Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 21.3

In the privacy of his living quarters, Agent Nuevo sagged against the closed door. His heart ached for the family he left behind. Not his mother, mind you, since Greta had been the biggest leech of them all on E-Blade’s finances. No, he missed Delia and their kids.

It pained E-Blade that he hadn’t even held his last child. Had it not been for his computer hacker of a partner Agent Fila, he might not have even seen pictures of his daughter.

Always willing to have his back, Fila hacked into Delia’s home computer and downloaded the desktop photos found there of the family. Fila had his back right now as evident by the fact that she was currently in the Rec room scolding Speed in vivid Italian and English for once again trying to bait her partner with his past. In their line of business, they needed no additional torments since they all came from sordid pasts and for the most part, were trying to forget them.

Can’t think about any of that now, Agent Nuevo told himself as he fought to get his mind back on the right track. I have a new life now and so do they, he thought, recalling the day he signed up for the agency.

It was on the day E-Blade almost bled out from that shot to the chest. What he thought was his last breath before death was actually his last breath before passing out from loss of blood.

With that fateful breath, E-Blade made a proposition to the cops that were in the ambulance with him. He said, “If I only had more time, I would tell you how to win your war on drugs from here to Miami and beyond.” Then he gave them the name of a key Floridian contact that had connections throughout South America and the Caribbean.

At the very mention of that man’s name, E-Blade instantly started to get preferential treatment. The paramedics were told to do everything they could to save his life. The body bag he was put in gave the appearance of death, but had a long slit in it so that he could still breathe through a tube. Phone calls were made. Specialists were brought in. Arrangements and deals were formulated.

Delia would go free, which was the easiest thing of all to pull off because Bonz had also been working behind the scenes on that issue. To this day, E-Blade’s eyes still watered to know that his childhood friend would look after his family, despite what he’d done to him.

Since somebody had to take the fall for the incident in order to cast off suspicion of a cover-up and thwart additional investigations into the matter, it was agreed that Cami would do no more than five years in prison. Less if she maintained good behavior.

In exchange for giving up even more big names, E-Blade’s illegal offenses were secretly pardoned and he gained a new life, identity and a new face. The face of a John Doe corpse was given his likeness so that E-Blade’s mother would have a body to bury. A fake death certificate was issued.

Finally, E-Blade’s ex-partners were given free passes. Meaning, the backgrounds of Bonz and Racker would not be investigated. The whole time E-Blade talked about his partners, he never told how many he had and he never, ever mentioned their names. He would not snitch on Bonz and Racker. Not after all the other stuff he’d done to them.

Though it wouldn’t have been too hard for the agency to find out Bonz and Racker’s identities since the men had been friends since they were boys, they did not pursue it as an act of good faith. As a result, Agent Nuevo/E-Blade stayed faithful to the agency, becoming one of their top operatives.

Now all Agent Nuevo needed to do was act like he wasn’t interested in holding onto or recapturing any part of his past. This way Speed could finally lay the matter to rest. If only that didn’t mean destroying the disk that held the pictures of Delia and the kids and ceasing those periodic inquiries into their lives.

The only thing Agent Nuevo would not get rid of was the scar on his chest. Yes, that scar reminded him of a traumatic time in his life. But it also reminded him of his last loving conversation with Delia and how not to live his life.

Unfortunately, that reminder would not be enough to keep Agent Nuevo from dipping into Royal’s past. He had to make sure the man was on the up and up for himself before he totally relaxed about him taking his place in the family. If he found Royal to be unworthy, he might have to find some way to get rid of him.

I still might get rid of him anyway, Agent Nuevo thought, deeming it too soon for Delia to be so serious about another man.

With jealousy at the forefront of his mind, he was starting to think like E-Blade again. Hopefully, Agent Nuevo would not fully surrender to his E-Blade side and have Royal killed.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

E-Blade’s new look (looks like Giancarlo Esposito)


Suprina said...

To all: Let me know what y'all think about the new E-Blade. He's done a LOT of changing, but he hasn't let go of everything that needs changing.

Btw, I reviewed by story notes and discovered that somebody does die in this book. Can't tell you who it is thought. That's to be seen.

Okay, going back to do a bit of editing now. I'll try to post Ch. 22 tonight, no later than tomorrow tonight. This way, the VOD-ers and I can exit stage left by Friday.


Paula said...


How can he be jealous after all that he has done to Delia. That SOB think he has a right to worry about who she is or is not dating. This post has got me worked up.

Great post

Anonymous said...

hi suprina, i'm more calmer about e-blade's re entry into the story although i hope he's the one that ends up dieing...i know that's mean but we need complete closure for Delia on this one...just looking after my gurl's

this is e-blade sounds more rational and that is good, he thinks before he acts but still has the killer instincts which is a big nooo good. is he single and why is there no harem around him?? a part of his new side? this is good...i think BUT if he had someone he maybe wouldn''t focus so hard on delia in wanting to maybe eliminate Royal?? what a thought!


Suprina said...

Paula: LOL!!!! Girl, you are hot, ain't ya? Talking in all CAPS and cuzzing. You gonna be okay? *grinning* Yeah, you are.

Sharon: You want E-Blade to die again. Somebody don't like him. In my opinion, E-Blade did change a lot, but in some ways he simply found a way to keep doing what he was doing before. He can still kill people in his new profession, he still got access to large sums of money, and he can still date any woman he want without Delia being able to do anything about it.

As for him having somebody that would take his mind off Delia, that woman would have to be at the top of her game because many other women have tried and failed. All those women that E-Blade dated in his past couldn't get him to completely leave Delia alone, despite her sexual issues back then. It was the love, the love is what kept bringing him back to her.