Monday, March 10, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 1.2

Delia showed up at Cami’s apartment ready to fight. Though she was known for fighting any woman that she caught with E-Blade, she was going to give her cousin an extra beat down for her betrayal alone. The fact that there were no kids around to consider meant that Delia could truly let her rage roam free.

“Open up, Cami! I know you’re in there,” Delia said, persistently ringing the doorbell.

In a matter of seconds the door swung open. “What do you want?!” an angry Cami said, looking her cousin up and down with disdain. She showed no remorse at all for what she’d done to anyone.

Delia answered with a fist to Cami’s right eye, determined to blacken that one, too. She’d already blackened the left eye a few days ago during their last altercation.

When Cami staggered back and reached for her face, Delia used that time to boldly push her way into the apartment. That’s where the real fight would begin.

I’m not gonna even need my gun for this trick, Delia thought, ready to let her hands do all the talking now. Besides, she was a lousy shot anyway.

Aware that she had no win against her more skilled cousin, who regularly fought women of all different shapes and sizes, Cami scrambled to get out of Delia’s way. She also endeavored to give herself some leverage in this brawl by picking up the nearest thing she could find and swinging it hard.

Delia quickly dodged the lamp Cami swung at her. “You always was a punk. Never could fight fair. That’s yet another reason for me to stomp a pint of blood out of you.” Her voice was menacingly low when she spoke.

“You lucky I don’t have a gun or else I’d pop a cap in you right now for bum-rushing me in my own crib, you frigid trick,” Cami yelled. She threw the lamp at Delia this time.

Delia quickly moved out the way again. The lamp crashed against the wall behind her.

“You want a gun, cousin? I got one. Come get it,” Delia challenged, pulling the silver weapon out her purse. Her voice was still dangerously low. Delia was conserving her energy for the serious beat down that she still planned on giving her cousin tonight.

Cami’s eyes widened with fear at the sight of the gun.

Simultaneously, E-Blade, who’d heard Cami’s shouting and the loud crash from the lamp, came rushing into the room. Fresh from a shower, he wore nothing but a green towel around his waist. The bloody clothing he’d worn earlier had been removed and tossed into the apartment incinerator.

Dee, whatcha doing here?” E-Blade asked, taking in her angry image in one full swoop.

Suddenly more than just his natural eyes saw Delia. E-Blade’s spiritual eyes fluttered open from a very long sleep, allowing him to see into her heart. Now he could clearly see the deep pain he’d caused Delia over the years. All the disappointments. It made his own heart ache.

Oh, how E-Blade wished he’d never cheated on Delia with anyone. Especially not with her cousin. That deed had been lower than low.

E-Blade wished he hadn’t done a lot of things lately, including shooting both of his best friends tonight. No doubt Bonz and Racker were now dead on the side of the road where he’d left them. That also pained his heart. They hadn’t deserved what he’d done to them. E-Blade realized that now. Boy did he ever!

“No, what are you doing here?!” Delia flung at E-Blade, drawing his attention back to the subject at hand. “I thought what happened between y’all was a one time only thing,” she said, reciting the lie he’d told her after the affair was exposed.

“What do you think he’s doing here?” Cami countered, before E-Blade could get a word in edgewise. “He wants more than a one time only thing with me. E-Blade wants a real relationship with a real woman.” She smirked.

Delia cut her eyes at Cami. Her hands trembled on the gun. It wouldn’t take much to shoot her cousin right now. If E-Blade hadn’t moved to stand in front of Cami, Delia might have shot her.

“I had a real woman ‘till I blew it. Wish I had her back now,” E-Blade said, cutting Cami down to size with his words. Though he had hurt Delia repeatedly with his infidelities, he couldn’t stand when someone else inflicted pain upon her. He wouldn’t stand for it. Not now. Not ever.

Cami and Delia’s eyes instantly watered, yet for two different reasons.

“You don’t mean that, E-Blade,” Cami said in an almost wail. “You said it was over between you and Dee.”

“It will never be over between me and Dee. I love her. Always will,” E-Blade said, not even bothering to look at Cami. He only had eyes for Delia now.

Realizing at that very moment that she’d been used and discarded like yesterday’s newspaper, an enraged Cami attacked E-Blade from behind. Grabbing a thick glass vase from a nearby coffee table, she hit him hard across the back of the head.

E-Blade fell limply to the floor at that unexpected blow. The lights quickly went out for that Georgia boy.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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