Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 12.2

Royal watched Delia drive off through the blinds. A huge sense of loss pricked at his heart from her hasty departure. Tiredness settled into his body, into his very soul.

Though Royal had lived out several fantastic dreams over the last few hours, none of them had ended with Delia severing all ties and storming off. Now he wished he’d never slept with her at all.

“Oh, who am I kidding?” Royal spoke into the silent room as he moved away from the window. If he had the chance to sleep with Delia all over again, he would, despite the fact that the last few hours were going to haunt him forever.

Just then, Royal’s house phone rang.

“Hello?” he said eagerly, hoping it would be Delia calling from her car with a change of heart.

“Hello to you, too,” Carmen replied.

“Oh, it’s you, Mama.” Royal’s spirit drooped. He should have known it wasn’t Delia. He hadn’t gotten around to giving her his unlisted home phone number yet. They’d only exchanged insurance information on account of the accident.

“Yes, it is. Who did you think it was?” Carmen replied, noting the disappointment in his voice.

“Nobody.” …you need to be concerned about, Royal silently added to himself. “What can I do for you so early in the morning?” he continued aloud, prudently switching the subject.

“I need you to take me to church. Your father called to say he wouldn’t be able to make it back in town before the 11 o’clock service. Flight cancellations and all that.”

“No problem at all. I’ll be by to pick you up at ten,” Royal said, even though he really didn’t want to go anywhere.

After the late night at the hospital and his extended rendezvous with Delia, all Royal wanted to do now was go to sleep for a very long time. Yet for his mother, he would forego a few extra hours of slumber. Even rent a car to drive today since his regular vehicle was currently out of commission.

For Carmen, Royal would do a lot of things. For her, he would continue to go to church even though he wasn’t living a consecrated life anymore. For her, he would continue to be an OB/GYN even though he preferred pediatrics instead. Finally, Royal would continue to date women that Carmen tried to set him up with, even though he liked being the pursuer. He deemed his mother worthy of all of those considerations since she’d done so much more for him over the years.

Suddenly a car pulled up outside. Thinking Delia had returned, Royal quickly concluded his phone call and put on his shorts. He practically ran to the door to answer it, forgetting all tiredness now.

“You came back!” Royal said, flinging the door open with an expectant look on his face.

“I always come back,” Layla replied dryly. “And what in the world happened to you?”


Kim said...

Let me say how sad this chapter made me feel... not sure if its my overflow of hormones or what.... poor delia... i hate the fact that she's doomed herself like that... she needs JESUS!

anyways expectantly waiting the mini drama;)

Suprina said...

Kim: So true. We all do, IMHO. She's gonna get him. Not yet though. Like most people, she has to come to a place of surrender, of tired of trying to do things her way.

By the way, I love that picture. I'm going to have to take some new pictures or something. Everybody trying to look all glamorous on this blog. First Subrina, now you. I got to keep up. lol.

Seriously though, I'm not ready for any photo opps just yet. Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my hair (it's on my shoulders now). Dread it up, perm it, or wear it natural (the way I've been wearing it for the past year). I would love any suggestions from the group.

Be back in about twenty minutes for another post.


Kim said...

yeah u right... i saw Subrina's pic and thought maybe i should add mine too... add a face to that comment.. that pic was taken in my glamorous days...LOL... now my hair's in a short bob, which sadly makes my face look fatter... what was i thinking cutting it so short?

and u definitely need to update your pic - i meant that in the nicest way:) why not jst leave your hair natural...i'm sure it looks great! is it curly? i always think curls are nice....

Suprina said...

Kim: LOL. I'll take that comment in the nicest way. *guffawing* That photo is over 10 years old. I don't think I look much different now, but there are a few gray strands about.


That's what turning 40 will get you. Fortunately, all the old folks on my mother's side only had salt n'pepa hair well into their 70's, so I don't expect to go fully gray for awhile, if ever. Have no idea about my pappy's side of the family.

As for leaving my hair natural, I'm torn since I can't seem to find many cute styles to put it in. My hair is straight at the roots and gets curly on the ends, so I could try to find something that will enhance those virtues. How are the ladies wearing natural hair in SA?


Suprina said...

