Friday, March 21, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 16.3

Halfway through his movie, Royal got a text message from Delia. She wanted him to meet her in the balcony of the movie she was watching for a secret tryst.

Desire flamed in Royal’s loins as soon as his eyes lit upon that hot message, which had been in all caps. He wanted to take off running now. Bump his pride.

But he couldn’t. Royal was with Layla tonight, remember? He couldn’t just leave her like that. Could he?

“Is that about a patient? Do we need to leave early?” Layla whispered from beside him.

“Yes and no,” Royal whispered back. “Yes, it’s about a patient. No, we don’t have to leave early. But I do need to step out for a few minutes to properly deal with the situation,” he said, twisting the truth just enough to accomplish his current goal – get to Delia ASAP.

“Go right ahead. I’ll be here when you get back,” Layla replied, unaware that he was about to have a secret rendezvous with another woman.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it is definately wrong for me so say this BUT GO ROYAL, GO ROYAL! Go to your LOVE!

Suprina said...

Paula: LOL!!!! It might be nasty, but it's oh so real. You'd be amazed at the places people get it on. And for the record, I want Royal to go see 'bout Delia too. LOL. Hey, I'm just trying to honest here.