Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Epilogue

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Tonia said...

That is soo cool the way you ended it. I'm happy and sad at the same time. The book was wonderful, and it definitely showed your growth as a writer and the love for your family.
I'm sad because it's ending. It's been such a marvelous journey to travel with you. I've laughed, cried,and screamed "no, she didn't". I've questioned somethings and attitudes I have in my own life and I have praised God for where he has takened me and will lead me.
You truly have a gift. Keep giving it!
Many blessings, my sista

Jessie said...

You really did wrap this book up in a good way. That honeymoon scene--HOT. Life will be good for Bonz & Alisha now with their children.

Subrina said...

What a wonderful ending...I enjoyed reading this novel very much plus everyone comments...This novel took me on a big fast rollercoast with my emotions and made me examine my own life...Clapping...***CHANTING***Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, Suprina, ahead sis and take your bow.

Suprina said...

I'm truly loving the comments, y'all. Keep 'em coming.

Oh yeah, did anybody notice that I left the storyline open about Bonz and Jarrett's dad? I plan to bring that up in Delia's book when Aisha and Bonz show up in that story. It won't be a big part of the storyline, just enough to let readers of the 1st book know that the 2 men finally reconciled with their real father.

A few last nuggets of wisdom to share about Enticing Mr. Wrong and the lessons to be learned about jealousy:

1. Jealousy is a form of self-hate.

2. What you're jealous of someone else for is probably that very thing that you don't like about yourself.

Remember E-Blade didn't necessarily hate Bonz. He just hated that his friend was happy and he wasn't. That his friend had a woman who was still good in bed and his wasn't.

3. Jealous people project their self-hatred onto you.

Remember how Cami kept going out of her way to find things to say against Aisha (her car, her life, her career). She was just upset that she didn't have those things. Therefore she rolled her hatred for herself onto Aisha's back.

Hope those nuggets help somebody today.

*taking that bow, Subrina* lol.

Anonymous said...

What can I say sister-girl but job well done. That story touched me on multiple levels. This is the first time that I have gone to one website everyday hoping for a paragrah or two of your writings. God has truly blessed you and I think you know it. Your fans certainly do. Keep doing what you're doing. God continue to keep you and your family. Amen

Peace and Love.


Carrie said...

YOU GO GIRL! I loved the ending it was awsome. You have once again created a masterpiece. You write with such passion and creativity, it's not hard to live every moment and experience every scene along with your characters.

I applaud the way you gave us a glimpse into the lives of jarrett, Delia (pregnant, awwww), Cami and little man, and the rest of the cast. I can't wait for Delia's story. Kudo's to Bonz for providing for her in spite of her tragedy and misfortune. God truly is Good.

I'm chanting with Subrina (lol). You deserve that bow and a dozen or two of roses. Can't wait for the next one (Delia's story I hope) heehee, hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

Gurl I luved d book, it was very inspirational. Although Changing Gene remain my number one,though dey ve tins in common. I mean both men being playas.
It just occured to me that there vent been a promiscuous lady dat is willin to change for luv in any of ur stories. Or is there? cos i wud luv to read one of such.
Thanks gurl for this special gift. Tekia

Suprina said...

To all: Y'all really gone make me cry. *sniffling*

Kassie: I'm trying to think if there are any promiscuous lady characters in any of my stories (inspirationals in particular). I think Aisha was the only one.

Delia is going to be a little promiscuous in the next book once she has her baby and gets her medical problem fixed. Sister is going to be trying to make up for the old and new until she has an encounter with God. A REAL encounter that makes her want to keep her legs closed. On a snipplet of that book will be shown online though, its one that you will have to buy to get the full story.

Thanks again, ya'll, for reading with me.