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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 19.2

Aisha heard E-Blade’s offensive comment loud and clear before she entered the dining room. She intended to use her anger about it as fuel to humble Bonz in front of his friends while making him think she was protecting his reputation.

“Good morning, fellas,” Aisha said, greeting E-Blade and Racker in a cheerful tone as she approached the oval-shaped table. Turning to Bonz, she added in a much sexier voice, “Morning, baby.” When she was close enough to him, she planted a brief, yet warm kiss on his lips.

“Morning,” Bonz replied, looking just as shocked as his friends.

Aisha almost laughed out loud at their expressions, yet she held her composure. Instead she continued to talk as if there was no awkwardness in the room whatsoever. “That breakfast looks good. Did you bring enough for me, too?”

“Uh…yours is in the microwave, baby,” Bonz said, recovering quickly from his shock. Yet his eyes remained curious, wondering what Aisha would do or say next.

“Thanks. You fellas continue as you were. Don’t mind me none,” Aisha said casually, moving toward the black microwave on the countertop.

Soon the men began to talk among themselves again, but not about the same topic since a female was now in the room. Bonz kept a close watch on Aisha the whole time, as if he was still waiting for the bomb to drop.

Instead of dropping a bomb, Aisha dropped a chorus full of notes from a popular Ciara song:

“They say he do a little of this

He do a little of that

He’s always in drama, and I heard

He ain’t nothing but a pimp

He got a lot of chicks

He’s always in the club

And they say, he think he’s slick

He got a lot of chips

He’s so messed up, I heard

He’s been locked up

Find somebody else

He ain’t nothing but a thug

So what.”

Aisha snapped her fingers and rhythmically swayed her hips the whole time she sang while waiting for her food to reheat. By her fourth ‘so what’, Bonz was pulsating with need. E-Blade and Racker were grinning from ear to ear, yet for two different reasons. All conversation had long ceased.

When the microwave beeped the end of the reheating process, Aisha’s performance also came to an end. In those few short minutes, she had declared to Bonz and his friends that she didn’t care what he did for a living or what his background was. She also insinuated that her overnight stay had been satisfactory, thereby saving Bonz’s playa reputation. Those moves Aisha did were courtesy of the dance and fitness studio she visited twice a week in order to keep her body in tip-top shape and stay current with the latest dances.

“What’s wrong?” Aisha asked innocently when she turned around to find them all staring at her.

“Nothing,” E-Blade replied, speaking for the rest of them. “We were just noticing how happy you were this morning. You must’ve had a good night sleep.”

Aisha chuckled, quite aware that he was fishing for details. What she wasn’t aware of was why. She didn’t know that, unlike Racker, E-Blade wasn’t happy that Bonz had finally found someone special. No, he wanted them to have slept together so that Bonz would quickly tire of Aisha like all the others. This way, she would be out of all of their lives very soon.

“I had the best sleep ever thanks to Greg,” Aisha told E-Blade. “He really knows how to make a woman feel special.” She looked at Bonz and added, “By the way, thanks for the new gear. I love everything you selected.”

“You’re welcome,” Bonz replied, perusing her frame from head to toe as she walked back towards the table. He looked like he wanted to attack her right there in front of his friends.

Realizing that she couldn’t push Bonz too far with the seduction, lest he pop before the time, Aisha smoothly got the attention off her and onto a less stimulating topic. “Greg, that’s a lot of pancakes you got on that plate. You sure you’re going to be able to eat all that? I could help you out since you obviously think all models eat like birds,” she said, comparing her breakfast with his.

Aisha’s breakfast consisted of a light omelet, a small serving of hash browns, three thin slices of turkey bacon, and a hot raisin granola mix. Whereas Bonz and his friends had pancakes, steaks, eggs, sausages and other cuts of a pig.

“My bad.” Bonz blinked rapidly as if trying to regain his focus. “You can have anything I got, baby,” he said, clearly smitten with her. When Aisha brought her white container of food over to him, he promptly put two of his pancakes inside and a few sausage links.

E-Blade looked like he wanted to reach across the table and slap some sense into his friend’s head. Instead he sent a hard gaze towards the source of Bonz’s folly.

Feeling his piercing eyes upon her, Aisha understood why they called him E-Blade. The Black-Hispanic man could slice a person with one look. Even still she remained calm. She’d seen rougher guys than him when she was Parker’s girl.

“Got something on your mind, E-Blade?” Aisha asked, deliberately pressing his buttons as she sat in the empty chair to Bonz’s left. This seat put her directly across from E-Blade with Racker to her left.

“Yeah, I do have something on my mind,” E-Blade replied, giving Aisha a smile that looked more like a sneer. “Is that your real hair or one of those fancy weaves that you can shower in?” he asked, referring to her damp tresses.

