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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 8

Aisha felt Bonz’s hot gaze upon her again as soon as she returned to the dance floor after a brief trip to the ladies room. Over a course of four songs, she’d seen his face flood with lust when she was dancing by herself. She’d seen it fill with rage when she chose to dance with a partner.

It made Aisha feel powerful to know that she could affect Bonz so intensely. To see him practically ignore his current date because he couldn’t stop looking at her made her feel victorious already. In a way, it kind of turned her on.

Bonz, you have no idea all that I have in store for you, Aisha thought, feeling her heart grow colder with revenge, while her body grew hotter with desire. It was a strange mixture and she did her best to suppress the latter.

Just then, Jarrett walked up to her on the dance floor. “Hey, you.” He had to shout on account of the loud music.

“Hey yourself,” Aisha shouted back, grateful for the distraction. She gave him a friendly smile. She really liked Jarrett in a little brother kind of way. “What are you doing away from the bar?” Aisha asked.

“Huh?” Jarrett replied, straining to hear the whole sentence.

Aisha chuckled at the way he held his hand up to his ear, as if he was an old man who’d lost his hearing. Not interested in straining her voice during casual conversation, she stopped dancing completely and led Jarrett down the frontal stairs to the level below where there were less people and less noise.

“I said, what are you doing away from the bar?” Aisha reiterated, talking only slightly louder than her normal voice tone.

“I’m off,” Jarrett replied.

“Has it been an hour already?” Surprisingly, Aisha wasn’t tired at all. The only thing that had gotten tired was her purse strap. It had slid from her shoulder so much that she’d gone to the ladies room to take care of the problem once and for all. Now the purse was pinned fashionably across one shoulder with a brooch she’d had on hand.

“It sure has. I’m clocked out and everything.” Jarrett chuckled. “I thought I might get in one dance with you before I go home and hit the books. May I?” He extended his hand gentlemanly towards her just as a slow song began. The colorful lights flashing beneath the plasma dance floor slowed down, as well.

“Of course, I love this Alicia Keys song anyway.” Aisha willingly took his hand and allowed herself to be led back up the stairs.

They soon found a place on the westernmost part of the dance floor, almost directly across from the VIP section. But Aisha wasn’t trying to get Bonz’s attention now. Now she was simply trying to have a nice dance with a new friend.

Then for the next few minutes Aisha forgot all about her grief, her bitterness, and even Bonz as she swayed to If I Ain’t Got You. When another slow song followed shortly thereafter, Aisha kept her arms draped about Jarrett’s neck and just relaxed in the arms of a true gentleman. Her chestnut eyes soon closed in order to fully enjoy the moment.

* * *

Across the room, Bonz abruptly stood to his feet. He’d been able to keep a certain level of control over his emotions up until now. He even kept himself in check when Aisha first entered Jarrett’s arms. But when she actually closed those beautiful eyes of hers in contented bliss, jealous rage nearly choked Bonz.

“I’ll be back. I need to get something from the car,” Bonz said to explain his strange, abrupt behavior. Too bad he didn’t fully understand it himself.

Why was he so taken with this particular woman? Didn’t he already have a beautiful woman at his side? A woman that was more than willing to do anything for him, receive anything from him. In fact, Co-co hadn’t complained one bit about Bonz’s lack of attentiveness tonight. For that she would be greatly rewarded in more ways than one, but particularly financially.

“You want me to come with?” Racker asked Bonz. He was always ready to have his partner’s back, despite the fact that he’d been drinking heavily and engaging in an equally heavy make-out session with his date.

E-Blade had been doing the same with his date. Only Bonz had remained clear-eyed. Only Bonz had neglected his date for the evening.

“Nah. I got it.” Then Bonz turned respectfully to his date. “Co-co, order anything else you want from the bar. I shouldn’t be gone too long.”

“A’ight, baby,” Co-co slurred out with a lop-sided smile. She’d already had too much to drink as it was.

Seeing how plowed his date was caused Bonz to instantly think about Aisha again. Beautiful, dimple-faced, one-drink-minimum Aisha. You wouldn’t see her leaning to the side, slurring out her words in some public place.

Then before he lost the last bit of control he had left, Bonz quickly took his leave. He wasn’t in the mood for socializing anymore. He was in the mood for breaking some bones – Jarrett’s bones. And for no other reason than the fact that the man was dancing with a woman that Bonz desired.

Bonz stayed out in the car for several minutes, smoking cigarette after cigarette, the only habit he allowed in his life. He wasn’t a heavy drinker and drugs were an absolute no-no. But when he was feeling particularly stressed, he found himself reaching out for nicotine.

Ten minutes had gone by and Bonz was just starting to calm down when he saw Jarrett leaving the club. Unfortunately, the bartender wasn’t alone. Aisha was with him.

Suddenly Bonz made the craziest, strangest, and most impulsive decision he’d ever made in his life. If she gets in his car, College Boy Floyd is a dead man, he thought, allowing jealous rage to lead him astray as he felt under the driver’s seat for his piece.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...
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Suprina said...

To all: Though I know a lot of you appreciate how often I'm posting these days, especially those super-fast readers among you(i.e. SUBRINA. lol), let me explain why.

1. I'm on school break for the next 2 weeks and so can catch up on my writing.
2. I have an October 10th deadline for this book.

As many of your know, Enticing Mr. Wrong is dedicated to my deceased first cousin. Since Dontavious died on that day, I'm trying to have this book in print by that date so that I can present a copy to his mother and sister (my aunt and female 1st-cousin).

Your part in this, dear readers, is to keep the comments coming. Let me know if the story is dragging in certain places, needs tweaking in other places, got too many spelling and grammar errors, etc... This way, I can present the gift with quality.

In exchange for your kind service to me, you get to read this whole story for FREE. Also all commentators automatically get a FREE e-book copy of the book once it's done. Does that sound fair? I hope so.

Other notable things about this books, which I haven't mentioned before:

1. I plan to use half of the proceeds of Enticing Mr. Wrong (paperback and e-book)to start a family prison ministry.
2. Some of those funds will also go to legit anti-drug programs in my local area.

In this way, I can help address some of the troubles in my own bloodline as well as others. Perhaps then other families won't have to go through what mine did 2 years ago.

Be blessed, y'all.


Kim said...

hey Suprina.... i'm starting to enjoy this story.... i like the suspense.... its quite intense too... anyways i now have internet access at home, so should i not get a chance to check ur site during the day at work, i'll be doing so from home... crappy thing is i also have finals coming up end of october... so pls try and post as much as u can before 10th oct..... ciao


p.s its wonderful that you'd be assisting with prison ministry, for a while now God has been leading me to work in prisons here in SA.... but hey... that'S another long STORY!

Suprina said...

Kim: I'm trying to post it ALL before Oct 10th. So it's a good thing you have internet at home now. That way you can keep up better.

I know how it is trying to sneak a chapter or two in at work. You almost hate when the phone rings. Especially if the story is really getting good. lol.

PS. Maybe you can tell me that prison ministry story sometime (send it to my email). I'd like to hear it.

Kim said...

Yeah, work has become so busy and my work duties have changed so much, that i no longer have that much free time to check my favourite sites.... anyways will mail sometime in the week...

Aisha is so brave to go out on her own... i wonder what will happen to Jarret?!

Suprina said...

Kim: Aisha (pronounced I-ee-sha) is a strong, extremely independent black woman. She is convinced she don't need anyone or anything but herself. In fact, she kinda likes being alone.

As for what will happen to Jarrett, stay tuned...

*giggling because I know what's coming up next*