Monday, October 01, 2007

Author Note

2 for 1 Special

Starting today (
October 1, 2007), you can get 2 of my e-books for the price of 1. You can mix and match them at will. Just:

  1. Go to the ordering pages of my Main Website.
  2. Click on the designed Buy Now button under the first e-book you want.
  3. Email me ( with you second selection.
  4. Receive your e-book orders within 24-hours.

It’s as simple as that!

Note: This offer excludes all paperbacks and the e-book Someday. This offer also ends October 10, 2007.

To get you started, follow the link below:


Suprina said...

To all: I decided to run this 2 for 1 Special to offset the cost of having the current book (Enticing Mr. Wrong) put in paperback form. This way, once the book is done, I won't have to dip in other funds to bring this vision to pass. It's my way of letting my literary efforts pay for themselves.

For those who can participate in this special (even if you buy an e-book for somebody else), THANKS SO MUCH!

For those who can not for various reasons, I STILL APPRECIATE YOU and know that just having you visit this blog and/or commenting along the way has been a different kind of blessing for me. I treasure both.

Now about this week's posting...

Since I'm on countdown to the deadline here, the posting will go faster once it starts up again.

When will that be? Monday night.

I had more homework than expected and so I'm having to force myself to stay focused on that (with brief pop-ins to check mail and fill orders).

Once this homework is out the way, I'm going to go posting crazy (in a good way. lol). You may have to tell me to slow down. Especially since you're going to need time to process all the D-R-A-M-A that the next series of chapters will hold. And I mean, drama, y'all! lol.

Okay, I think I covered everything. Back to this homework....

kim said...

sometimes i'm not sure what say... thanks for wanting/ trying to keep everyone happy.... i sincerely hope that homeworks gets sorted ASAP.... i can't wait for the DRAMA to begin lol;)

i really wish i was as focused and disciplined as you.... i've got exams coming up end of the month & i'm procrastinating like crazy.... all i really wanna read is this story;)

anyways i hope you get many sales from this special...

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sale. I've been meaning to buy a few of your books so I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity.

Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

Kim, I'm the exact same way. I have tons of homework to do but I can't get focused.

Suprina said...

Kim: Thanks for the boost of encouragement. Sometimes I don't think I'm disciplined at all. Still can't seem to get rid of those 10-15 extra pounds left over from LAST Christmas. lol.

And yes, people are already responding to the special. Let's just pray that sales are steady.

Marlene: THANKS a bunch! If you notice, I didn't put that you could only get 2 for 1 of equal or lesser value. No, you can mix match at will. Buy a $3.50 book, get a $6.50 book free. I felt led to do it that way for some reason this time.

*shrugging* Only God knows.

Okay, back to homework now. I have a 5 page report to write AND a project to type.