Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 15.1

Thankfully, Delia and Tess did not run into Royal at the grocery store near his home. He was too busy at work, even slept at the hospital that night since a lot of babies were choosing to be born before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

After feeding the kids and getting them settled into bed, Delia went to her own bedroom and began to pack up all of her ghetto-wear. She reasoned that if she wanted a different life now, she had to start dressing differently, even when it came to her casual clothes.

Delia was also convinced that she needed to start going to different kinds of places, doing different kinds of things. Thus she decided to treat herself to dinner at a fancy hotel restaurant in town. Because Delia was not well connected yet, she had to make her reservation a week in advance.

The timing was actually perfect for her. It gave Delia more time to plan for her night out alone, to primarily make sure her mother was willing to baby-sit for those extra hours. Time to brush up on a few etiquette tips. Time to find the right outfit and get something new done to her hair.

On Friday, Delia was ready to step out on the town. Taking a cue from Bonz’s wife, she retained her love for sexy clothing, but now chose more items that reeked of class rather than fads.

Tonight’s outfit consisted of a formfitting black and white cheetah skirt with a high-waist, a black silk blouse that draped in the back, and a pair of elegant black and white stilettos. Delia’s hair had recently been dyed honey-blond and was now in barrel-like curls upon her neck and shoulders. Now she really looked like Beyonce Knowles.

As soon as Delia entered the restaurant, male attention tumbled her way like a row of dominoes. Waiters stumbled over each other to escort her to a table. How could she not garner such attention?

Delia’s outfit accented her voluptuous curves, the stilettos accented her shapely legs, and the new hair color complimented her fair skin to perfection. She was stunning. Most importantly, Delia looked like she belonged in such a fine establishment.

I can do this, she told herself as she followed the waiter. Yet had Delia known that Royal was dining in the exact same restaurant tonight, she might have abandoned her plans and headed for the exit instead.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Kim said...

Ooh things are about to get hot in here...

Suprina said...

Kim: You know it! Tee-hee.


Paula said...


This is just too juicy. I wonder who is Royal with?

Loving this story!

Suprina said...

Paula: You're just have to wait and see.



Jrboss said...

Ohhh, here we go