Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 64.2

Sorry. Free sample is over. Post removed by author.


Suprina said...

To all: Going to take a break now. I also have class tonight, so I'll chime back in around 11pm.

What's left to cover?

1. Bonz and Aisha's consummation scene.

2. The Epilogue - which tells what happens to Delia and Cami and kinda set up the next sequel.

That should be total of 2-3 posts. Hopefully, I should have it done by midnight. Either way, I consider myself as having meet my goal to have this book edited by the 10th. Especially since a whole day was taken from me on account of that family emergency.


Jessie said...

We are going to be faceing a HOT posting coming up

Tonia said...

There is a country song that says. " Steam, we are gonna make steam."
I think that's what Aisha and Greg are going to do!