Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 15.3

“I really like that new hair color on you. That outfit is pretty nice, too,” Royal told Delia as they stepped inside the elevator. After pressing the right button, he moved to stand directly behind her. Where he’d been the last time they were deliciously together.

“Thanks. I like that gray suit you got on, too,” Delia replied huskily, tingling at his proximity. Though they were the only ones in the elevator, he was super close to her. Close enough for her to feel each and every wonderful change in his body.

“I want you to take this suit off me when we reach the room,” Royal said, threading his hands through her locks. “You think you can do that for me, precious?”

“Yes.” Delia moaned at his endearment and hands’ caress. She leaned against his strong muscular frame as the elevator slowly ascended.

“Good. I look forward to it.” Royal’s arms went about her waist. He bent to plant a kiss on an exposed part of her neck.

Delia moaned again and moved her bottom against his rigid desire. She couldn’t seem to stop acting wanton around the man that had awakened her passion. The man that now cultivated it.

Royal moaned this time. “I like that. Do it again, precious. Slower this time,” he whispered against her neck, pressing his body even closer to hers.

Delia readily did as he requested. Her body grew hotter as he reached up to knead her breasts while moving his hips in perfect timing with her. Oh, how well they danced the dance of love together. It was quite possible that they would not make it up to the room before the festivities began.

Suddenly the elevator slowed to a halt. It wasn’t their floor, which meant they were about to have guests in the small space.

Royal and Delia groaned in disappointment. They immediately put a little distance between them, though he continued to stand in back of her, blocking full view of his tented trousers.

Delia did the best she could to smooth her hair back down before the elevator doors opened.

“Oh, my gosh! It’s Beyonce Knowles!” exclaimed the college age Caucasian girl that entered the elevator. She looked to be drunker than two skunks judging by her glazed blue eyes and staggering walk. It was a wonder she hadn’t broken an ankle in those 6" stilettos.

Her male and equally drunk companion nodded in agreement. “It is Beyonce. I loved you in that Crazy video. You were so hot!”

Delia shook her head. “But I’m not—”

“I have all your CDs,” the college girl interrupted in an excited tone. “What I don’t have is your autograph. You just have to give me one. I won’t take no for an answer.” She began to fumble through her purse for something to write on and with.

Delia tried again. “But I’m not—”

“Make that two autographs,” the white male said, beside himself with joy. “All my friends are going to freak when I tell them that I rode in an elevator with Beyonce Knowles.” He paused, looked very closely at Royal and added, “And Adam Rodriquez from CSI Miami.”

“Oh, my gosh! It is Adorable Adam,” the college girl said, now getting Royal confused with someone famous. “Can you believe our luck?” she asked her companion. “By the way, I’m glad you dropped that Jay-Z fellow,” she added in a loud whisper to Delia. “Adam is way cuter.”

Try as they might, Delia and Royal could not get a sentence in edgewise to convince the drunk couple that they were not Beyonce and Adam. In the end, they surrendered to giving fake autographs. They didn’t want to, but the college couple simply would not leave them alone. They even followed Delia and Royal out of the elevator and onto their floor in pursuit of those coveted signatures.

“I thought this was a classy hotel,” Delia said, after the drunk college students had returned to the elevator and were headed upstairs to the penthouse a relative had on reserve for them.

“This hotel does have class. Unfortunately spoiled little rich kids don’t always see the need to show any while they’re here,” Royal replied, remembering some rude rich kids from his medical school days. “If this was my hotel, I wouldn’t allow drunk kids to wander the halls, no matter what their parents were paying me. Anyway, let’s not let that spoil our night, Beyonce.” He chuckled, extending his left arm her way.

Delia laughed, too. “I’m right with you, Adam,” she replied, receiving the arm he offered as they started down the hallway to their room of love.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


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Awesome, can't wait for the action...

Subrina said...

Oh u left me hanging...Please post another chapter soon.

P.S. Tomorrow night will be my last night reading this novel until the 29th because I will be taking a cruise to Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands...I know that I'll have alot of chapters to catch up on when I get back.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Go check for another post now. It's going up rather later, but it's still good...I hope. *smile*

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