Kim: I just found this website that I think I'm going to experiment from. Check it out when you can and tell me what you think. Here's the link:



Anonymous said...

hey suprina!!
i'm loving the story so far but would like to see more interaction on Delia with kids and mom to kinda' get familiar wid' ma gurl...know what i mean? i like her alot but she still seems somebit of a stranger...you understand me?
i also like royal but why did he go and say that (about toy) to my gurl??!! sho' didn't earn any brownie points fer dat! and now he got 2 hits and misses, frst mamma then layla..hmm!! why doesn't he call her???!!! any how getting to noisy huh?

and if that picture is 10 years old sista' it is beggin' to be updated!! LOL

i also think you would look real pretty in natural but let us see what yall look like now!!! LOL!!!! i'm also checkin' out the motown site.

can't wait to see what layla is up to...


Kim said...

Hmmm...SA ladies - most coloured ladies keep their hair straight, but the black ladies, love their fros and straight/curly extensions...

in my opinion you never too old to try some different as long as it suits you...i'll check out that site...

Suprina said...

Sharon: More Delia's interaction scenes with her family are coming up soon. Thanks for making that request.

A lot of my other readers read the prequel and so they know Delia a little bit better. Did you read the prequel? I thought you did. Either way, I got more of what you're looking for coming up soon.

As for why Royal said those things, the man is human. lol. Plus one of his character flaws is that he gets real arrogant when he's offended. Why doesn't he call Delia? He doesn't want to be stalkerish. She never gave him her number, remember? If he calls her from the number in her file, that's going to be a major brownie point lost.

I personally wanted him to call her, too, but staying true to his character (Mr. High IQ), Royal does a lot of thinking before he acts.

As for my picture, I'm starting to feel like so picked on right now. *using my best valley girl impersonation* LOL!

I promise to get a new photo before the end of the year. This summer I graduate (getting yet ANOTHER degree *rolling my eyes*)and so want a whole new everything soon thereafter - new look, new house, new car, etc...



PS. Thanks for checking out that site, too. Need all the input I can get. Oh, yeah, and did you know that some publishers don't even like for kids to be in love stories? Makes me wonder how much fantasy are they trying to push since there are children in every family, the world isn't full of just adults.

Suprina said...

Kim: Wow! Do they still distinguish between colored and black in SA? America left the word 'colored' a long time ago, though some people still use it.

Just curious - Is colored the lighter skinned folks? Blacks the darker skinned folks?

So much to learn. So much to learn.


Kim said...

Lol... ya unfortunately we have to distinguish, but coloureds, indians and blacks also jst classified as non white...
coloured people are like me for instance - fair skinned, most of us have straight hair and such.... thats sounds so weird...
as far as i know black people are a completely different race, same with indian people...

i know, its totally messed up!

Suprina said...

Kim: Wow! I have truly learned something new today. In America, all you have to have is one ounce of Negro blood in you to be considered black. lol. For real though.

Also we're all grouped the same from those on the outside looking in, yet within the black community, there are certain distinctions. Lighter skinned blacks are called various names - mulattoes, light-skinned, redbones. In the past, they were usually treated better by society.

Darker skinner blacks are called various names, which I'm not going to names because all of them are degrading. Those in this group have been treated badly by society and even their own relatives. Sad, but true.

That's a point I highlighted in my book UNPRETTY. Remember that book? I cried many tears while writing it, grieving at the stupidity of our people when it comes to skin color within our own community, our own families.

Anyhoo, I'm going to end this now before I get grieved again. There's another love scene coming up soon and I need to be in the right frame of mind to pull it off right.



Anonymous said...

suprina, i was about to ask kim the exact same question concerning distinction between the word colored and black because i thought it just meant anyone who has negro blood in them but it's amazing to learn that it's not so in SA! hmm

gurl i didn't mean to pick on ya' (ok maybe a little!!!LOL) no but seriously your black and white pic is pretty and it's you but your fans want to see the new you also! i'm excited for you graduating in summer and hope the Lord accords your heart's desire...new house, new car, new look!

thanks for shedding light on Royal's character flaw, it helps to understand him better. i can't believe that kids are not wanted in love stories...how do they think the hero and heroine started off as? sheesh! looking forward to further scenes with delia and fam.

where can i get Unpretty?Never heard of it.


p.s do darker skinner blacks still have problems in the US today? i still wonder what they are called

Suprina said...

Tanya: Yes, darker skinned blacks still have problems in the US today. Since I'm in the mocha tones, I can only tell you what my darker relatives and friends have endured. I also have a fair-skinned sister and she was treated like the black sheep in our family, even though she's light. *shaking my head* Just ridiculous!

Anyway, Unpretty can be found among the ordering pages of my MAIN WEBSITE. It's a highly emotional book and so be ready to rant and rage while reading it.

Thanks for coming into agreement with me about the new stuff I want upon graduation...or at least before the year's out.