Friday, March 21, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 16.1

Three Months Later - February

Royal and Delia continued to meet for secret trysts well into the New Year. They met at various locations all over town, making love in some of the strangest places. One time they were in a mall bathroom. Another time in a grocery store parking lot at 2am in the morning. They even made love in the stock room of her business after hours.

All were places that Delia happened to be at the time, thought of Royal, and decided to call and see if he could fit in a brief tryst. Each time he would drop what he was doing to come to her, excluding medical emergencies.

Though Royal enjoyed their times together, he found himself increasingly frustrated by the whole set up. First of all, Delia was hardly ever available when he called for her. Secondly, each time they made love, Royal fell more in love with her. He couldn’t seem to help himself.

Besides being a great person in general, Delia was the best lover he’d ever had. She’d learned how to please him well. Had even studied up on a few things on her own to enhance their time together all the more. As a result, Royal had long since stopped seeing other women.

Perhaps I should start back seeing other women, he mused, starting to hate how much control Delia had over him.

Royal was tired of being at her beck and call and her not being at his. Tired of only sharing Delia’s body, but being left out of all the other areas of her life. He hadn’t even met her family yet, though she already knew some of his relatives. They’d even spent Thanksgiving and Christmas apart. Hadn’t been together for New Year’s Eve. Valentine’s Day was today and Delia already made it clear that she would not be available at all, day or night.

Who is she seeing tonight? Royal thought, asking himself the same question he asked her when she refused his invitation weeks ago.

Delia’s answer had been, “No one.”

If that is the case, then why can’t she spend the evening with me? Royal mused, wondering if she was indeed seeing another man on the side.

Just thinking about Delia seeing someone else burned him up. Royal had to turn the cold water up in his shower just to cool off his temper. She was supposed to be his. Only his.

Exiting the shower a few minutes later, Royal looked at the clock on the bathroom wall. It was only 8pm. Still lots of time to enjoy himself on his night off. Yet Royal only wanted to enjoy himself with Delia.

“I can’t believe I’m letting yet another woman control my life,” Royal told his reflection. First his mother, now Delia. He couldn’t have this, no matter how good the sex was between him and Delia.

“I’m going out tonight,” Royal suddenly decided, ready to seize control of his life again. “If she can see someone else, then I sure as heck can, too. After all, we’re just sex buddies. We can see whomever we want. Do whomever we want,” he added, quoting Delia’s words at the end.

Now all Royal had to do was decide which woman to call tonight and hope that she didn’t already have a date for Valentine’s Day. Especially since he hadn’t called many of them in months.

Unfortunately for Royal, the only woman he could find free for tonight was a friend - Layla Pacard. She was off tonight, too, didn’t have a date for the evening, and seemed thrilled to go out to dinner with him even at the last minute. It was a good thing they were on friendly terms again after their November altercation. Otherwise, he would have had to fly solo tonight.

Royal was more relieved than anything to be going out with Layla tonight. With her, he knew he didn’t have to worry about anything sexual happening between them. It wasn’t like he really wanted to have sex with anyone but Delia anyway.

As expected, dinner with Layla was relaxing and carefree. Full of medical jargon, too, as they discussed various issues in their profession. They had so much fun together that they decided to go to a movie afterwards. No need to rush back to their lonely homes.

At the theater, things suddenly became a bit tenser. At least they did for Royal. That’s when he saw none other than…


© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!!!!

First thing, why are men so blind?

Royal is that blind that he can not see that Layla is attracted to him?

Royal NEEDS to learn that they only one he has to please is GOD! His mother and everyone else is either going to have to accept the decision he makes in life or don't.

He is falling victim just like every men does when it comes to the word called love.
Why can a woman wait forever for the man she loves but a man can not seem to wait more than a couple of months?

Does Royal know that you can not get over a woman with another woman?

Why is Delia acting as if she do not love this FINE BEHIND MAN?



Suprina said...

Paula: Even though Layla is sending Royal clearer signals now, he got Delia on the brain and so he's missing them. He's missing them big time!

That lesson you said Royal needs to learn, he's going to learn it before this book is over.

As for Delia, she's fighting her feelings for Royal. She don't want to love him, even though she secretly does by now. But she hasn't even admitted that to herself yet.

Is that really a Beyonce word? I thought I remember hearing it on a Spike Lee movie.


Paula said...

Yeah Suprina she actually says that word on her live performance that airs on BET. I really can't say exactly in what section though.

Thank you for the clarification on understanding Delia. It is just very hard for me to accept when women think so little of themselves. I learned a long time ago that I have to love me before I can ever love some else. With out that you tend to give more than you get and that IS UNFAIR!