Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 13.1

A full week later and Delia still couldn’t stop thinking about what happened between her and Royal. The more she tried not to think about it, the more she did. Her mind just wouldn’t let go of the things he’d done to her that succulent night. Of the fact that she’d never had a more thorough lover.

He was definitely worth my time of day. I mean, night, Delia mused, thinking about Royal again now as she parked in the hospital parking lot.

Delia wasn’t here to see Royal or any other doctor today. Nor was she at the hospital to visit with an ailing friend. No, she was here to deliver ten handcrafted mother’s care packages to the gift shop.

During Delia’s brief hospital stay last year, she’d been told by her mother about the meager selection of care packages for new mothers. Seeing that as another business opportunity, Delia had talked to the gift shop manager a month later, presented some samples of her wares, and ultimately secured a sale.

As a result of that sale, Delia now delivered ten baskets a week to the hospital gift shop, which sold like hot cakes. She hoped to expand to other gift shops in the near future.

When Delia was done with her delivery, she left her foldable Salesmaker cart at the gift shop for awhile and went upstairs to her favorite place in the whole hospital - the maternity ward. There she got a chance to see rows and rows of newborn babies. All cute. All with their whole lives ahead of them.

Delia smiled with anticipation of seeing all that new life and innocence. She wore that same smile on the ride up in the elevator and down the navy-blue carpeted halls to the nursery. That smile wavered when she recalled that Royal’s bedroom décor had been the same color as the hospital’s carpet.


Had she memorized every detail of that night?

Yep. Every single one.

Delia even knew how many sconces Royal had on his bedroom walls – eight, two on every wall. The one on the east wall had a flickering bulb that needed replacing.

Just then, Delia felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. At the same time she heard male voices coming from the left. Looking in that direction, heat instantly shot through her body. She had to stifle a moan of pleasure at the sight of…Royal. He was heavily engrossed in a conversation with two of his colleagues.

Just pretend like you ain’t seen him, Delia told herself, forcing her attention back on the newborns in the nursery window closest to her. Maybe he won’t recognize me, she thought, keeping her eyes ahead.


Delia was fooling herself if she thought Royal wouldn’t recognize her. The man had memorized every curve she had. Had kissed every curve she had. He knew her every profile – left side, right side, back and front.

And suddenly, Royal became very aware of Delia’s presence. Achingly so. Excusing himself from his colleagues, he made his way over to her.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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