Monday, March 10, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 2.1

Five months later - June

Taking a deep breath of courage, Delia put the local newspaper in her lap and opened it. Her hands quickly flipped past the front page and metro sections. She did not want to see those.

Delia had deliberately stayed away from newspapers and other media outlets due to all the things that had been written and said about her and E-Blade lately. Yet she ventured to read today’s newspaper on account of the fact that two of her friends had recently gotten married and were featured in the society section.

Actually Bonz and Aisha Forsyth were legally wed back in March. The wedding featured in today’s society section was just their formal ceremony.

Delia had been invited to the happy occasion, but declined to attend. She was still too ashamed of all E-Blade had done against Bonz and Racker to go to anybody’s wedding. Too ashamed of what she’d accidentally done to E-Blade to really be around anyone right now. Delia even had trouble looking her kids in the eye at times.

The only person Delia wasn’t ashamed of was her cousin. Cami could rot in prison for all she cared. Though Delia was released from jail, her cousin wasn’t, despite E-Blade’s confession to the police. The fact that Cami knowingly allowed him to enter her apartment with his illegal shipment had sealed her doom.

Ironically, Delia was able to gain custody of her cousin’s son thanks to Bonz’s intervention. She still didn’t know how he managed to pull that one off. Yet she was so happy he did.

Be happy, Bonz, Delia thought, smiling down at the picture of the man who’d been a true friend to her, despite what E-Blade had done to them all.

If not for Bonz’s forgiving heart, Delia would be in prison with her cousin right now, her kids would be living with her mother, and Little Man would be in foster care since he had no one else willing to take him in. If not for Bonz, Delia also wouldn’t have a steady supply of income still coming in.

Interestingly enough, the same day Delia had to resign her position at the daycare center due to her legal troubles and all the bad press, Bonz made her a silent partner in that business. This way she could continue to support her family in E-Blade’s absence and have even more seed money to start a new career when the time came.

That last thing was extremely helpful to Delia since the money she received from selling E-Blade’s strip club had already been set aside for their children’s current and future educational expenses.

Though Delia wished happiness upon Bonz, she wished only peace of mind for herself. At least then she’d be able to keep it together for her children.

‘All’ my children, Delia mused, rubbing her budding belly. She found out she was pregnant the night E-Blade died. That had been yet another reason to keep moving forward no matter how much she was still married to the past.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

To all: Keep in mind that Delia is married to her past, NOT to E-Blade. He was just her baby-daddy. lol.

Either way, no vows were ever exchanged between them. Just wanted to clear up any confusion on that issue since some people missed that point in the prequel.