Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 10.1

Delia found herself in bathroom heaven when she opened the door to Royal’s facility. First of all, it was sparkling clean. No rings in the sink or the bathtub. One could probably eat off the white tiles below.

Secondly, Royal had everything a person could ever want to pamper themselves in that room. There were oils, lotions, and various kinds of soap. There was even a toilet and a bidet. When Delia tried to make use of both, something went wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

Like a scene from the movie BAPS, when Delia turned the hot water on and opened the spray valve, water from the bidet started to gush everywhere. Everywhere, as in all over the place.

“No, no, no!” Delia exclaimed, as if the water was a naughty child and would somehow obey her. When it didn’t obey, she scrambled to turn off the flow herself.

In a panic, Delia turned the valve the wrong way, causing more water to gush forth. The hot liquid splashed against the front of her blouse. She yipped loudly as it connected with her skin.

Cursing her ignorance of such refined contraptions, Delia frantically turned the spray valve the other way, gritting her teeth as the hot drops landed on even more skin. Finally it was off.

Unfortunately, the whole front of her body was now wet. Water was even in her hair. Had Delia still been using weave tracts, she would have been mad as fire about getting her locks wet. Since she’d been using Aisha’s hair grower, every strand on her head was now O’Nat-u-ral, healthy and long to boot.

“Are you all right in there?”

Delia startled at Royal’s voice from the other side of the door. The heat of embarrassment rose to her cheeks. Can it get any worse? she mused, wishing she hadn’t been so loud.

Delia took a deep breath before answering. “Actually, I’m not all right. I…uh…had a little accident with your…um…second toilet. I may need a change of clothes.” She looked down at herself and added, “I definitely need a change of clothes.”

Royal chuckled. “That second toilet is what they call a bidet. And the very same thing happened to me when I first tried to use one. I’ll bring you some changing clothes right away.”

“And a mop, too.” Delia relaxed at his easygoing chuckles. It felt good to know that he was laughing at the situation, not at her.

Royal was back in no time with dry clothes and a power mop that could dry wet surfaces without the required bucket. “Do you want me to wash and dry your clothes for you? It will take an hour tops,” he said, handing her the items through the narrow crack in the door.

“Thank you. Mind if I take a quick shower?” Delia asked, receiving the t-shirt, sweat shorts, and fancy mop. “That scented sanitizer in your bidet has me feeling a little sticky now that it’s drying on my skin.” She was careful to pronounce the name of the ‘second toilet’ exactly the way he’d said it earlier.

At the mention of her showering in his home, something akin to desire crossed Royal’s eyes before he rapidly blinked it away. “Sure. Do you want me to take your wet things now? Or will you be bringing them out when you’re done?” he asked, sounding a bit huskier than usual.

“I’ll bring them out when I’m done,” Delia replied. Then she quickly closed the door, lest her eyes play tricks on her again.

Surely the esteemed Dr. Seeger had not just given her the eye of interest. Surely he hadn’t just looked at her like a man looks at a woman.

Ah sooky-sooky now!

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Suprina I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your live story. Keep the post coming.

Subrina said...

First I had to look up what a bidet was it's hilarious how Delia got her shirt wet when she was suppose to have been sitting on it...rofl...I have learned something new tonight and is this suppose to replace toilet can't wait for the next chapter.

Subrina said...

After rereading the usage of a bidet I understand how her shirt got wet because she was facing the tap and nozzel washing her genitalia area...I'm ready to see what's gonna happen while her and Royal is waiting on her clothes to dry.

Suprina said...

Paula: Thanks so much. I'll keep posting, you just keep reading. Tell a few friends, okay?

Subrina: Don't feel bad. I had to learn how to use a bidet, too. And yes, Delia was facing the nozzle, which is acceptable usage. It is easier to control the flow and temperature of the water that way. However, you will have to remove your pants in order to straddle the bidet this way.

As for what's going to happen while her clothes are drying, stay tuned...