Monday, March 17, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 10.3

“I…I don’t deserve a man,” Delia suddenly blurted out. Tears filled her eyes within seconds. Not a single one fell.

Royal halted in his tracks, sitting down mere inches away from her now. He wouldn’t dare make a move on her after that emotional outburst. It wouldn’t be right.

“Why don’t you deserve a man, Delia?” Royal asked gently, prompting her to confide in him if she so desired.

“Because the only man I ever truly wanted, I killed,” Delia replied, starting to tremble now. She looked away in shame.

Royal didn’t even bother to act surprised by that disclosure. Instead he draped a comforting arm about her shoulders, brought her gently to his chest and said, “Tell me about it.”

Royal continued to hold Delia close as she poured her heart out to him. She told him all about her children’s father. About how E-Blade was a man of contrasts. How he was extremely loving and giving towards those he loved, deadly towards those he considered enemies. How E-Blade even ran her abusive stepfather out of town and single-handedly financed new lives for Delia and her mother.

Delia grew extremely sad when she talked about what led to E-Blade’s infidelity. About how his unfaithfulness crossed certain boundaries that led to a huge family rift. How instead of taking responsibility for his actions, E-Blade channeled his anger towards the friend that let his infidelity slip during an argument.

Another dose of shame crossed Delia’s face when she shared how E-Blade displayed that anger. “Even though I don’t agree with what he did, I can kinda see why E-Blade tried to take Bonz out. But not Racker. Racker hadn’t done anything wrong.” She paused to take a deep breath, before adding, “Either way, I’m glad that both men survived what E-Blade had done to them.”

“Me, too,” Royal replied, omitting the fact that one of those men was his cousin by marriage. He knew that that would only make Delia feel worse. He didn’t want to do that. If anything he wanted to make her feel better.

The tears Delia had been holding back for so long finally started to spill down her cheeks. Even so, she went on to share what happened later the night E-Blade tried to murder two of their friends and ultimately lost his own life. She spoke rapidly as if she needed to get the whole story out before she locked it away in her vault again.

Royal was amazed by how vividly Delia remembered every detail of that night, even down to the color of the towel that had been wrapped around E-Blade’s body. I guess an event this traumatic would be pretty hard to forget on any level, he mused, continuing to hold her weeping frame close to him.

Again, Royal found himself wanting to make Delia feel better. But what could he say to lighten her spirits? What could he do to make her divorce all these regrets she had?

Consequently, Royal did something that made them both feel better… immediately.

Withdrawing from her slightly, Royal cupped Delia’s face in his hands and began to kiss away her tears. Slowly. Tenderly.

Delia’s eyes registered surprise at his actions, but she didn’t pull away. No, she moaned, encouraging him to proceed.

Royal did proceed. By the time he finally made it to her mouth for a light smack, they were both breathing raggedly. “I want you, Delia,” he whispered.

“I want you, too, Dr. Seeger,” Delia whispered back, her breath mingling with his.

“Royal,” he amended.

“Royal,” Delia echoed, erasing all formalities between them right before his mouth returned to hers for a deeper kiss. With a sigh, she parted her lips and allowed one of her secret dreams to finally come true.

Royal tasted salty from her tears, sweet from the orange juice he’d been drinking. Delia willingly drank from his fountain, encouraged him to drink from hers.

They kissed in slow motion, drawing out each probe, each suckle. Tasting. Being tasted. Relishing it all.

As they kissed, Royal’s hands stayed busy. He soon had Delia completely bare. There was no hospital gown, no sheet, no doctors and nurses several feet away to keep them in line now. It was just the two of them. They could do what they pleased, as they pleased.

Royal withdrew far enough to get a good look at Delia’s shapely frame. Though everything else was the same as he remembered, her breasts were fuller than before. Motherhood had definitely left its mark in all the right places.

“Like I said before, you’re beautiful. So beautiful,” Royal whispered, willing to repeat that as many times as she needed to hear it.

Delia trembled beneath his searing gaze. She’d never had a man to pay such close attention to her. Royal seemed to be memorizing her every slope and valley as his eyes continued to roam her frame from top to bottom and back up again. Everywhere his gaze fell she felt sizzling heat. Surely blisters would appear upon her skin any second now.

Showing that he was not stingy, Royal rose to his feet and quickly removed his clothing so that Delia could have a visual feast of her own. He heard her sharpen inhalation as she scanned his muscular frame. She obviously liked what she saw, too. All those hours in the gym had been so worth it now.

Royal moved to sit down beside Delia again. The fingers of his right hand brushed lightly across her lips, setting off a slight shudder in her body. Those fingers slowly, tenderly went…



Past her chin, neck, and collarbone in a vertical line. His eyes followed the same sensual path.

Royal’s fingers switched directions, going horizontally now. Left. Right. He squeezed and kneaded with the hand of a man familiar with a woman’s body. This was no breast examination. No, this was a mission of pleasure.

Delia shuddered almost violently this time. She moaned and arched towards him.

When their eyes met and held, Royal had a déjà vu moment. He’d seen this scene before in a dream. In that dream, Delia came to his house and they ended up making love until the break of dawn. It was high time to turn that dream into reality.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


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Sandy/Sandra: More to come soon. I'm trying to put up the actual love scene before I go to bed this morning. So stay tuned, you might be one of the first to read it.


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Subrina: You're doing that thing again. And that's all I'm going to say about that.



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