Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 48.2

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Subrina said...

Dang Suprina!!!!Aisha look like LisaRaye and fight like Laila Ali what a deadly combination...rofl...And can still make her man fall in love with her more and more...I'm just loving this novel *clapping*...Bravdo!!!

Tonia said...

Okay, Cami has offficially lost her mind. Fighting Aisha for no reason, other than Bonz prefers her. I wonder about the self-esteem of a woman that fights over a man that clearly doesn't want her.
Aisha better watch out. I get the feeling Cami isn't done with the damage she is trying to cause.

Suprina said...

Subrina: lol. I'm taking a bow now *bowing* even though this book is not quite over yet. More drama up ahead.

Tonia: Cami has lost her mind. Women like her get on my last nerve! Instead of fighting the man, they fight the woman. Oh, no, can't hurt the man whose causing you all the pain in the first place, fight the woman he desires instead. Stupid!

You're right again, Tonia, about Aisha needing to watch her back. After defeating Cami the way she did, you know that jealous sista is coming back once she has a chance to re-group.

What do y'all think about Alexis and Delia squaring off? I sure hated to do that to those girls. They were so close. Spoiler: I found a way to patch them up by the next book.

CARRIE said...

YES, YES, YES, My girl Aisha true to form. That's right beat the brakes off that snake. Cami got just what she was looking for. fighting Aisha over Bonz, for what? He's done everything but send the goodyear blimp around with a dear John letter written on it. "I do not want you, get gone skank." In the game of life it's always been may the best man win. You can't make no body want you. My bigest concern now is Bonz and Blades relationship. Bonz has finally seen the hatred he has for Aisha oozing from his eyes. Bonz as well as Aisha must be careful. The devil is about to get super busy in this saga. This book is about the blow up I can't wait!!!!!!!! #1 BEST SELLER

Jessie said...

This book just gets better everyday. Being relaxed does make a party fun. You might still make your deadline if this story continues like this. Keep the chapters coming!! :)