Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 12.1

Delia clung to Royal’s sweat drenched body as they slowly floated down from ecstasy together. She planted kisses on nearly every inch of his face and a few other places. They were grateful kisses to the man who’d freed her from the prison of sexual frustration…if only for one night. Especially since it was highly unlikely that she would ever make love to Royal again.

What Delia dissatisfied with him in some way?

No. Royal was an excellent lover.

The issue rested upon the fact that Delia had never been a one-night-stand kind of girl. Random trysts just weren’t her thing. She hadn’t even cheated on E-Blade even though she’d had plenty of incentive due to his many infidelities.

Besides, Delia wasn’t naïve enough to believe that she could ever have a future with a man like Royal, even if she was open to another romantic relationship, which she was not.

“It’s time for me to be getting home,” Delia said, reluctantly disengaging them. She slid off the countertop.

“Do you have time to take another shower? This time with me?” Royal asked, obviously trying to prolong her stay once again.

“No, I’ll just do a quick wash up and take my next shower at home,” Delia replied, heading for the laundry room. “It’s almost daylight. I don’t want my kids to wake up and find me gone,” she added, determined to make it to her clothes without any distraction this time.

Nodding in understanding, Royal looked towards the window. The first rays of sunlight peered in through the gaps in the blinds. Wow! They really had made love until the break of dawn.

“I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time. I’ll try to be quicker next time,” Royal replied, discarding the used latex in a trashcan as he followed her out the room. “Although most women don’t necessarily want their man to be so quick in the sex department.” He chuckled.

Delia swung around to face him. “Next time?! There won’t be a next time, Dr. Seeger. There shouldn’t have been a first time. I don’t want a man. Any man. Plus, you’re my doctor for goodness sakes!”

Royal frowned at her abrupt return to formalities. At her blunt rejection of him. And what did she mean there wouldn’t be a next time? After what they just shared there had to be thousands of next times, a lifetime of them. With each kiss, each touch, each meeting of their bodies it became abundantly clear to him that they were made for each other. Why didn’t she see that, too?

First of all, I am not your doctor anymore. You made that clear by going to see Dr. Pacard, remember?” Royal replied, shielding his wounded pride with arrogance. “Secondly, I figured I could serve you much better than that toy you got in the front seat of your car,” he spewed angrily, hitting below the belt with that one.

Delia’s eyes widened. Her face paled in shock and then colored with embarrassment. She’d forgotten all about her late night trip to the adult store. After the way Royal just made love to her, she wouldn’t need that toy for a long time. Probably years. And those little tricks he introduced her to tonight were forever seared in her brain.

After telling Royal to go somewhere other than heaven, Delia retrieved her clothes, put them on without the luxury of a bath, and promptly left. She’d bathe when she got home. Her water bill was paid. She had plenty of soap.

This was another big mistake, Delia mused, pulling away from Royal’s house minutes later with screeching tires. So what if he was the best lover she’d ever had, even surpassing E-Blade. Delia wasn’t in the market for a man anyway. The only one she ever wanted was dead.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

Ooooh what a man. What exactly were the little tricks he showed her LOL? And I like the quick comeback about the toy -- too funny. Now I'm ready for the pursuit.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Tricks - the tapping thing, the tracing thing, the writing his name thing...and whatever else he did to her in that bedroom and on that countertop.

Spoiler - A little semi-drama to deal with coming up, more hot scenes, and then the dum-dum-dum-dum...buildup to big drama and more pursuit. All this BEFORE the mystery man is revealed.

Stay tuned...(post more tonight after class).


Jrboss said...

Oh ya, how could I forget the tapping and tracing and the spelling thing. That was awesome. Also, thanks for the link, I purchased the MILF and loved it. Very hotttt..just wonderful

Suprina said...

Jrboss-2: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked MILF (a book from my secular line for all who don't know).

Here's something no one knows about MILF - Sylvia Hubbard inspired me to write that book after reading her novel Diary of a...

It was my first attempt to write from 1st-person POV and so I stretched my wings with that baby. Wanted to see if I could do it well, or at least well enough to sell. lol. It's selling so I must have done something right.

For those who haven't read Sylvia's Diary of a..., here's the link: