Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 21.1

On a floating commune that looked like a regular cruise ship, but was something else altogether, two government agents sat in a recreational area and quietly played chess. They were Agent Nuevo, a black-Hispanic male, and Agent Fila, an Italian female.

Though their seafaring headquarters had everything from the latest spy equipment to restaurants and even a mall, Agents Nuevo and Fila preferred to play chess to relax and unwind.

“Still wasting time on useless games I see,” Agent Speed quipped as he entered the room. His freckled face carried its usual smugness. In his hands was a newspaper printout from some internet database he’d recently accessed.

Agent Nuevo frowned at the arrival of his number one rival in the AAC (At-All-Costs) Agency. The AAC was a special agency for undercover operatives who were willing to win the war on drugs at all costs.

“What do you want now, Speed?” Agent Nuevo asked, relaxing some of the thick accent he’d maintained since joining the agency.

“Thought you’d never ask.” Agent Speed’s smugness deepened. “Gentlemen,” he began dramatically, including Agent Fila in that number since everyone treated her like a guy anyway, despite her attractive face and shapely body. “Take a look at this article from a newspaper in a little city called London Bridge.” He thrust the printout down on the chess board, upsetting the red and black chess pieces there.

Agent Nuevo inhaled sharply as a familiar face smiled up at him from the newspaper article - Delia. Sweet, sweet Delia. His Delia.

In what looked to be a hospital waiting room, Delia was seated between a smiling olive-skinned man and a teenage girl. The girl was holding a newborn baby in her arms. The man was practically holding Delia based on how close he was sitting to her and the fact that one of his arms was behind her neck.

Agent Speed grinned at his rival’s reaction. “I figured you’d recognize your baby-mama,” he said, trying to sound ghetto and failing miserably. “Anyway, it seems she’s being hailed as quite the heroine in her new town. Helped a local doctor deliver a baby at that business she owns.”

“I can read,” Agent Nuevo retorted, sounding more like the man he used to be - Esteban ‘E-Blade’ Jackwood, instead of the man that he was now.

Agent Speed frowned this time. “Well, can you also read between the lines?” he replied, raking a hand through his cropped red hair. “Because not only is Delia sitting where the teenage mother should have been, but according to the article, the teenager named her little girl Precious because that’s what she kept hearing the doctor say all during the delivery."

"Don't do it, Speed," Agent Fila tried to intervene.

"A hundred bucks on who the doctor was calling precious," Agent Speed continued, determined to strike while the iron was hot. "Which means, Delia and the handsome gynecologist must have something going on behind the scenes. Did I mention that Dr. Royal Seeger is the same doctor that delivered your last child, that he is an upstanding member of the community, an active churchgoer, and loves children?” Agent Speed grinned and added, “Sounds like the ideal stepfather to me.”

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Mystery man finally revealed...dum, dum, dummmmm....


Going to bed now.


Paula said...

Suprina, you better get out of bed right now.

How could you drop that kind of bomb on us and just go to sleep?

Oh Sylvia has sure rubbed off on you. This is not right, please do not do this.


Sorry for yelling, I just can not contain myself.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness... and the plot thickens.... btw i so knew it was him;)

Carmel Beauty said...

What in the world? E-blade is alive. She has been doing all of these pity parties for nothig? I would kill him myslef if I could get to him. That's just wrong.

Carmel Beauty said...

One question when does the VOD start will you just post it on the blog when it does?

Anonymous said...

Pls dont tell me E-blade is alive cos I neva liked in from day one, wait a minute. Has he always been a secret agent of sort? Gurl dis is one great mystery dat needs to be solved immediately.
Hurry pls

Jrboss said...

OMG, OMG you mean to tell me the E-Blade was never really dead and is an FBI Agent. What the *&%$? (that's heck LOL) Ok, now I'm trying to figure out what could possibly happen next...Ohhhh, this is getting good. I can't wait....LOL

wildhorse said...

That is just cruel. Making the mystery man appear and then going to bed. Was E-Blade the undercover name for an drug agent? You are cruel to not allow me to focus on my work and only on this story.

Suprina said...

Paula: I admit. Sylvia has rubbed off on me over the years. But I ain't got nothing on her. She's the QUEEN of cliffhangers.

E-Blade is alive and working for a secret opps agency that likes to stay in the background of law enforcement. The AAC is called in when those other agencies need to dance around certain 'legalities' to get the job done.

Kim: You were so right.

Carmel Beauty: Yep, E-Blade is alive. Delia been suffering for nothing. The VOD starts at Ch. 23. It would have started at Ch. 22, but I wanted to let EVERYBODY see Royal get right with God again first (spoiler).

Kassie: I still don't like E-Blade. No, he has not always been a secret agent.

Jrboss: E-Blade is with the AAC (At-All-Costs) agency.

Wildhorse: Cruel? lol. Oh, my feelings are so hurt. LOL. Anyway, no, E-Blade is just a nickname, not a undercover name. Sorry you can't focus on your work. Read on your break time.


Carmel Beauty said...

I just don't know what to say can't wait until tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

SUPRINA GET UP - GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG.........i can't believe you'd do this...and really i think the QOCH had rubbed off on you...

AWWWW man!!!!!!! i was so happy to see E-blade dead and now he's alive??!!!!! i could scream in frustration-thank goodness my gulr is saved becauz it'd be torture for her to react to this when it all comes out!!! this is the proverbial wrench thrown into the story!!!! gurl! why didn't you keep him dead??!!!

royal may just have gotten some stiff competition and we'll see if Delia relaly loves E-blade as much as she thinks she does. and so he isn't a male version of a skank anymore? he still loves her? wonder when they will meet up?? that will be phenomenal.....

and by the on break? you think it's easy to just wait until break to read your updates gurl?? i start on them in the am!!! hahahaha

great bomb!! i'm speechless


Suprina said...

Sharon: E-Blade had to come back. He's so necessary for Delia to get some of this guilt and these regrets off of her back. And yes, Royal definitely has some stiff competition now, but no one knows about it...yet.

Yes, E-Blade still loves Delia. When they meet again it will be awesome, I promise you that.

I figured you wouldn't read on break, impatient little gal. Just don't get yourself in trouble.