Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Letter to Readers

As I mentioned in the dedication, though I started writing this book several weeks before one of my first-cousins (Dontavious Wyman) was tragically killed, I decided to dedicate Enticing Mr. Wrong to him for several reasons.

Like Bonz, Dontavious had a lot of goodness in him. He was also very loyal to his relatives and friends. Unfortunately, my cousin was also like Bonz in the fact that he chose the wrong path for his life. That path ended up causing terrible pain and suffering. Of equal misfortune is the fact that my cousin was also betrayed by a close acquaintance.

My only regret is that my cousin didn’t get another chance to start over like Bonz did. Rest in peace, Dontavious ‘Tape’ Wyman.

(Moment of Silence)

* * *

No matter what my original reason for writing Enticing Mr. Wrong was, my ultimate goal now is to bring enlightenment on two levels:

1. That the people we call thugs are more than they appear to be. Some are actually really nice people who simply fail to see other options for their lives right now.

2. That making the right decisions is vital to our lives. Remember quick wealth is not a blessing in the end (Proverbs 20:21 TLB) and dishonest gain will never last, so why take the risk? (Proverbs 21:6 TLB). Too many people have learned these lessons too late. Please don’t be one of them.

Suprina Frazier


Kim said...

Hey Suprina.... girl u outdid yourself with this book...absolutely fantastic.... a definite mixture of love, lies, deception, friendships, new family ties etc.... not your traditional inspirational book but i was totally engrossed,I love how you always display God's love in these books.... and i must admit i loved the fact that you had a deadline, it meant the work was posted alot sooner....
in addition i also learnt a ton of new American ghetto slang... though i would like to you clarify a few meanings of some i heard not necessarily in this book:)

God blessed you with a wonderful talent, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.!

God Bless

Suprina said...

Kim: I like that phrase 'not your traditional inspirational'. Permission to use it in my marketing efforts?

I figured you would like that deadline thing. That was my first time giving myself one, though I have had those with my traditional publisher. It really does speed things up. Piles on the pressure too, especially with a book this long. Enticing Mr. Wrong is over 100k words. It truly broke a record for me. I had no idea so many new chapters were going to be added. I thank God for them all though, because they made the book so much better.

I'm glad you learned new things about America, Kim. Our slang varies from region to region. Is that so in South Africa?

I can clarify what I can (pertaining to ghetto slang), but believe me, I'm no expert. That's why I used for this project and also my son and husband, who are way more versed in slang than me.

To all: I'm going to be working on my list of readers who qualify for a FREEBIE of Enticing Mr. Wrong. If any of you want to write a review of the book (which I'm going to feature inside the book at the end this time), let me know.

Kim said...

yeah for sure, go ahead and use that phrase....
100k thats alot of words... i know you put alot into to... and it was well worth it!!!

Slang definitely varies here.... i think u mentioned the term heffer.... i wasnt really sure what that meant but guess it had a negative meaning to it?
and then i always wanted to know what exactly is a hoochie mama?

lol... atleast now you can take a break from the posting!

Suprina said...

Kim: Heifer is a female cow. Hoochie Mama is a promiscusious woman who look and acts real ghetto.

As for that phrase I liked so much, I just realized that I had used it once in an earlier post, so I guess great minds think alike. Thanks for the permission anyway. :)