Friday, September 07, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 5.1

Having just endured a long flight to London, Aisha didn’t even bother to unpack once she made it up to her hotel suite. Instead she headed right for the bathtub, in great need of a long soak to drain all of her stress away. Or at least some of it.

After her bath, Aisha ordered a light meal from room service and climbed into bed. Flipping through the channels, she came across a Pam Grier marathon.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Aisha said, clapping her hands excitedly after putting the remote down on the glass nightstand to her right.

Though some people deemed Pam’s earlier films as blaxploitation, Aisha deliberately overlooked all the offensive stuff. She just enjoyed seeing a black woman fighting against life’s injustices the only way she knew how. Especially after getting no or very little help from the police.

Aisha could identify with these 70’s films now more than ever before. Especially Foxy Brown and Coffy. Like Pam Grier’s characters in those two movies, Aisha wanted to make those responsible for hurting her loved ones pay. Dearly.

And I finally know how to do it, too, Aisha mused, stirred to action by what she saw on the screen.

Would Aisha pose as a prostitute like Pam Grier did in both Foxy Brown and Coffy? No, but she would use her body to get close to her target. After all, men were so predictable in that regard.

Would Aisha go on a killing spree once she got close to Bonz? Not unless she had to. Even then she’d be careful to make it look like self-defense.

Actually, Aisha’s primary goal was to just make Bonz wish that he was dead. How? By pretending to give the man what he wanted. What all men wanted – their ideal of the perfect woman.

Then I’ll snatch it away from him at his weakest moment, Aisha mused with malice and bitterness saturating her soul.

Growing up, Evander often told Aisha that she’d be a heartbreaker. That she would leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake because of her beauty and talent. Right now Aisha wanted to be a heartbreaker. She particularly wanted to break the one in Bonz’s chest into a thousand pieces.

A million pieces, Aisha amended mercilessly.

* * *

In Enfield, Bonz was watching the same Pam Grier marathon. Except it was on in the afternoon where he lived because of the time difference.

Man, that Pam Grier was sexier than a mug, Bonz mused, lusting after the Foxy Brown character. The fact that she was out for the coldest of revenges against her enemies only made her more attractive in his eyes.

I wouldn’t mind having a woman like that, Bonz thought. He admired any woman that was gutter (i.e. hardcore, rough) enough to survive on the streets, yet classy enough to fit into high society if she wanted to.

Bonz had no idea that he was about to get his wish in the worst way.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

things are certainly getting more interesting:)

Subrina Alls said...

OMG...This is gettting good...Can't wait to read

Suprina said...

Anon & Subrina: lol. Yes, things are about to get even better, even more interesting.

Thanks for the enthusiasm. Y'all got me all excited now. This book is starting to take on a life (or rather new life) of its own.