Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 20.2

Later that evening, a black vehicle pulled up to the curb of a busy street corner on the south side of Enfield. The dark tinted window on the driver’s side slowly rolled down. A Black-Hispanic man’s face soon appeared. It was E-Blade.

“Let me holla at you for a sec, Millsap,” E-Blade said to the tallest man on the corner.

“What’s up, E-Blade?” Millsap asked upon approaching the vehicle. He looked nervous. He had every reason to be, considering how hot-headed E-Blade usually was.

“Nothing much.” E-Blade casually sucked on the toothpick hanging out of the left side of his mouth. “Listen, I need you to do that lil’ ol' favor for me again this month. This time, step on it real good, a’ight?”

“A’ight,” Millsap replied in a discreet tone. He knew exactly what favor E-Blade was referring to.

The infamous ghetto general wanted Millsap, one of his trusted captains, to ‘step on the package’ that had just been distributed to the street force days ago. This meant stretching the quantity of their cocaine supply in order to increase sales, despite the fact that doing so would reduce the quality of the product.

Millsap moved closer to the car. His voice got even lower. “But what if Bonz start asking questions again?” he asked, referring to their other, more favored general. “And you know them powder-heads don’t mind snitching when the product is weak.”

E-Blade cursed in Spanish, revealing his bilingual roots, before speaking English again. “In the first place, Bonz is my partner, not my boss.” His voice lowered and became more menacing. “In the second, you better recognize who yo’ boss is. Ya feel me?”

“I feel ya,” Millsap replied. Then he promptly stepped away from the car, lest E-Blade saw the need to start shooting randomly again to get his point across.

Fortunately, instead of sending bullets flying, E-Blade gunned his car engine and sped away with screeching wheels.

* * *

On the east side of town, Fredrico awakened with a start from deep slumber. He’d had that same nightmare again. The one about Dominic reaching out from the grave to pull him down, too.

Each time Fredrico would claw and fight to stay above ground, to stay alive period. Each time Dominic would say, “Fight all you want, Freddy. Eventually you’re going to get what you deserve for what you did to me.”

Oh, I’m going to get what I deserve all right. On earth, ‘not’ in some rotting grave, Fredrico mused, once again wondering where Dominic stashed the formula to his secret hair grower. He’d searched the shop high and low to no avail.

Then leaving his wife in bed, the nauseated man made his way to the bathroom to throw up as he often did in times of high stress.

I’m making a doctor’s appointment first thing tomorrow morning, Fredrico thought as he knelt beside the toilet seconds later. He knew his body well enough to know that a new ulcer had been formed. Too bad he was a virtual stranger to his conscience.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Okay, we're at the halfway point now. More suspects have been exposed. Aisha and Bonz are now dating. Certain tensions are about to raise. New drama is about to unfold. Hot passion on the horizon.

Who do y'all think the killer is? Has anyone considered that there might be more than one killer?

What do y'all think the motive was for killing Dominic? And believe me, he was killed. The man did not OD.

Other things to discuss:
1. School starts back up for me tomorrow.
2. Thankfully each class usually starts off slow, so I can probably still maintain my current editing and posting pace.
3. However, I won't be posting until after 11pm my time. That's going to be great for my international readers because they get to read it first thing in the morning when they get to work. My U.S. folks might have to stay up late or else catch it later the next day.
4. There are only a few new chapters I have to write and all the book will need from that point on is just editing. By the way, that's what has been taking me so long to post this last weekend - so many new chapters. Plus, I moved so much stuff around in the manuscript that I then had to go back and get the timeline right.
5. Right now we're in late June in A & B's life, (in case you were wondering). I'll try to do better with stating exactly which month the story is from this point on.

Okay, I think that's everything for now. Looking forward to your comments.


Kim said...

Hey Suprina.... things definitely just got MORE interesting.....i'm thinking E-blade might have killed Dominic.... though i'm not sure how Fredrico forms part of it? right now i dont think i wanna know either....lol

Thanks for being so thoughtful regarding your posting:)

God Bless You!!!


Suprina said...

Kim: You're welcome about that posting thing. As my critique partners of sorts, I like to keep you all informed of what's going on with me. As a person who just went through a situation where one of my favorite authors suddenly got MIA (due to unexpected personal issues), I'm more conscious of how any elongated absences might affect my readers.


Don't worry about me telling who the killer (s) is right now. I don't want to spoil the surprise, even though some of y'all are so close to guessing the truth that it ain't even funny.

Stay tuned...more posting to come.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So E-Blade is only some shady type stuff? Is he watering down the products in order to keep the profits or what? And is that some serious jealously I sense where Bonz is concerned? Either way, I'm not worried about him or Fredrico. Karma's on it's way. Great post Suprina.


Suprina said...

Marlene: You guessed it right about E-Blade. Since he gets the largest percentage from the street profits (after their re-up money is taken out of course), he steps on the product in order to increase his profits from time to time. Bonz doesn't like that because it makes their product weaker and also leaves room for the competition (those with stronger product) to steal their customers.

While researching this topic(and also after receiving Godly insight), I realized that the drug business actually functions the way regular businesses do. In fact, they use the same principles of supply and demand, re-up=their breakeven point, and the list goes on and on. It's shady, but interesting nevertheless.


PS. Yes, E-Blade is a jealous soul. And more bitter than Aisha could ever be.