Sunday, October 07, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 61.1

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Tonia said...

How did Delia get released when she killed someone? Did they rule it as an accidental death? Are you saving that part for her story?

I think Cami needs to go jail for long time, be subject to some type of abuse in prison, come out as a rape counselor and a reverend, and can't locate her son because her relatives moved with him and won't tell her.

I want Milsap to legit, and get with Faith and they have problems conceiving because of a tragedy in her past and call the book Milsap's Faith.

(Hee-Hee, Hee-Hee) Okay, I think that covers everyone I am interesting in knowing about.

Suprina said...

Tonia: A few chapters back (don't know how many right now hand) I mentioned the meeting about Bonz and his lawyer. Well, during that meeting Delia's legal issues were discussed, too. In short, Bonz used his influence to get her off, too. I told y'all that boy was bad.

And yes, I am saving most of the intricate details of Delia's story for her own book. More about is told in Delia's book, too.

That's a good idea about Milsap and Faith, but I think she's already married. I I don't really know. *shaking my head at myself* That's so bad of me, I know. I'll have to go back and check.

Either way, I was thinking about saving Millsap for Cami's book. By the time she gets out of prison, he is big time general in Enfield. She goes after him again for that reason alone (old habits die hard). Millsap rejects her at first because he remembers how she was such a hater and how she backstabbed her cousin. Cami suddenly has a religious experience, starts going her own way. Suddenly Millsap finds her irresistible. So on and so forth. Sort of a cat and mouse thing...maybe. I truly don't have all the details yet. God will give them in his timing.

By the way, why does Millsap pull such a cord with you, Tonia? Just curious.

Suprina said...

I meant God will give them in HIS timing. Sorry, Lord.

Tonia said...

The brief physical description of him you gave sounded goood!
Also, I like the fact he seems to be loyal and passionate. He was loyal to E-Blade(even though he was wrong), he is loyal to the game, and he waited for his promotion and didn't try to take it when he knew Bonz and Racker were weakened. He already has plans on relocating the lab. Taking the drug aspect out of it, Milsap comes across as a brotha who is as I said loyal, passionate, a go getter, and able to think strategically .

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with your family gurl and i pray for safe recovery.
U definitely left us on a cliff here.

vongai said...

Wsup Suprina, i'm borrowing a machine today and i'm so happy that gran is much better. The Lord surely is good to us all the time...Vongai