Monday, March 17, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 11

Leaving their clothes behind, Royal escorted Delia upstairs to his bedroom. They paused to share lingering kisses along the way.

By the time they made it to the navy-blue decorated room, Delia was a trembling mass of flesh. Impatient, too. She beat Royal to the king-sized sleigh bed in the center of the room and was laying spread eagle by the time he turned on the overhead light and joined her.

Royal smiled at her eagerness. Oh, yes, this was definitely a dream come true.

Suddenly the dream when askew. For as soon as Royal laid down beside Delia, she pulled him on top of her and began to rush the moment. Her arms went about his neck, her lips returned to his, and she started a fast grind against him.

“Slow it down, precious,” Royal endeared, breaking the kiss. “Slow it down.” To help her decelerate the moment, he rolled to the side and took deep breaths to ventilate his passion. There was too much he wanted to do with and to her tonight to rush things.

Delia groaned loudly with disappointment. “Slow down? Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had an orgasm? Forever it seems. Please, Royal. Please take me there again.” She reached down and squeezed him in his special place.

A surge of desire shook Royal’s body at her pleading, at her tight grasp. His eyes darkened in hue. Blood rushed through his veins, thundered in his ears. He jumped in her hand with need.

Royal was so tempted to take her right now. But he couldn’t. Delia deserved more buildup. More foreplay.

“Baby, let me take you to the top slowly. Please,” Royal said, issuing his own plea. “You deserve to be made love to, not screwed like a nail.”

Delia wasn’t convinced about that last statement. But if he believed it, then she was going to cooperate with him. Hopefully this would not be yet another decision she’d later regret.

“Okay,” Delia consented, reluctantly releasing him. Then she made herself relax as much as she could, trusting him completely with her body as she’d done on other occasions.

Royal smiled and leaned over to suckle one taut peak and then the other. Gently pressing both melons together, he took both peaks into his mouth for a long suckle and a few nibbles.

Delia moaned in pleasure. She arched her body towards him. Her legs involuntarily opened wider in invitation. Royal would R.S.V.P. that invitation in a little while. And when he did, what a party they would have.

Bending lower, Royal licked a slow trail from her flat navel up to her neck, nibbling and suckling at the end.

Delia moaned again.

Going in reverse, Royal blew lightly along that now wet path, allowing the cooling breeze from his warm mouth to stimulate every cell in her body. If ever a woman needed such stimulation, it was this woman.

Delia moaned even louder as another powerful shudder rocked her body. Had she been standing, her legs would have completely given out on her by now.

Royal smiled into her eyes. “I love how you respond to me,” he whispered huskily. Inwardly, he was mentally emptying his social calendar. This was the woman he wanted. There would be no others.

“I love how you make me feel,” Delia panted out, breathing erratically from the mounting orgasm that was just around the corner. She was almost there. Almost there.

“I’m about to make you feel even better, precious,” Royal replied as one of his hands eased down to her tropical island.

Delia gasped when he touched the same spot that sent her over the edge once before at his medical practice. She moaned when he touched that spot again, this time with something bigger than his finger. Much bigger.




Tapping in rapid succession, Royal applied the right amount of pressure each time. Unlike most men, he knew that over sixty percent of women needed direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax. That sometimes intercourse alone just wasn’t enough to produce those deep vaginal spasms that every woman craved.

Delia’s eyes widened in surprise that such a simple act could be so powerful. Her toes were actually curling from it. Her release was imminent now. She’d rounded the bend.

Delia suddenly gasped in shock. Was Royal actually tracing her intimate perimeters with his most unique writing tool now?

Oh, yes.

And that graphite utensil was definitely from the grade H line since they were the hardest writing tools around.

Still Delia hadn’t seen anything yet.

Royal’s tracing soon began to take on a calligraphy effect. He seemed to be writing letters now.






Cheese, eggs, grits, and ham! The man had just written his name upon her…upon her…


What kind of man thought to do something like that to a woman?

Delia started to climax. Hard!

And still the acid test had not been passed yet. Foreplay had always been able to stimulate Delia. No, the real test would come at the time of consummation, when her rain forest would suddenly become a desert.

Smiling at her reaction, Royal paused briefly to commit this moment to memory. Then he quickly busied himself with protecting them and a few other things.

Protection now in place, Royal slid a pillow underneath Delia’s lower back with equal deftness. Like the brilliant physician that he was, he knew that it was a bit harder to stimulate a woman’s G-spot in this position. Thus the pillow was needed to raise her pelvis up a few inches for the ultimate pleasure.

When Royal was done with that considerate task, he slid into Delia with finesse. How could he not? She was so ready for him. So ready and so…snug.

Those Kegel exercises had done Delia’s body better than good. Royal was going to recommend them even more to his patients now.

Delia gasped in surprise as she was filled to completion in one smooth motion. Surprise registered in her eyes again a few seconds later when she realized that her days of desert dwelling were a thing of the past. Instead of getting drier with each stroke, she became more tropical.

