Monday, March 10, 2008

New Story Starting Sooner Than Expected!

New story starting sooner than expected and y’all have ya girl Subrina to thank for that. It was her email that I believe God used to prompt me to stop editing another book and focus my attention back on Pursuing Mrs. Regrets.

So here’s how it’s going to go…

I will start posting immediately on Pursuing Mrs. Regrets. I can’t promise how many posts I’ll have per day for the first (free) part of the story because I’m winging this thing based on the prompting I got. Plus, I still have other irons in the fire on the school, work, and home fronts. However, by the time the second (paid) part of this story goes to my V-O-D blog, I will be contractually obligated to no less than 2 posts a day.

Why did I feel the pull of God to start earlier than expected? I don’t know.

It could be because some of the things mentioned in Delia’s story will be just what someone needed in order to experience deliverance in his/her life. Or it could simply be the fact that if I’m not going to take a real break from writing, I might as well edit and post the next story in line (Delia’s story). lol.

Either way, this sista is going to be obedient to this prompting. So without further ado, here’s the blurb to Pursuing Mrs. Regrets (the first chapter’s posts will follow):

Delia Valentine is married to her regrets, which makes it impossible for any man to get next to her. Her biggest regret is killing the father of her children. If only E-Blade hadn’t slept with her cousin Cami. Then maybe he wouldn’t be dead, Cami wouldn’t be in prison, and Delia wouldn’t feel so undeserving of love.

Royal Seeger knows all about Delia’s past. And yet he still loves and wants her. More importantly, he still wants a life with her. Yet a mystery man with three aliases poses a serious threat to Royal and Delia’s union. This same mystery man has Delia at a major crossroad.

Will she stay and embrace a full life with Royal? Or will Delia go with the mystery man and try to recapture what was lost?

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