Monday, March 03, 2008

Author Note - Pursuing Mrs. Regrets

Just wanted everybody to know that the sequel to Enticing Mr. Wrong won't start on this blog until after April 15th. Not only am I taking a much needed break after during the V-O-D, but I also want to devote more time to my tax clients and school.

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets (EMW's sequel) will be featured half on this blog and half on the paid blog (V-O-D), so save up your coins from now until then so that you can read the whole story. I really don't want anyone to miss what has happened with Bonz and the gang. Plus Delia's story is off the chain! In more ways than one. lol. And there are still new scenes to be written. All I can say is be ready after April 15th because it is going to be on and popping at this blog.

Remember only half of Pursuing Mrs. Regrets will be free. So please no emails requesting the whole thing at no cost. Those funds help keep a sista online for your enjoyment and entertainment.


For those who haven't read the last story featured on the V-O-D, Colors of Love is now in E-book and paperback form. Just click on the name of the book above and buy your copy today! Thanks a bunch everybody!

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