Friday, March 21, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 15.4

Once they finally got in the hotel room, Delia did attack Royal. She attacked his mouth, his shirt, jacket, and his trousers. Eager to kiss the first thing. Just as eager to remove the latter things.

They made love fast and furious at first just to take some of the pressure off. Then things turned deliciously slow on the bed.

Unwilling to break their connection, Royal simply readjusted their bodies. Now on his knees with Delia’s legs upon each shoulder, he began to show her other ways by which he could bring her pleasure. Ways that didn’t usually fit into the sensual category, yet did when Royal Seeger was involved.

Tenderly caressing the upper surface of her feet with each hand, Royal began a slow ascent up Delia’s legs, pausing at different spots for different things.

At her ankles, he gently squeezed them before bringing each one to his mouth for a warm smack.

Delia shuddered in response. A low moan resonated from her throat.

Feeding off her every reaction, Royal smiled and went higher. His body hardened again with need, yet he did not cater to it. No, he continued to cater to Delia.

At her calves, Royal paused to trace them with his tongue, suckling in certain spots.

Delia sighed in contentment. Her brown eyes shuttered closed in bliss.

Royal went higher.

Pausing at her knees now, he lapped at the tender space behind each one, suckling at the end.

Delia’s eyes flew open. Strong spasms began to rock her core, incited once again by the simplest of this man’s acts.

“You definitely know your way around the female body,” Delia said, arching her body and rolling her hips in invitation.

“Yes,” Royal groaned out. “And before tonight is over, I’m going to teach you a few things about the male body. Particularly my body,” he said, responding to her invitation with a strong thrust.

Delia squealed with delight at his aggression. And when he lowered her legs from his shoulders, she showed him how aggressive she could be in return.

By the end of their three hours, Delia was convinced of a few things. One, that the karma sutra must have been among the things Royal studied in medical school. Two, that he was part coyote. How else could she explain the loud howls he uttered as she followed his sensual instructions to the letter?

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Soon it was time for Delia to return to her family.

“When can I see you again?” Royal asked as they redressed. They’d just come from taking a satisfying shower together.

“There you go again. Asking for more than I can give you right now,” Delia replied, zipping up her skirt. Except for her shoes, everything else had already been put back on.

Royal frowned. “As great as the sex is between us, don’t you want to see me again?” He moved to stand in front of her.

“Yes, but not if it’s going to make things complicated between us, Royal,” Delia replied, continuing to call him by his first name. After all they’d done tonight, they could never return to formalities again. “I can’t afford to get serious with another man. It hurts too bad. Too many lives are destroyed when the relationship goes sour.” She blinked away the pain that briefly shimmered in her brown pools and added, “I’m barely over the last bad experience.”

“So casual sex is all you want from me?” Royal couldn’t believe how hurt he was by that prospect. Especially since that was the way he had operated for years. Well, he didn’t want to operate like that now. Not with this woman.

“Yes,” Delia replied, moving away from him in search of her shoes. “Which means you still get to see whomever you want, do whomever you want without some jealous girlfriend spoiling things for you,” she said, pretty much summing up the kind of relationship she’d had with E-Blade. One exception was the fact that Delia wasn’t laying claim to Royal’s heart and so there was no grounds to react badly if he dated other women.

Royal’s frown deepened. “I don’t want to see or do anyone else but you,” he said, coming up behind her. “I don’t want you seeing or doing anyone else but me.” Possessiveness dripped from his every word. It was present in the claiming way he hugged her.

Delia moaned at his words, at his feral nearness. “No.” She shook her head and moved away from him again. “I can’t chance it.” She picked up her shoes from the floor and started to put them on.

“Can’t chance what?” Royal was getting tired of her constantly walking away from him. It was starting to make a brother feel two things he hated feeling – vulnerable and desperate.

Delia turned to face him. “I can’t take the chance of falling in love with you, Royal. Of you one day growing tired of me and cheating. Of that cheating stirring up that jealous, violent side of me again. A side that almost came out tonight when I saw you sitting at a table with another woman. The only thing that saved me from slapping a spark out of her face was the reminder that you weren’t my man.”

“But I want to be your man,” Royal said. “Your only man.

“Even so, the fact that I still struggle with jealousy and violent tendencies lets me know that I’m not ready for any man. May never be.” Delia let out a heavy sigh. “Since it’s obvious we’re expecting different things from this relationship, we probably need to quit while we’re ahead. Before somebody gets hurt, physically or emotionally. Goodbye, Royal. It really was a pleasure knowing you. A great pleasure.” With her shoes now on, she grabbed her purse from a nearby chair and headed for the door.



Deep loss.

