Thursday, October 11, 2007

Author Note (commentator list)

These are the people that have commented on Enticing Mr. Wrong via comment board or email (or some other means when they were unable to use the comment board for some reason):

· Bharathi

· Carrie

· Clara

· Jessie

· Kassie

· Kendi

· Kim

· Krista

· Marlene

· Nakara

· Patricia

· Subrina

· Tonia

· Vongai

The highlighted names are those that I have NO EMAIL ADDRESS for. If your name is in yellow, please forward your information to me ( as soon as possible if you still intend to receive a free VRC (valued reader’s copy) for commenting on this story.

To all: I’m going to format the VRC manuscript this weekend. It will remain in blog posting style with all the different chapter sections that you are familiar with. However, the printed book will be formatted a lot differently. So if you do end up buying the paperback later on, just know that the only thing that changed related to cosmetics. The words are still the same.

Also I’ve decided to leave the comments up because they were such a blessing to me and to others. Therefore, on Monday you will still see various chapters listed under the archives, but the only thing that will be in those links are the comments. The contents of the chapters will be deleted.

Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

Okay, Bharathi has responded. Still waiting on Patricia to send along her email. Either way, I will be forwarding (no later than Sunday) VRC's to the faithful commentators that I do have email addresses on.

Also, I've decided to cut the story off at Ch. 26.2. That's when Aisha and Bonz are at his house (in his bedroom) and things are about to get very serious. I figured that was as good a place as any to stop.