Saturday, October 06, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 59

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Suprina said...

To all: Bonz is now SAVED! Hallelujah!

Where do we go from here?

1. Recovery issues.
2. Aisha's confrontation with her family when they learn Greg/Bonz's connection to Dominic.
3. Aisha finally owning up to blowing up that lab.
4. A few surprise revelations.
5. Tear-jerking HONEYmoon scene.

I also have a few doors to close:

a. What is going to happen to Delia? Cami? Their kids?
b. Whose going to run Enfield's drug game now?
c. Will Aisha go to jail for blowing up private property?
d. Whatever happened to Fredrico? Did he really get away with murder?

Let me know if I'm missing something, y'all. In the meantime, I'm going to get some more rest, do some homework, and socialize with a few out-of-town relatives. I'll try to post more later Saturday night. Toodles!

Kim said...

wow, i'm smiling from ear to ear... i'm so happy for them...

i know vengence is God's but Fredrico should not get away with murder.... poor delia.... she's such good mom.... if she gets jail time - will her kids end up in foster care? as for cami.... let the triflin tart rot in jail... oops sorry for my outburst...

aisha should own up abt the lab, the way i see it, she did them all a favour....afterall bonz has so many legitimate businesses, he doesnt need that silly lab....interestingly though won't the cops investigate and find it to be a case or arson?

anyways back to studying *sigh*


Subrina said...

Thank God for salvation..Did Alexis get saved with Racker too?...I know Delia is feeling real bad for killing E-Blade because now their kids have no mother nor father *crying*...Please send some Prison Ministery in her and Cami direction.

Suprina said...

Kim: lol. Trifling tart? I never saw you use such language before. This book really is bringing out the worst in some people (*pointing at you, Kim*). lol Just kidding. lol.

As for the whole arson situation, I'm dealing with that in the next chapter. Hint: Bonz has connections in high places. Remember, Dominic wasn't his only 'special' client. Thus it's within Bonz's power to make this all go away for Aisha. Do you think he will? *smile*

Subrina: Good question about the Alexis thing. I'm going to tweak this chapter just a bit to show that she got saved too. I'm glad you got that. I didn't realize that I didn't make that clear enough.

As for Cami (whom I still can't feel sorry for right now. Maybe I will in her own book), she'll eventually get prison ministry. But she has to WANT the help and frankly, right now she doesn't.

Suprina said...

Kim: Forgot to say best wishes on your exams!

Anonymous said...

It's about time they ALL got saved. Even E-Blade made it in the nick of time. I never would have guessed. Anyway, I know this is going WAY, WAY back, but in chapter 4, you said this:

"With each snip of the scissors Bonz felt lighter and lighter. Who knew a haircut could make him feel so much better. Now if he could only lighten his soul from its torments…and its guilt concerning not one, but two dead addicts."

What's that about? What two addicts?