Royal felt all of the above as Delia walked away from him probably for the last time.

“Delia, wait! If I can’t be your man, I’m willing to settle for being your friend with benefits,” Royal blurted out just as she opened the door.

Delia stopped short in her tracks. “You sure?” she asked, turning around to face him.

Royal nodded. “I’m willing to settle for almost anything to keep you in my life, precious,” he whispered huskily. What was left of his pride wouldn’t let him move from his spot. He’d humbled himself enough for one night.

Delia’s breath hitched at Royal’s humble reply. She felt a huge sense of empowerment. The ball had definitely been put in her court. How would she serve it?

“In that case, I’m willing to buy us more time together tonight,” Delia finally replied, closing the door again.

While she used her cell phone to call home and inform her mother that she would be staying out two hours later than expected, Royal completely undressed and returned to the bed. Not only was he preparing himself to make love to Delia again, he’d decided to stay overnight at the hotel. He wanted to test out their hospitality and other services firsthand now that he’d finally decided where to invest his nest egg.

The idea to own a hotel had come to Royal on the elevator ride up to the room as he thought of ways that he would do things differently in such a place. One of which was to have hall monitors on every floor for situations like that encounter with the drunken college students. All Royal had to do now was find the right location and the right partners.


Just like that, Royal’s mind emptied of all thoughts, business or otherwise, as Delia came rushing over to the bed and literally attacked him. There was no other way to describe her aggression, her fervor as her hands and lips moved over his body with fierce need and longing.

When Delia was finally done with him for the night, Royal knew what he’d known from the beginning – she was the one. Somehow, someway, he had to convince her that they could and should go the distance…together.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Sorry it took me so long to post today. A sista is battling a cold (head cold) and between the medicine, the coughing and the congestion, I've been in a fog all day. Couldn't seem to concentrate for nothing.

So if there are any major typos or flaws in this post, please let me know so I can change them.

Anyhoo, I tried to give you a long post to make up for my delay.


PS. Keep me in your prayers (and Carrie, too - one of our other regular readers whose going through a few storms in life). Thanks a bunch.

Paula said...

Why do women settle for less? Delia is still repeating the cycle that she had with E-blade. Do she think that E-blade would have kept himself mourning her and keeping himself unattached from a female in any way? No there is no Pursuing Mr. Regret because 90% of the time men do not regret what they do. Delia needs to learn that she will be forgiven of her sins is she seeks out the acceptance from GOD and only GOD.

P.S. Keeping you and Carrie in my prayers.

Paula said...

I know that E-blade did feel sorry for the things he had done to Delia and his friends. Was it enough? Does Delia have a right to subject herself to a loveless relationship because of guilt? Why do we love our men more than we love ourselves, when they are not worth it?

Just a few thoughts running through my head again. I am really enjoying this story and wake up during the night and early morning looking for your post.

Suprina said...

Paula: First of all, let me say thanks for prayers. I really do appreciate that positive energy. I know Carrie does, too.

Secondly, comments like yours make a sista want to press her way even when she ain't feeling all that great. I truly felt a surge of wholeness enter my body when I read your comments. I felt in the zone, so to speak. Especially when you mentioned giving up a little sleep just to read MY works. How humbling.

Okay, on to your comments about the story...

You have to remember that one-sided relationships are all Delia as ever really known in her adult life. Plus the abuse that she saw in her mother's life didn't help. Quite frankly, Delia don't know HOW to have a healthy relationship.

And no, E-Blade would not have kept himself unattached. The man was cheating on her when he was alive. Had Delia been the one that died that night, he would have had a harem. lol.

Ditto on everything you said about Delia reaching out to God. She's going to, but first I have to show y'all her journey to God. What happened in her life BEFORE she got saved.

A lot of inspirational/Christian novels don't show that pre-salvation period in their characters' lives. They make everybody saved from the start. Nothing wrong with that, I've even done it in a few books.

But I've learned over the year that readers tend to contact better with flawed characters, people like themselves, people they can identify with. Then when those people get saved, the readers are routing for them, and ultimately for themselves in a way. Because if so-and-so can overcome all THAT he/she went through, I can too. That's why I do a lot of Bible study to make sure the main themes (the message) of my stories line up with Biblical principles. I try hard not to be too preachy when I get into the nitty-gritty of my character's salvation experience. Too much Word at one time can repel people. Too little can dilute its power. Just enough will change the heart...and mind.

Finally, yes, Delia is wrong for subjecting herself to an loveless relationship, but given how her last relationship ended, you can't really blame her for being overly cautious.

Sorry about the long dialogue, but you got my creative juices flowing just then with your excited posts.