Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Author Note (Reader's comments)

Below is a reader’s comments about this story. She had to post them on my other blog due to PC restraints. Excuse any errors. Excitement had the girl typing at superhuman speed. Vongai, I tried to clean up a few minor errors and space you out more for easier reading (Hope that was okay).

Vongai Says: October 2nd, 2007 at 3:45 pm

Hi Suprina!!!!!!
I was away from work for a while and so I have had a lot of catching up to do! First things first, I love the cover of Changing Gene and I especially love the readers review part… did you see me there? Well of course you did!

Now because I came back in the office last week Thursday(27/09) I’ve had some serious catching up to do. and I must say I love Enticing Mr. Wrong but Gene is still my favourite. I‘m also falling in love with Greg! he is so delicious in a crazy way!

Look at it this way, I love a man who is a man, but who knows a good woman when he sees her. He is battling with his chosen career and I like a man who will try to change for his wife-to-be or girl friend. Now why am I sending comments to this blog??? because my old computer(kicking it) won’t let me post a comment to you at your main website.

I’m also sad because I will not get that book because I am Single but don’t worry because I too am waiting for my Boaz (is that Subrina’s one), now that may get confusing- a David of my own (a man after God’s own heart..) so David.

Well Suprina I have read My Lover, My friend, Sheree and Graham’s story, Changing Gene etc and while I’m in love with Gene I say Greg is shaping up in away I love. I love the way you bring in all the emotions, I was about to cry at the cemetery and I’m like hook her up in the club punching Cami because us sisters need to defend ourselves. So you know some people are lurking, I’m one of those. Keep up the good work and I hope you check this site soon because that’s where I’m posting from though I will mail you properly later. Much love, I wish I could post directly so I could talk to Kim, Kassie, Subrina, Marlene etc because I love a bit of suspense and there is nothing like sharpening each other’s detective reasoning…

Vongai Says: October 3rd, 2007 at 2:50 pm

I’m back again that Cami needs to be real! how can you do that to your own flesh and blood? Well I see why you feel no pity for her she is trash! Okay now I’m going to forget about her and just say I love the way you are bringing this story to us. Your characters are very real and I enjoy reading from an inspirational point of view because the characters always have a praying person and that keeps you in line and we all need that in this crazy and tempting world. I love this story because my brother was once into drugs and began acting really crazy selling things etc but he stopped(I hope). This story touches a part of our lives that we would like to hide but cannot. Keep up the good work dear and do not forget to check this blog because I love your work!


Suprina said...

Vongai: I think we all can identify with each other. Whose life hasn't drugs affected? I, for one, am tired of ignoring the situation. That is yet another reason I wrote this book.

Hopefully, hurting families with loved ones on drugs or in the drug game will find comfort within these pages. Or at least understanding of a few things.

bharathi said...

My name is Bharathi and Iam from India. I am not a Christian but believe that all Gods are one and the same. That's why since I read your story Bound By Love, I have been reading all your posts and other free reads. I like the way you bring out inspiration and love for HIM through your characters. THere is always at least one character that keeps praying. I liked the stories My Love My Friend, Changing Gene etc. Gene is a lovely character. I liked it very much. Now Enticing Mr. Wrong is also turning out to be more interesting and I am waiting for both of them to be saved. Keep up the good work.

Suprina said...

Bharathi: Welcome aboard! Though we differ on a theological issue ('all Gods are one and the same'), I believe we have enough in common (a love for inspirational stories for one) to bridge the gap.

Thanks for commenting. I look forward to hearing from you again.

By the way, which is your favorite male character from the books you mentioned? Gene? Bonz? Graham? Andre?

Kim said...

Hey Suprina.... pls tell Vongai that i sure miss her....

Welcome Bharathi, whereabout in India are u from?

That E-blade.... he gets my blood in knots really!!!!

Tonia said...

Greetings, Bharathi! Your name sounds Hindu. Are you name for the famous Tamil poet?

Kim, I'm with you, E-blade makes me soo angry. I wonder if he is going to get knocked off?