Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 17.3

After her shower, Delia sent Royal a brief text message to let him know she’d gotten home safely and was now in bed. She couldn’t run the risk of him calling before she was ready to talk to him again.

Next she called one of her Enfield friends. While Delia changed physical locations after E-Blade died, Alexis changed eternal destinations. She and her husband Racker were both active Christians in their local church.

Alexis will know exactly how to walk me through this salvation thing, Delia mused, needing someone well-versed in the things of God to talk to now. Someone other than her mother.

Although Delia loved her mother and appreciated her wisdom, Valena knew even less about God than she did. Which was very odd because Valena used to be the lead singer in a church choir when Delia was a little girl.

As soon as her sleepy friend answered the phone, Delia came right out with a pivotal question. “Does God accept murderous skanks in His kingdom?”

“What?!” Alexis sounded and was shocked by that unexpected question. She was also suddenly fully awake, despite the early hour.

“I said, does God accept murderous skanks in His kingdom? Meaning, would He would want or even save somebody like me?” Delia reiterated, adding more clarification in the process.

“Yes, to both of your questions. God accepts all repentant souls,” Alexis replied. “Now before we go any further, answer a few things for me. I understand about the murderous thing, but why in the world would call yourself a skank? You’ve only been with two men in your entire life. Your teenage boyfriend and E-Blade. Has that suddenly changed?”

“Yes.” Delia took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then let the truth roam free. “I’ve been secretly seeing this man for the last three months, Alexis. Not officially dating him, but definitely sleeping with him every chance I get.”

“Every chance you get?” Alexis asked, still trying to take it all in.

“Yep. I broke it down with him again just last night - at the movies and at his house.”

“This isn’t like you at all, Dee. You usually need a strong emotional attachment with a man before even kissing him.”

“I know.” Delia sighed. Her brown eyes glistened with emotion. “I also know that if God don’t help me, I’m going to sleep with this man again, despite the fact that there’s no hope of a future for us.” She sighed again, sniffing back sad tears. “Plus, I’m just tired, Alexis. Tired of carrying around all this guilt about E-Blade, about a lot of things. So if God can remove these burdens of mine, I promise to live for Him for the rest of my life.”

“Wow, girl. You said a mouthful just then,” Alexis replied. “Hold on a minute and let me get my Bible. I want to explain a few scriptures to you, then we’ll go to God together and get you saved, okay?”


Alexis came back within seconds with a small arsenal of handy scriptures. John 3:16, Romans 3:23-24 and Roman 10:9-10 were just the beginning. There were several more where those came from.

Ten minutes later, Delia understood a lot of things much better. She particularly understood that the road to salvation required faith, a repentant heart, confession, and reception. Salvation was so simple and yet so profound.

Did Delia believe that God could save her through what Jesus Christ had done?


Was she truly sorry for her sins and ready to turn away from them?


Was she willing to confess those sins before God?


Was she willing to receive forgiveness and everything else Jesus died and rose again to give her?

Double yes.

Finally, undeniably, Delia was…


“Thank you so much, Alexis,” Delia said at the end of their heartfelt prayer. Happy tears rolled down her cheeks. “I actually feel lighter already. How is that possible?”

Alexis chuckled. “All things are possible with God,” she replied, quoting from Matthew 19:26.

“I see I have a lot to learn. But I’m ready.” Delia smiled, sniffing back happy tears this time.

“You definitely sound ready,” Alexis agreed. “Now let me get off this line so I can call all our friends and tell them that God finally answered our prayer – Delia Valentine is saved!”

“Yep, saved.” Delia grinned, pleased to know that her Enfield friends had been praying for her.

After that phone call with Alexis, Delia took advantage of the extra hour that she had before the kids woke up to send Royal a text message. She just didn’t have the heart to hurt him face to face, or even over the phone for that matter.

That text message read: “Dear Royal, after much thought, I have decided to discontinue our relationship altogether. A woman with my past could ruin the career of an up and coming doctor like yourself. I’ve grown to care too much for you to ever hurt you that way. I apologize for possibly hurting you now. I wish you all the best in life and I hope you can forgive me for receiving pleasure all these months at the expense of your feelings. Delia.”

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

I personally love this post for obvious reasons. *smile*

What I hate is what I'm about to do next. But it is soooo necessary. You'll understand later.


Anonymous said...

i loooooooooooooove this.
my gurl got herself S-A-V-E-D. how happier can i get? and how sad for Royal????? i am really scared to see his reaction sand hop e to hop e he doesn't go hightailin' it to layla......bitin' nails....


Suprina said...

Sharon: I love it too, girl. Please stop biting your nails. I don't want your manicurist mad with me. lol.


PS. Royal got his own day coming so don't feel too sad for him.