Monday, March 10, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 1.3

“Nooooo!” Delia screamed as she saw E-Blade fall to the ground. “You killed him! You killed my man!” she raged. The gun in her hand wavered to and fro as she shouted at her cousin.

“So what,” Cami replied in a cold-hearted tone. “Now he won’t be lying to either one of us no more.”

That’s when Delia snapped. “You gonna pay for what you did to me and my man,” she said, steadying the gun in her hands. “You gonna pay for robbing my kids of their father.”

Aiming at her cousin, Delia then made a decision that would haunt her for the rest of her life - she squeezed the trigger.

Cami was frozen with fear as that awful shot was fired directly at her lower limbs. A scream tore from her throat.

E-Blade, who was surprisingly not dead, sprung up from the floor in an upright position at that exact moment. If only he’d stayed down a few seconds longer. If he had, he would have missed the bullet that pierced his chest. The same bullet that would ultimately bring an end to the tragic life he now had.

In slow motion, E-Blade looked down at his chest, then back up at Delia. There was no shock. No anger. Nothing but a quiet acceptance of his fate.

As a street hustler, E-Blade knew the risks involved with the kind of lifestyle he led. Prison and death were constant threats. After what he’d done to his friends tonight and countless other people over the years, he expected no less.

E-Blade just hadn’t expected his end to come at the hands of the woman he loved. And oh how he loved Delia. Now more than ever before. No stray bullet would change that.

* * *

Fortunately, E-Blade did not die right away. He stayed alive long enough to try to make a few things right with and for Delia. He spoke of loving her and the kids. He also spoke of forgiveness concerning her, concerning what he’d done to his friends, and most importantly, concerning God.

Delia just held E-Blade and cried, declaring her love for him in return.

Cami stood behind them in a shocked daze, watching the whole scene in trembling silence. Her own blood oozed from where the bullet exited E-Blade’s chest and grazed her left leg. Nothing good had come of that sordid affair with her cousin’s man. Only death and destruction for all involved.

When the police came, E-Blade used the time he had left to tell them that it was all an accident. That Delia had not been trying to shoot him. That the drugs in Cami’s apartment were his. In fact, E-Blade took his last breath while still talking to the police in the ambulance.

Delia was not present for his last words. She and Cami had been put in separate patrol cars by that time. Delia continued to sob in the backseat of the vehicle she occupied. Cami was still too shocked to do anything except stare straight ahead.

Then as the ambulance drove E-Blade’s lifeless body to the hospital, the police cars bearing the two women went in the opposite direction. At the precinct, Delia was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Cami, for the several kilos of cocaine found in her new apartment.

* * *

A few interesting things happened at the hospital. First of all, there was an unusual amount of attention paid to E-Blade’s body in the morgue. Officials from the DEA, CIA, and FBI spent time with it until well in the morning.

Secondly, the men E-Blade thought he’d killed were far from dead. Miraculously the shot to Racker’s head had only grazed his dome, though it did penetrate his ear and nearly cut it in half.

Although Bonz was still alive, as well, he was wounded much worse than Racker. Though the two shots E-Blade put in his back had gone straight through, they had caused some nerve damage along the way. The car dragging only added to the damage. Thus Bonz was faced with temporary paralysis and a long road of rehabilitation ahead.

Fortunately, both Racker and Bonz had strong women by their sides and so their chances of making full recoveries were even greater. Unfortunately, E-Blade would never be able to recover the life he lost. Worse, the love of his life wouldn’t even be allowed to attend his funeral due to her incarceration.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: If you ever wanted to know what happened that night at Cami's apartment Chapter 1 is the chapter for you.

Spoiler: Chapter 1 is pivotal to this storyline, so remember as many aspects of it as possible for what lies ahead for Delia and her friends.

Going to get some rest now.



Subrina said...

I'm trying to remember all these details to figure out if the mystery man is E-Blade and how they may have brought him back alive...I will hopefully check out more chapters tonight after work if more are posted.

Suprina said...

Subrina: You're doing that 'thing' again. You know exactly what I'm talking about. lol.


Kim said...

But i'm pretty sure i read somewhere that E-blade would be the mystery man, i think it was in the story of Bonz and Aisha...

Suprina said...

Kim: Nope. It wasn't in Bonz and Aisha's story. Maybe an insider email that only a few select people got. Either way, you and Subrina need to shush. Y'all are giving too much away, too soon. lol.

Seriously though, I don't mind. I have more than enough things to keep you guessing about in this story whether E-Blade is or is not still alive.