Friday, March 21, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 17.1

Note: You might want to open up another tab and copy/paste the link below to get a fuller sensory impact of the tender moment Delia and Royal are about to share in this post. The linked song is Brian McKnight’s Never Felt This Way (Enjoy!):

* * *

When Delia showed up at Royal’s house around 2am, fresh from a shower and wearing completely different clothes from before, he was ready for her. All he had to do was light the candles in the bedroom and turn on some soft R & B music.

Though Delia tried to make this another quickie, Royal insisted on keeping things slow. In fact, he insisted that they dance before even getting in the bed.

As they danced to the instrumental version of Brian McKnight’s Never Felt This Way tune, Royal began to serenade Delia. All the trembling she did during his rendition suggested that she was either very partial to crooners or else extremely partial to him. Probably both.

Either way, Royal enjoyed knowing that he could affect her so powerfully. The look of sheer adoration Delia gave him while he sang and swayed with her had him granite.

When they eventually made it to the bed, Royal kept things just as slow. He took his time loving on Delia’s body, lingering upon every inch of her, leaving her quivering with need in his wake. When they finally became one, she clung to him, crying tears of joy as he slowly stroked her to ecstasy, not once but twice.

Realizing that Delia’s emotions had finally gotten in on the deal, Royal felt free to release a few emotions of his own. Things that his serenade alone should have told her. “I love you, Delia. I have for a while now.”

Delia instantly stopped moving, stopped crying, stopped everything. “I need to go.”

“Go?! Why?” Royal stopped moving as well, though his body was tense with impending release. He’d prolonged his own culmination to make sure she was thoroughly taken care of first.

“I can’t have you loving me. I can’t have any man loving me,” Delia replied, looking away from his intense gaze in the romantically lit room. She had yet to disengage them, yet to leave his bed at all, which revealed her reluctance to do so, despite the words she just said.

“Well, I do anyway,” Royal said, pushing past the fact that she hadn’t responded with her own declaration of love. He started to move again, determined to make the most of her willingness to remain in his bed.

Delia moaned with pleasure. Her gaze snapped back to his, displaying the depth of her desire and also a hint of the depth of her feelings for him.

Royal moaned this time. That heated look she’d just given him had him on fire. The fact that he could feel the rapid beat of her heart matching his even in her core had him so close to the edge that it wasn’t funny.

“Let me show you how much I love you, precious.” Royal began to stroke her faster now.

Delia gasped and moaned again as he hit her special spot repeatedly. Her nails dug in his back. Her hips began to move of their own accord as she matched him beat for beat. The bed banged loudly against the wall. Sconces on that wall shook as the lovers continued to ravish each other.

When Delia went over the edge this time, it was more powerful than anything she’d ever experienced before. Her toes curled. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she actually screamed with release.


That was entirely new since Delia had never been a screamer in her life. Okay, maybe when she was in physical combat, but never during sex…until Royal.

Speaking of Royal, he went over the edge with a loud howl, which was yet another new thing that started when he met Delia. His sweat-drenched body clung to hers until they both stopped trembling.

Afterwards, they showered together. No words were exchanged. Only kisses and lots of caresses. That moment actually seemed too sacred for words.

“Call me when you make it safely home, all right, precious?” Royal said, finally breaking the comfortable silence between them as he walked her to his front door.

“All right,” Delia said, still in a daze from all that had happened tonight.

“I love you,” Royal declared, giving her a final kiss at the door.

Delia only nodded in acknowledgment of his words. Though she wanted to accept Royal’s love and return it so badly, she didn’t see how she could. Or even if she should.

As a result, Delia turned around and walked to her car without another word. On the way home, she stopped at a grocery store for a gallon of milk so that her excuse for leaving home again tonight wouldn’t be a total lie.

“’Cause I’ve never felt this way about loving,” Delia sang, using that verse from Brian McKnight’s song as an excuse to say what was really in her heart. What she wished she’d been brave enough to tell Royal in return.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Suprina Girl............Wait a minute!!!!

I am very emotional right now. You did it girl, you have shown them that sometimes it just takes the love of a good man to make you want to forget the love of all the wrong men. I am actually CRYING!!!!!!!

When this book is finished I will definitely be buying a copy for my sister to show her that love can conquer all.




Suprina said...

Paula: You crying, girl? Wow! Sista must have really got down with this post. Thanks for sharing your experience. You gone make me cry now.

Yay!...about your upcoming wedding. Brian McKnight is the man when it comes to love songs.

I hope your sister will love Delia and Royal's story just as much as you obviously are. It might help to introduce her to Aisha and Bonz's story, too (Pursuing Mrs. Regrets) since that is the prequel and everything started with them. Delia is also featured in that story.


PS. Enjoy this peace because things are about to get real crazy in a little while (spoiler).

Subrina said...

Beautiful...Just Beautiful...This will be the last chapter I will be able to read until next Saturday night...Because He lives I can face tomorrow...HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Thanks for the compliments, girl. Have a safe trip. You'll do just fine on the cruise. Happy Easter to you too!


Paula said...

Suprina, I need at least one more post before I call it a night.


Suprina said...

Paula: I'm trying to hook y'all up with at least 2 more before I start on my homework and then go to bed. Check back in the next hour or so.

Okay, back to editing now.