Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 22.1


“Any new news about Delia?” Royal asked his cousin, eager to hear anything, great or small, about his beloved.

Delia had gotten her cell phone and home numbers changed recently, making it impossible for him to call her. Had it not been for his sympathetic cousin, Royal would not have the new numbers today. Yet Aisha only gave them to him after he promised not to use them until the timing was right or in case of emergency. Royal also had to promise to stay away from Delia’s home and business, lest he ruin all chances of ever getting her back due to stalkerism.

“There’s really nothing much to tell this week,” Aisha replied. “Delia called yesterday nervous about an upcoming performance in her dance class. The dance school she’s enrolled at is having an open house of sorts for newly enrolled and potential students to have a look at the talent of ongoing and outgoing students. Since I have a background in performing, she wanted some tips on how to remain calm in front of an audience.”

“Did you give them to her?” Royal turned into his driveway after his long commute home from work.

Aisha sucked her teeth. “Need you ask? You know how loyal I am to my family and friends. I couldn’t let Delia make a fool out of herself in front of others.” She chuckled. “After all the tips I gave her, she’s probably going to be the best dancer out there.”

Royal suppressed a moan. “I imagine she will be. Which school is this again?” he asked, ready to enroll in that school right away.

Aisha chuckled and then gave him the information he required. Before they hung up the phone, she said, “You better make this information count for something, Roy, because I’m starting to feel guilty acting as your little spy.”

“Hopefully, it won’t be for much longer, cousin. Soon I’ll tell Delia all about our kinship and anything else she wants to know about me,” Royal assured her.

Then he thanked Aisha for her help again, parked the car in the driveway, and went to look up the phone number for the London Bridge Dance Studio.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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