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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 9.1

“I can’t believe he actually started a bar tab for me and then insinuated that I wouldn’t dare refuse his gesture. How arrogant can one man be?” Aisha ranted as Jarrett escorted her through the well-lit parking lot towards her car.

She’d just heard about Jarrett’s strange encounter with Bonz. Some women might have felt flattered that a man would go to so much trouble to impress them. Aisha wasn’t one of them. If she felt any pleasure at all it was in knowing that her little plan was working. Other than that she still felt the same anger and bitterness she’d had since learning about Bonz’s involvement with her brother.

Somebody has to take this man down a peg or two…immediately! Aisha thought angrily. Fortunately, I’m just the one to do it, too. She wanted Bonz’s heart to hurt the way hers was hurting right now.

“I guess he can be as arrogant as he wants to be, Aisha,” Jarrett replied. “Or rather as arrogant as society lets him be.”

Aisha nodded in agreement. He had some valid points there. Part of the reason guys like Bonz existed was because a large segment of society condoned them and their professions. Before Dominic died Aisha overlooked the sordid profession herself. She didn’t want to appear critical or judgmental of others. She was trying to be open-minded, the way her mother taught her to be. In fact, she even dated a drug dealer before.

Now Aisha saw that the drug game and those in it couldn’t be ignored. Not after it had hit so close to home. Now she saw the need to do something about it. And she would, by having her revenge on Bonz and by financially supporting local anti-drug campaigns.

“I only told you what Bonz did, because as a classy lady you deserve better than scum like him,” Jarrett went on to say, interrupting Aisha’s thoughts. He paused for a few seconds before adding, “And because since this is my last night working at the club, this might be my last chance to warn you about him.”

“Your last night?” Aisha looked at him in concern. “You quit your job tonight? Why?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t stand working for a guy like Bonz one day longer. I also wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I’d left tonight without giving you this warning. There are very few good guys in places like this, Aisha. Remember that the next time you go out looking for fun.”

“I will, Jarrett,” Aisha said, filing the information about Bonz owning the club away in her mental cabinet. “In all honesty, I think you were the only good guy in the whole place tonight.” As she talked, she reached up and unhooked the brooch that held her purse strap in place.

Jarrett chuckled. “I don’t know. There might have been at least one more,” he said with playful modesty.

“I doubt it.” Aisha laughed. “Either way, I won’t be returning to The Urban Revue after tonight anyway. I’ve seen all I need to see here.” She left out the fact that she’d been seen by the person she came to entice.

There was no doubt in Aisha’s mind that Bonz’s interest was thoroughly piqued tonight. Thus there was no need for her to return here ever again. Next time, Aisha would visit one of his other hangout spots, which would be when she returned from her upcoming trip back to London.

Jarrett sighed in relief. “I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that.” It was strange how he went from being attracted to Aisha like a potential lover to being overprotective of her like a brother. All in a matter of hours.

The switchover occurred while they were dancing. In Jarrett’s arms Aisha had felt more like a sister than anything else. Now he couldn’t treat her like anything but a sister.

Aisha chuckled. “You sound glad. My car is the next red one on the right.” She reached into her purse for her keys and one of her new gold-trimmed business cards. Her gun had been left in the car on account of the metal detectors in the club.

“That’s your Jaguar? Nice,” Jarrett said, admiring her ride. Neither of them was aware that there was a menacing foe in the tinted window jeep two cars away from them.

“It was my gift to myself for landing a big modeling contract. With attached options and everything,” Aisha replied, pressing a button on her key ring to unlock the door from here.

According to her lawyer, the contract Aisha spoke of tonight would have to be honored if she wanted to avoid being sued. Although she was financially stable due to a sizable inheritance she received several years ago from an ex-boyfriend and through some wise business dealings, Aisha still could not afford a lawsuit. Especially after paying off that loan for the salon. Therefore Aisha would simply have to work her modeling and acting obligations into her plan of revenge. She was a smart girl. She would make it work.

“I knew you had to be a model or something like that,” Jarrett said, stopping at her car. “You’re too pretty to be anything else.”

Aisha laughed again. “Too pretty to have a business degree from Hakima University?” She opened the driver’s side door.

“No! For real?” Jarrett’s eyes were wide under the parking lot lights. Everyone knew that Hakima U was a top-notch school.

“For real.” Aisha nodded with mirth dancing in her eyes.

“Beauty and brains. Quite a catch.” Too bad Jarrett only saw her platonically now. Otherwise he might have had to rethink his position of no-serious-relationships-while-I’m-in-medical-school. The fact that he’d just started medical school pushed the likelihood of a serious relationship even further in the future.

Jarrett had three more years to go before receiving his DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) degree. Then another one to three years in a residency program depending on his specialization. Thus the business of love would just have to wait.

“You’re quite a catch yourself, Jarrett,” Aisha told him. “You’re going to make some young lady very happy.” She gave him a warm hug. “Keep in touch,” she added, handing him one of her business cards a few seconds later.

“I will.” Jarrett smiled, closing the door for Aisha after she safely entered her car.

That smile would have lasted longer, but as soon as Aisha drove out of the parking lot, Jarrett saw a very angry Bonz stalking his way. Uh-oh, what now? he mused, dreading this particular confrontation.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

Things are going great so far Suprina. Maybe Jared will be like another brother. (Not to replace Dominic, of course)The fact that she had a happy and content moment when she was dancing with Jared on the dance floor was a good sign.

Suprina said...

Marlene: Jarrett will be that brother figure Aisha needs. I had to give her somebody to help soothe her mind, especially since Berry kinda eggs her on with his gossiping self. :>