Monday, March 10, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 1.1

Foreword: This book contains some very sensitive subject matter. It is intended for mature audiences only - eighteen (18) and up.

* * *

After waiting down the road with the lights off while E-Blade, her current lover, exacted revenge upon his longtime friends, Cami drove the black jeep up beside him and stopped. She kept her mouth shut as E-Blade then unloaded the illegal shipment he’d claimed as booty from one vehicle to the other.

Cami also kept her gaze straight ahead, unwilling to see Bonz and Racker’s bloody, deadly still forms to her left. A part of her regretted that it had even come to this. That so much pain had stemmed from her simple desire to just be financially secure.

If only Bonz had kept his mouth shut about Cami and E-Blade’s secret affair. If only Bonz had just consented to being her man like she’d planned. Or at least given Cami the same setup that he’d given his model chick Aisha, yet with major financial perks attached.

But Bonz hadn’t done any of that. In fact, he’d dropped Cami like a hot potato for Aisha. Not once, but twice.

Well, Bonz, you ain’t nobody’s man now, Cami mused sardonically as E-Blade finally got in the passenger seat beside her. Outwardly, she maintained her silence, unsure what to say to a man that had just done the unthinkable to his friends.

Removing his gloves for the first time that night, E-Blade wished that he could remove something else – guilt. He hadn’t counted on feeling that. He hadn’t counted on feeling anything but rage tonight. After all, E-Blade had killed lots of people before and slept like a baby afterwards.

This time was different. This time, E-Blade’s emotions had gotten involved. They were still churning now, causing the guilt to grow and seep further into what little conscience he had left.

“Drive faster,” E-Blade told Cami in a snappy tone. He was ready to get as far away from his dead friends as possible.

After he showered, changed, and got this shipment processed, E-Blade planned to get as far away from Georgia as possible, too…without Cami, though she didn’t know it yet.

* * *

Delia sat in her big lonely home drinking heavily and thinking about all that had happened in her life recently. Fortunately, her two boys were over at her mother’s house and so weren’t around to see her in this inebriated condition. Cami’s son was over there, as well, which only served to upset Delia even more.

It wasn’t that she had anything against Little Man. In fact, Delia had grown to love the child like her own during the time he spent in her home. No, her source of contention was the fact that if Little Man was at a relative’s house, then that meant Cami had more time to be alone with E-Blade.

I bet they’re together right now! Delia thought vehemently, taking another swig of vodka. She didn’t know whether to be angrier at E-Blade or Cami for their betrayal.

Correction – yes, she did.

Delia was angrier at Cami for the simple fact of their blood ties. She assumed that that should have meant something to her cousin in all this. It certainly had been enough for Delia to open up her home to that freeloader in the first place.

On top of all that, Cami knew how much Delia loved E-Blade. They’d talked about it often enough. In fact, just last week, Delia had shared with Cami how she was going to schedule a doctor’s appointment to find out if her sexual discontent was physical or psychological. She’d also shared how determined she was to fix what was wrong with her, so she could win her man back from those skanks in the streets.

But what did Cami do? She used that information against me, Delia thought bitterly as she got up to pour herself another drink from the bar. My own cousin stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife.

After downing that drink, Delia suddenly realized that she wanted more than another shot of vodka. She wanted to take a shot at her backstabbing cousin. She wanted revenge.

And I’m gonna have it, too, Delia thought, heading upstairs for the gun E-Blade left for her and the kids’ protection. But first I need to throw up, she mused, taking a brief detour to the bathroom.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


sydney molare said...

Good bones chick. Keep it up. Syd

Suprina said...

Sydney: Thanks a bunch and WELCOME ABOARD! I put a link to your website on my shout-outs post.

Everybody go check Sydney out. This girl's writing is fire!


Julia said...

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Suprina said...

Julia: LOL! I couldn't have said it better.

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