Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 13.3

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Royal and Delia flew into each other’s arms. Hungry kisses abound. Eager hands sought fulfillment upon the other’s body. It was a good thing the blinds were drawn, lest they shock the people in the other wing of the hospital with their fervor.

Delia’s red sweater dress was promptly pulled up, her black lacy underwear lowered and removed. Royal’s white coat was promptly shrugged off and thrown across the bed. His scrubs and briefs were dropped.

While Royal dealt with their protection, Delia placed her underwear in her red purse and moved to put them both on the mirrored counter near the bed. She got no further.

Royal came up behind her and joined them in one smooth motion, maximizing G-spot stimulation in that position. No need for foreplay today. They’d had enough foreplay in their minds all week, which would explain why Delia already had a pool of passion swirling in her core.

“Mmm…it feels so good to be inside of you again,” Royal whispered in her ear as he ventured into the deeper end of the pool. He swam with fluent strokes. He swam strong.

Unable to say anything right now as the spasms began early in her body, Delia simply moaned. Loudly. Especially when he hit that particularly special spot.

Chuckling huskily to himself, Royal put his hips on pause. “I forgot how loud you can be at times.” He prudently reached behind him and retrieved one of the handy mints from his coat pocket. “Here, suck on this,” he said, placing the small mint at the door of her lips.

Displaying wantonness previously unknown, Delia opened wide and pulled the mint and one of his fingers into her warm mouth. She sucked hard on them both.

Royal moaned loudly this time. Though he instantly remembered where they were and grew quiet again, his subsequent movements became more forceful.

Delia instantly began to buck against him, thrusting backwards with greedy hips.

“Precious,” Royal endeared as he began to buck right along with her, giving her that vigorous feedback her body required. He bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out from the sheer pleasure of her contracting core and her suckling mouth. Both were bringing him that much closer to ecstasy.

Delia was already there. Her body stilled, her eyes closed as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. She could feel her toes curling in her shoes.

When Delia opened her eyes a few seconds later, she found Royal staring at her in the mirror ahead. A fresh dose of heat rushed over her body at the way his unique pools soaked up her every reaction. The man was literally feasting off her facial expressions as he continued to stroke her, this time very slowly.

Using this moment to her advantage, Delia’s hips began to move again, following the same slow pace. Simultaneously her mouth went to work on Royal’s index finger. She scaled all sides of it like a lollipop. She suckled it like a popsicle. The small mint had long since dissolved, giving her mouth even more room to focus on Royal’s finger.

Delia watched Royal’s eyes deepen in color at her bold actions. His succulent pink lips pursed. A rush of color rose upon his neck and cheeks from the heat that had taken hold of his body. His strong jawline was set, rigid in concentration.

When his strokes suddenly became faster again, Delia knew Royal had reached the point of no return. Using the mirror to heighten her pleasure, she watched in silence as he closed his eyes and went over the edge a few seconds later, biting his bottom lip to keep from crying out.

When is this man ‘not’ cute? Delia mused, observing the adorable way Royal kept licking his lips now, as if he’d just had something delicious.

Suddenly Delia noticed something else – herself. She didn’t look the same anymore. Though her face was the same, something about her eyes was different.

Instead of frustration, Delia saw bliss. Instead of anger, she saw passion. Lots of passion.

Yet the changes in Delia went even deeper than that. The old Delia would have never made love in so public a place. The old Delia wouldn’t be sensually sucking on the finger of a man she barely knew, despite the fact that Royal knew her full medical history and had even delivered her last child.

Unsure what to think about herself right now, Delia released Royal’s finger and looked away from the mirror. She didn’t know this new person she’d become. Was frightened of her.

Before Delia could think of some excuse to cut this little tryst short, Royal’s cell phone rang from the left pocket of his coat.

Groaning out his irritation at the inopportune ring, Royal disengaged them and moved to take his call.

Grateful for the distraction, Delia retrieved her purse and went to the adjoining bathroom to freshen up. Her hands moved quickly to put herself aright again. She even took the time to reapply her makeup and fix her hair.

When Delia emerged from the bathroom, Royal was just finishing up his call. He was also fully dressed again, having washed up in the sink at the mirrored counter.

“I have a patient coming in about forty-five minutes,” Royal explained.

“I figured as much,” Delia replied, once again hating these awkward post-sex moments. In a real relationship there wouldn’t be any such moments. However, since Delia wouldn’t allow herself to have a real relationship with any man, awkward moments like these were to be expected.

“When can I see you again?” Royal asked, clearly trying to turn what they had into a real relationship.

Delia shook her head. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

Royal frowned. “Delia, we have something special between us. Don’t you want to explore it?”

“I’m not ready for a serious relationship. I may never be,” Delia insisted. “To be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready for whatever it is we’re doing now.”

Royal’s frown deepened at her words. “Delia—”

His cell phone suddenly went off again, halting his words. This call was about another one of his patients, who’d also gone into labor. She would be there within the hour. Now Royal was even more pressed for time. And he still had to take a full shower before seeing any patient.

While Royal dealt with that second call, Delia wrote a brief note and slipped out of the room unnoticed. By the time he realized she was gone, it was too late. She was already on the elevator and headed downstairs.

The short note Delia left behind read: ‘Had fun. No repeats. P.S. - The bulb in your east wall sconce needs replacing’.

“No repeats,” Royal echoed, shaking off the rejection he felt by those words. “Run all you want, baby, but this thing is destined to be. How can it not be?” he pondered aloud, convinced that a connection like theirs could only occur between a man and the woman he was supposed to marry.

Then pushing all personal thoughts aside, Royal finally left the room and prepared himself for another long day of work.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Going to take a break now. I hope you enjoy this long post. I didn't want to break the actual love scene up this time.


Subrina said...

WOW!!!! I read this before leaving for work and I don't know how I'm going to make bad I never watched Grey's Anatomy.

Carmel Beauty said...

What in the world is wrong with Delia? HELLO good men aren't made on trees girl let go of the past and embrace the future.

Suprina said...

Subrina: I was a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy until they fired Isiah Washington.

Carmel Beauty: Miss Lady, you have just stumbled upon why this book was named Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Delia won't let go of the past. She won't fully embrace the future. In short, Royal is pursuing a woman that is married to the past.

Great eye.


Jrboss said...

Reading this at work was a bad idea --taking an early lunch w/hubbie...LOL

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Now that's what I'm talking 'bout. lol.