Monday, September 17, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 18.1

Bonz awakened early the next morning and went to the clothing store he owned. There he commenced to picking out a new outfit, or rather outfits, for Aisha. Although this was not Bonz’s first time buying clothes for a woman, it was his first time buying anything for Aisha. For some reason this shopping trip seemed more special.

What did Bonz pick out for Aisha today?

Jeans, for starters, which was something that he’d never seen her in before. Bonz selected three pair in three different styles for her to choose from. He also selected three tops and three pairs of shoes to match. Everything was in colors that he knew Aisha would like based on the things he’d seen her in already.

Bonz’s fingers tingled when he included three full sets of lingerie in that purchase. Though he was pretty sure he wouldn’t actually get to see Aisha in the lingerie just yet, he consoled himself with the one-day factor. One day he’d get to see all of Aisha. That much she’d made clear last night. It was just a matter of getting to know each other better first.

Picking up breakfast for two on his way back to the house, Bonz completely forgot about the Sunday ritual him and his boys had. Every Sunday, the three men would get together for breakfast and conversation at his home. Bonz would have taken the woman he’d slept with home by then. E-Blade and Racker would have left the hotel rooms where they’d been with their side chicks. Then the trio would eat breakfast and discuss their sexual escapades from the night before…in great detail. Afterwards, E-Blade and Racker would shower at Bonz’s house, change and then go home to their families.

So focused on Aisha, Bonz didn’t remember this ritual until after placing his packages outside the closed guestroom door. It was the ringing doorbell that reminded him.

Bonz instantly winced in realization. I need to find out how to get rid of them quick, he thought, looking anxiously back at the guestroom door before descending the stairs again.

It wasn’t that Bonz didn’t want his friends to know that a woman had slept over last night, even though that rarely happened. It was the fact that he didn’t want to embarrass Aisha. Her feelings mattered to him. A lot.

Plus, Bonz didn’t want Aisha thinking he would reveal the details of their sexual encounters. He and his friends never exchanged details about their main squeezes. Like E-Blade and Racker, Bonz knew that telling another man too much about the special woman in his life could cause the wrong kind of interest to be piqued. The kind of interest that could land a man in the grave. Or at least in the hospital.

Main squeeze, Bonz mused, deliberating about placing Aisha in his life on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, he failed to place her in the prominent position that she most deserved – only squeeze.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

I see Bonz still has a few issues he needs to work on. He still has that mindset that it's alright to have a main squeeze with other "squeezes" on the side. I'll give him a few more chapters to get it right before I start man-bashing him. LOL!!!

Suprina said...

Marlene: That's all the brother knows right now. That's all he's been around. Yeah, let's hold off on the man-bashing for awhile. Let's give Bonz a chance to step up a bit, find a new way to think and act.