s hand was moving between her legs even as he spoke. He used the other hand to slam the car in park and turn off the ignition.

Delia moaned as he touched her intimately. Not like a doctor, but like a man. Her man!

And because her body recognized Royal as her man, her legs instinctively opened wider for him. What an invitation!

“Precious,” Royal whispered, moving closer to her.

Like her legs, Delia’s lips instantly parted for him. They kissed long. Deep.

Royal’s kisses didn’t stop at her mouth. Unbuckling her seatbelt, he proceeded to kiss his way downward. That skimpy dress provided little coverage and so he was able to get at all the hot spots without much effort. Soon he was at the hottest spot of them all.

Delia gasped as Royal docked at her tropical island. She moaned and trembled when he came on shore and feasted at her buffet to his heart’s content. The ravenous sounds alone that he emanated in the quiet car had her lightheaded with passion.

The man was hungry...for her!

Delia went over the edge quickly.

“Yes, precious,” Royal said, finally lifting his head. He liked watching her surrender to ecstasy. But nothing was better than being inside of her as she did.

Yet he couldn’t…at least not right now. Royal didn’t have a condom on him. They were all inside the house. He’d taken to leaving them at home since he wasn’t dating anyone right now. Now he regretted that decision.

“We need to put this on pause for a minute, baby,” Royal whispered as Delia started to descend from her mountaintop. He sat completely upright now, but his left hand stayed busy in her valley.

“Why?” Delia panted out, moving her hips in time with his hand.

“I don’t have any protection on me. Though I know you’re clean, I don’t want to take you raw in case you’re still not on any birth control,” Royal replied, looking at her with such longing as he battled with himself to wait for even the shortest time to be inside of her again. His hand action didn’t count. The rigid part of him needed to be inside of her for complete satisfaction.

“I’m still not on anything.” Delia lowered her right leg down from the headrest. The other from the dashboard.

“I suspected as much. But don’t worry, baby. I got everything we need inside the house. I’ll meet you at the front door, okay?” Royal reluctantly removed his hand from her body and opened the car door.

“O…kay,” Delia mumbled as he hurried out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately for Royal, in the short space of time that it took for him to get out of Delia’s car and walk to his front door, the fog in her head had cleared. Her common sense returned and with it…conviction.

Instead of following Royal to the house, Delia turned the ignition, slammed the car in drive and sped away. In the rearview mirror, the look of pure shock could be seen on her lover’s face.

Royal’s eyes were wide. His mouth opened. His hands thrown up in the air in frustration and exasperation.

Delia stepped on the gas even harder. She had to get away from this man, lest she do even more sinning.

Why am I so weak for him, Lord? Delia questioned God as she continued to flee.

Her intentions were good when she drove Royal home tonight and yet she couldn’t seem to stop herself from letting things go too far. She’d wanted him to touch her. To kiss her. To do everything he did to her and more.

Why didn’t You help me, Lord? Delia thought, angry at herself and at God now. I thought You were supposed to help Your children.

Oh how she wished that God would just override her will at times like these. Not leave it up to her to do the right thing. She couldn’t be trusted to do what was right all the time. Tonight proved that.

Suddenly Delia realized that God had helped her. Had it not been for Royal leaving the car when he did, she would be straight up fornicating right now, not just skimming along the edges of it.

This was her way of escape.

“Thank You, Lord,” Delia said, deciding to be grateful now instead of mad. Things could have been a lot worse.

On the floor where it had fallen earlier, her cell phone lit up with a text message from Royal. It read: “Come back. Please!”

Delia didn’t dare pick that phone up, turn it off, or marvel at how he’d gotten her new number in the first place. Instead she turned the music on full blast and kept it there all the way home.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Kim said...

Temptation can be so nasty...

Suprina said...

Kim: It has to be something the flesh wants or craves or else it wouldn't be temptation. Things that don't affect our flesh is not temptation. As least that's what one of my spiritual mentors told me when I first got saved. I believe that. I certainly never forgot it.


Suprina said...

Kim: Btw, your response tickled me so much. I could just hear you saying the word 'nas-ty' in my mind. lol.

Much luv.


Paula said...

Oh my...................

That is really all I have to say (speechless).

Great post

Suprina said...

Paula: My sentiments exactly. I bet I caught a lot of people off guard with this post. And yet it is a true snapshot of life among some (not all) unmarried Christians. Many are doing more than that and without the love factor involved like Royal and Delia.

True story: A while back there was a youth pastor in our area that was exposed for doing the same thing to one of the visiting teenagers at the church. He resigned after admitting the truth, but it rocked that church on its foundation. I felt so sad for them all.

At least with Royal and Delia we know that they loved each other when they surrendered to temptation. And that in the end, Delia had enough strength to stop it before it went any further.


Jrboss said...

I just loved that post. I could imagine her legs all up in the air. That was too funny..and yes I know it's wrong but I wanted her to go into the house with Royal and let him HOOK HER UP LOL Yes I'm bad, I admit it..:)

Suprina said...

Jrboss: LOL. I feel ya. Love your honesty.