Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong is in Paperback!

Yay! Bonz and Aisha’s story is finally in Paperback. Though it was a long journey, their book can now be bought and carried around to read at will. Much better than being glued to a computer screen, huh? lol. Certainly more convenient.

Tell me what you think of the cover above. Here's the blurb:

What does an up and coming model/actress have in common with a thug/hustler like Bonz? One dead brother, a lot of unanswered questions, and explosive passion.

Aisha Norwood is on a mission to find out who killed her brother. She will stop at nothing to make that person pay dearly for her loss. If only the prime suspect wasn’t so sexy and just so…so wonderful.

Gregory ‘Bonz’ Forsyth has everything he could ever want. And yet his life is drier than a desert. He needs something…someone to bring the rain. He had no idea that with that special someone a monsoon would come, changing his whole life forever.

For those who want to purchase a Paperback copy of Enticing Mr. Wrong, here’s the link below:


kim said...

The cover is nice.... the pic really stands out in the black background....

Suprina said...

Thanks, Kim.

With the self-publishing service I use there aren't a lot of cover themes to fit every situation (and my budget still doesn't allow room for a professional graphics artist/cover designer), so I had to pick the most likely cover.

Fortunately, when I saw that suited man sitting down in the desert cover, it struck me that that could be Bonz.

1. The man is wearing a suit in the strangest place. Bonz wore suits, despite his other profession. He didn't let where he was in life or what he was doing define him.

2. That suit represents a certain level of class. Bonz had that, despite his upbringing, despite his sordid profession.

3. That desert represents the dryness that was in Bonz's life before Aisha, despite his obvious prosperity. When she came on the scene, he began to smile more, relax more, and just enjoy life more as a whole (all represents a soothing rain to me).

4. The monsoon I talked about in the blurb refers to how that rain Aisha brought went from being a soothing rain to a torrent (of emotions, deception, betrayal etc...). Had it not been for their anchor of love, they both would have drowned.

I hope everyone gets my cover ideas. lol. If not, I sure do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suprina,

I sooo sad that the story is over with but at the same time, I'm glad that it came to a happy end. Does that make any sense? LOL. Anyway, honestly, when I first saw the cover, it didn't seem right. I was thinking more of a glitzy gam girl on the cover with a foine looking thug by her side. But after I read the blurb, I got it! And it made perfect sense. Good luck and God Bless.


Suprina said...

Marlene: Thanks. Maybe when my budget expands (this book sells big) I will get a cover that is more in line with the title than the blurb. As it is, I had to tweak the blurb to fit the cover. In reality it should be the other way around (the cover should fit the title AND the blurb).

Anyway, I think this cover will do for now. Like I alluded to before, I'm waiting on my budget to expand with my vision. lol.

And yes, I was sorry for the story to end too. I really miss talking to you guys.


Okay, enough of the waterworks. I'll let you guys know how my family reacts to the book once they get it and read it. Pray for me on that tip. Sometimes those closest to you can be your harshest critics.

Toodles! (my new catchphrase)

Suprina said...

Transferring Vongai's comments from another blog:

Hey there its me again, i’m just so in love with that cover.i especially love the mystery that back view gives, you don’t know who or what is on the other side. Suprina are you sure you won’t pursue writing full time?

All my love and all the best. Looking forward to Pursuing Mrs Regrets…

* * *

My reply to Vongai: I’ve answered most of your questions and comments on the other blog. Yet the last comment (Oct 22) I’ll answer here.

I WISH I could pursue writing full time, but right now it does not produce enough income to make a living. Fortunately, it does pay for itself (internet access, printing costs, etc…) most times.

Until my writing endeavors are able to provide for my other expenses, I will continue to have a dual career (writing/accounting). After all, a sista gots to eat. *smile*

Be blessed,