Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong (Photos-secondary characters)

This post is to fill in several gaps in Enticing Mr. Wrong for my faithful readers. I realized while I was preparing the final manuscript for print that I went into great detail about how the main characters looked (Bonz and Aisha), but left holes in the story about how some of the secondary characters looked, especially the ones that you will see again in other books. To correct that here without going back to re-edit earlier posts according to the final manuscript, I’ve listed each person and their celebrity look-alikes below. Links to photos are provided as well. Enjoy!

Jarrett (looks like Boris Kodjoe):,%20Boris

Cami (looks like Aaliyah)

Delia (looks like Beyonce Knowles),%20Beyonc%E9

E-Blade (looks like Merlin Santana)

Alexis (looks like Kelly Rowland)

Racker (looks like Cedric Pendleton),%20Cedric

Laquetta, Felix, Daddy Burgess, Berry, Fredrico and the others won’t be in any sequels and so that’s why I didn’t include them in this post.



Suprina said...

To all those who want a review to go inside of Enticing Mr. Wrong, I've reset the deadline to Wednesday Oct 17th. I want to have the book in print by Oct 20th and ready to ship.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Please don't feel obligated to write a review. You guys commented enough on the story while it was going on. I just wanted to extend that invitation to those who wanted to do something formal for Enticing Mr. Wrong.

Much love,


Suprina said...

To all: As of today (Oct 15th), all post contents AFTER Ch. 26.2 have been removed. Only the comments to those posts remain. Also posts that did not have any comments were deleted completely, so it may seem like a few chapters skipped when they were actually removed altogether.

Thanks again for reading with me.