Friday, March 21, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 16.4

Delia was waiting for Royal in the dark balcony of her movie. Instead of jean pants, she now had on a thigh length jean skirt.

“Where did you get that from?” Royal asked, zooming in on her skirt in the dark area.

“The store next door.”

“I like it. Let me know how much it cost so I can reimburse you for it,” Royal said, settling into the single seat that they would occupy in the darkest corner of the balcony. In this location, it didn’t matter which direction Delia was facing since no one could see them clearly anyway.

“No need to. It was on the clearance rack. I got it for a steal.

“If you insist, but my offer of reimbursement still stands. I see you got rid of your underwear, too,” Royal said, pushing the skirt up in the back as they prepared to become one again. He moaned as she slid down the sheathed length of him a few seconds later. He’d stopped by the restroom on the way over to take care of their protection.

“Would you rather I’d kept them on?” Delia wiggled sensually in his lap the way she knew he liked it. The way she liked it, too, since this position was also a great one for G-spot stimulation.

“No, you did the right thing.” Royal moaned again. “I just love being inside of you, Delia,” he whispered against her ear. He kneaded her thighs and added, “I also love these beautiful thighs. You got the best pair I’ve ever seen or felt on a woman.”

Delia moaned, too. “What I love is kissing your mouth. Your lips are softer than marshmallows. Sweeter, too.”

Royal chuckled huskily and offered those same lips to her. A long slow kiss ensued. It matched the slow rhythm of their hips.

As Royal’s large hands found their way down to her bottom, Delia found herself delectably sandwiched between them and his rotating hips. Both pushed her to the limit of her restraint. She soon began to buck against him.

Royal fully expected Delia to have that kind of reaction. By now he knew that she tended to get very wild when intimacy went from being just good to her to being outstanding.

Squeezing her tighter, Royal proceeded to match her heated movements. Was that his way of taming Delia?


It was his way of speeding things up.

Though Royal liked Delia untamed and encouraged it, in wisdom he knew that they couldn’t stay wild in a public setting for too long without drawing undue attention to themselves. Especially with the theater chair squeaking beneath the weight of their actions.

Fortunately, no one else was up in the balcony and the movie’s sound effects were too loud to hear the chair or their moans of pleasure. As a result, while Will Smith was saving the world yet again from danger, Royal and Delia were able to enjoy each other to the full in that chair.

They went over the edge quickly. The descent from ecstasy was filled with long, slow kisses and sensual caresses.

Having learned that Delia was more amendable to his wishes when he was touching her in some way, Royal decided to make a request of her while they were still one. “I want you to come to my house tonight. I don’t care for how long. I just need to see you completely naked for a change. I also want to make love to you in a real bed again. In my bed,” he told her, remembering their first time.

Delia reluctantly shook her head. “I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Mama’s already doing a lot of overtime babysitting as it is with my hectic work schedule and all. She might not want to watch them for extra hours on my days off, too.”

“Just try, Delia,” Royal said, deliberately rotating his hips beneath her again. “Please try, precious.” He leaned in to lick and suckle her neck.

Delia moaned. “Okay, I’ll try,” she promised, unable to resist his sensual appeal. Besides, he’d gone out of his way for her many times over the last three months. How could she refuse him this one request?

Royal smiled at Delia’s answer. Then after exchanging one more succulent kiss with her, he disengaged them, righted himself as best as he could, and took his leave. He would make a brief stop in the men’s room before returning to his own movie.

* * *

“That must have been a doozy of a case. You missed the whole second half of the movie,” Layla said when Royal finally returned to his seat.

“Yes, it was definitely a challenge. But I was more than equipped to handle it,” Royal replied, smiling at the memory of how he’d handled Delia in that balcony chair.

Correction, how they’d handled each other, because Delia had given as good as she’d gotten.

As Royal and Layla were leaving the theater fifteen minutes later, they spotted Delia leaving also. They all exchanged pleasant waves across the parking lot. Delia and Royal exchanged secret smiles.

“I could have sworn Delia had on jeans when we saw her earlier,” Layla told Royal as they made their way to his car.

Royal wisely kept his mouth closed. Twisting the truth was one thing. He didn’t want to outright lie to his friend.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Going to bed now. Leave lots of comments for me to read when I return.



Jessie said...

Hope the activities for later happen with Delia & Royal. I would be afraid to have sex in a movie theater. There is a big chance of being caught. Time to raise the relationship to above friends -cause this friendship is getting to get to Royal.

Jrboss said...

You know that balcony scene was soooo good. Too bad our theater don't have a balcony LOL. I hope Delia realize soon what she has in Royal and move on it before Layla wises up. That's going to be a hot mess.

Suprina said...

Jessie: 'Some' people get a kick out of almost being caught having sex in public. The fear of being caught seems to add to the thrill of the I've heard. lol.

Jrboss: Thank you. The theaters in our town don't have balconies either. At least not the new ones were movies are being shown. The old ones were operas are being shown still have upper levels.

And yes, it is going to be a hot mess when Layla finds out about Delia and Royal.