Thursday, December 27, 2007

Author Note: V-O-D Blog

Hey, everybody!

I started this new blog called Suprina’s V-O-D Blog. V-O-D stands for View on Demand. It is a private blog where I will be featuring live stories (inspirational and secular) at least 4 times a year.

There is an access fee assigned to this blog, but it is minimum ($4.00) and a one-time deal per story. Meaning, you won’t have to pay every time you log in to view the CURRENT story. However, once that story is over, everything is reset and erased. Which means another access fee will be required to view the NEXT story.

I hope that didn’t sound too confusing. I almost lost myself there for awhile. Lol. I’m clear now though.

Here is what you can expect for subscribing to each story on the V-O-D blog:

o One-time access fee (per story).

o Any time viewing.

o Minimum 2 posts by author a day.

o Commercial free (no ads or specials).

o Insider features (i.e. spoilers, story behind the story, insights & tidbits).

o Free copy of E-book when story is over.

o Direct feedback from author.

For instructions on how to sign up for the V-O-D blog, please email me at Put V-O-D in the Subject Line.

The story that will be featured in its entirely on the V-O-D blog in January will be: Colors of Love. This story has been completely revamped from the original version and new chapters will likely be added as the live story unfolds.

Hope to see you there!


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