Aisha burst out laughing. She honestly expected E-Blade to come with a better put-down than that. To insinuate that her hair was just as fake as he suspected she was, was truly unoriginal in her opinion.

“Though I do use a perm to control the texture, the length is all me,” Aisha finally replied, undoing her ponytail. As she spoke, she threaded her fingers through her shiny locks from scalp to end.

“I never would have known,” Bonz said, having recovered all of his composure. He was even eating again.

Aisha turned to smile warmly at him. “You might have, if your hands hadn’t been so busy trying to touch everything else,” she teased, reminding him of the rooftop incident.

Bonz burst out laughing, causing his friends to look at him in wonder. They truly had never seen him happier. “From experience I learned that most black women don’t want you touching their hair at any time. And they seem to hate getting it wet.”

“Well, I guess I’m not like most black women then, because I wash my hair every day and I love feeling a man’s hands in it.” She leaned her head towards him. “Matter of fact, how about you give it a good feel now to make up for what you didn’t do last night.”

Bonz put down his fork, leaned in, and used both hands to feel her damp tresses from root to end. “Feels good, baby girl. No tracts to be found anywhere,” he confirmed, a bit on the husky side as he finished his inspection.

Aisha turned to smile up into his face. “Wait,” she said, putting her hand on his arm before he sat upright again. “You have a little bit of syrup right under your bottom lip. Let me get it for you.”

“Go right ahead.” Bonz leaned closer to her.

Instead of Aisha using a napkin to remove the syrup, she leaned all the way in and removed it with her tongue.

Her tongue!

Bonz instantly moaned. He gripped the edge of the table, as if to steady himself.

Growing even bolder, Aisha moved upwards to his bottom lip, slowly licking the span of it in one smooth stroke. Bonz groaned this time. Soon they were engaged in a full-fledged kiss.

Bonz and Aisha deep kissed for several long moments as E-Blade and Racker watched from the sidelines. One scowled. The other grinned. There was no question about which man did what.

When the long kiss finally ended, Aisha turned around to find Racker still grinning and with a thick glob of syrup that he deliberately stuck on his chin.

“I think I got a little syrup that needs removing, too,” Racker said with feign innocence, pointing to the thick glob on his face.

Aisha guffawed, causing Bonz to laugh, too. Even E-Blade started laughing.

“Get your own woman to lick your face.” Bonz grinned, throwing a handful of napkins Racker’s way. “Aisha’s tongue belongs to me.”

Aisha’s laughter instantly downgraded to a husky chuckle as Bonz officially staked his claim on her. Excitement coursed through her veins and not necessarily for revenge purposes, either.

Across from her E-Blade returned to his former scowl. It was obvious that Aisha was in their lives to stay whether he liked it or not.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Lyric credits to Ciara’s song can be found at the link below:


Suprina said...

To all: Going to get some rest now, do some laundry, and fix some hair later (for a neighbor). I'll be back on much later tonight if I'm not too tired. Hopefully this long and funny (at least to me) chapter will hold you until then.

Looking forward to your comments.

Anonymous said...

Great job Suprina. The story's really coming along nicely. Get all the rest you need.

P.S. That story was the bomb. I'm kinda sad I finished it in one day though. I guess I'll have to buy another one.

Suprina said...

Marlene: In one day?! Okay, I'm trying to figure out if I need to make my stories longer or they are just that good? Maybe y'all are just fast readers.

*shrugging* Who knows? I'm just glad you liked it.

Subrina said...

If I hadn't read the previous chapter I would have thought Aisha and Greg had sex last night...Well written Suprina *clapping*

Subrina said...

One more comment...I pray E-Blade don't be the one to find out about Aisha's revenge because he may kill her or at least try to and Greg probably will have to turn on his friend to protect the woman he loves.

Kim said...

I liked this chapter... way to go Aisha!!!

Suprina said...

Subrina #1: That's what I was aiming for. I wanted the boys to think that something had gone on. And though we know that something did go on last night (remember the rooftop), it's not what THEY think. lol. That was Aisha's way of protecting Bonz's rep, coming one step closer to winning his heart, and also revealing her rising power over him. Thanks for the compliment. I try, girl.

Subrina #2: All I can say is E-Blade is on the lookout for something. Remember game recognizes game, so he knows she's up to something. Just like he's up to something (brief spoiler).

Kim: I'm cheering Aisha on, too. I laughed when I typed her singing that Ciara song. In my mind all I could see were those men wide-eyed and open-mouthed as she surprised them yet again. Aisha's quite the performer, huh? Even though she's using her talent for bad.

By the way, y'all, I forgot to answer Marlene's (or Tonia's) earlier question about whether or not Bonz can sing. No! lol. The brotha can write poetry like no other, but he can't rap or sing.

Stay tuned....