A monsoon began. Shouts of joy followed.




Delia shouted in rapid succession as she surrendered wholeheartedly to ecstasy for the second time that night.

Royal continued to stroke her strong. Steady. Hitting her A, B, C, D, E, F, and G-spots every single time. He also continued to touch her clitoris, heightening her release.

The whole time Royal’s eyes never left Delia’s face. He watched her go from maintaining constant eye contact with him to her eyes rolling in the back of her head as another powerful wave of inner spasms rocked her body. The whole thing gave him such a feeling of accomplishment.

Suddenly, Royal was blindsided by an unexpected side of Delia. Instead of basking in the afterglow of the incredible release she’d just had, she began to buck against him. Hard.

Her hips rolled and fervently grinded beneath his. Her fingernails dug into his back and clawed their way down to his buttocks for a tight squeeze. No skin was broken, but that action was sure to leave a mark or rather a long red trail upon his olive skin.

Royal didn’t care. He’d proudly wear any marks Delia left on his body.

“Oh, precious,” Royal growled out, matching her every rhythm. Oh, yes, he could buck with the best of them. If Delia needed a bronco, he’d be that for her. He’d be almost anything for her right about now.

Delia’s eyes widened briefly with amazement at the depth of Royal’s passion, his mind-blowing stamina, before closing in heated bliss as he quickly drove them both over the edge this time. She’d never met a man like this before. She seriously doubted if she ever would again.

Royal displayed the same energy when he ravished Delia in at least two more positions on the bed and once again on the den countertop when he followed her downstairs to retrieve her clothes. And that was just the beginning of what he had in store for her.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: I thought this was a good place to pause the story. I'm about to go to bed now. I'll try to post more later, but no guarantees since I have school deadlines to meet tonight and tomorrow.

However, I will respond to emails and comments even if I don't post anymore today since they don't require any editing. lol.

On the real, editing does hold up posting. But I do it now, so I won't have to do so much later when the book goes to paperback.

FYI: I don't know if y'all know it or not, but my live story is REALLY live at times. Though I'm not as brave as some writers (i.e. Ms. Hubbard. lol) who pen almost every story off the top of their heads, many of my scenes fall in that off-the-top-of-the-head category. Others already have the bones, but just need fleshing out before I post.

Okay, signing off for real now (after I check a few last emails, of course. lol).



Paula said...

OK, You go and meet your deadlines for school and come back soon. THIS WAS AWESOME, LOVE MADE IN HEAVEN!


Jrboss said...

Off the make me want to find a ROYAL so he can spell his name for me --- and go slow...LOL. Great post.Wehhhhh

Subrina said...

HE SPELLED HIS NAME....I agree with "jrboss"...Hi five gurl.

Suprina said...

Paula: Thanks. I thought it was awesome, but I'm biased. lol.

Jrboss & Subrina: Y'all be good now.

To all: That tapping thing, tracing thing, and writing thing are my marital tips of the day. Tested them out personally and they work, y'all. THEY WORK! Proceed with caution though, because it will get you close to sprung if not sprung all the way.


Back to homework....

Suprina said...

*I meant to say, that I thought this post was awesome, TOO.* lol.

Going for real this time.


Kim said...

Lol... it was definitely 1 HOT chapter... and at this point I'm saying no to any marital tips... it did get me knocked up afterall;)

Suprina said...

Kim: LOLLLLL!!!! Girl, you are wild! Oh, my sides are hurting from laughing at your end comments. lol.

For all who don't know, our South African friend Kim is now pregnant. Unexpectedly so, but grateful nevertheless.

Pray for Kim and her baby. As with my first child, she has been experiencing 'all-day' sickness. *wince* Though she tells me it's better now, still keep her in your prayers as she walks through this journey.

Pray for her hubby too. Brotha probably don't know what to do with all those hormones flaring up. lol.

Be blessed forever, Kim.


P.S. And yes, that was one HOT chapter. Got a few more coming. Can't see when though. *smiling mischievously*

Carmel Beauty said...

I was not expecting it to be that HOT and informative. :-)

Suprina said...

Carmel beauty: Yep. No need to wonder why some folks in the industry (and otherwise) don't know 'what' to do with me or my books. lol.

I ain't mad at them. I probably wouldn't know what to do with me either if the shoe were on the other foot. lol. Either way, I'm determined to stay true to myself and write it the way it comes to me. After all, just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I have to shy away from the subject of sex. Too many of us are doing that now and look where it's landing us - on the front pages of newspapers in sex scandals.

No, this sista is gonna look this very real part of life (sex) in the face and not flinch.

Sorry about getting on the soapbox, Carmel B. LOL. The word 'expecting' in your post sort of set me off. Reminded me of some of the flack I've gotten from some 'well-meaning' church folks when my books didn't meet their expectations of what a Christian novel should be.

Except in your case, it appears that I have gone beyond your expectations in a positive way. Thanks for the encouragement, girl.

Much luv.