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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 16.1

“You heard right, Greg. I said no!” Aisha retorted, meeting his gaze with glistening eyes. One couldn’t tell if she was crying or if those were raindrops trickling down her cheeks.

“No, I’m not going to your house,” Aisha continued in an emotional rush that left him no room to speak. “And no, I’m not sleeping with you tonight, despite what just happened. Despite how attracted I am to you.” As she went on, she wiped her face free of excess liquid, but not ire. “Maybe some of your other women are willing to sleep with a man they’ve only known for a week, but not me. I have more respect for myself than that. I thought you had more respect for me, too, but I guess not. And since you obviously can’t give me the respect that I deserve, I see no reason to waste anymore time on or with you!”

Bonz’s eyes grew stormy. How dare she consider getting to know him a waste of time! How dare she even talk to him like this! Did she not know who he was?

He was Bonz - street entrepreneur, bone-breaker, and all around playa! A man that had enough money in just one of his bank accounts to buy a small island. Bonz’s chest swelled in size just thinking about his ‘impressive’ attributes. He knew he was a catch. One of the best catches in this town!

As a result of his own ire, Bonz didn’t bother to stop Aisha when she turned around and stalked off after her tirade, leaving him standing in the rain alone.

I don’t need her. I got women waiting in line to holla at me! he thought angrily, adding more strokes to his ego. Somebody had to, because it was hurting really bad right now.

Unwilling to exit the rooftop right behind Aisha, lest she think he was stupid enough or weak enough to follow her, Bonz decided to go over to the white garden canopy instead. He’d wait there until the rain ceased. Or at least until Aisha drove away.

As Bonz rose from the bench, his eyes lit upon the leather portfolio she’d left behind in her haste. Raindrops pooled on the shiny surface. None got inside to ruin the photos due to the tight zipper and also the waterproof sheet protectors within.

Thanks for the souvenir, baby, Bonz mused with a smirk as he grabbed the portfolio and headed for shelter.

* * *

Aisha cried and raged to herself all the way home. Oh, how she hated Bonz! She hated what he’d done to her brother. She hated what he’d done to her.

What had Bonz done to Aisha?

He made her want him like she’d never wanted any other man in her life. He made her feel things deeper than she’d ever felt in her life. Finally, Bonz made Aisha forget all about her pain and sorrows in his arms, in his wonderful kisses.

Aisha’s father had had that kind of effect on her mother. She’d longed for that same trait in a man of her own. But who does it show up in? Bonz! The man even called her ‘baby girl’ like her father used to.

“That’s just unfair!” Aisha raged, turning angry eyes towards heaven as she now sat parked in front of her apartment building.

The rain had stopped. The clouds were now gone. Stars twinkled in the night sky. Aisha couldn’t appreciate any of that glory. She was too angry. Too bitter.

How could You do this to me, God? Wasn’t taking Dominic enough?! I thought You were supposed to be loving. I thought You were supposed to help people, Aisha mused, feeling forsaken and unloved.

If she’d only been aware of the fact that those feelings were not new under the sun. That many people had felt the same way as she did right now. In fact, King David expressed similar anguish in the beginning of Psalm 22. Yet by the end of that Psalm, he’d found precious solace for his soul.

Aisha needed that same kind of solace right now. Yet unlike David, she was too stubborn and bitter to go to God for it.

Emotionally exhausted, a disheartened Aisha got out of her vehicle, went upstairs to her apartment, showered and went straight to bed. The last thought on her mind was also of anger as she realized that she’d left her portfolio behind tonight. That it was very likely that Bonz now had it, which meant Aisha would have to see him again eventually whether she wanted to or not.

* * *

In Macon, Laquetta suddenly shot upright in her bed. A sense of urgency was in her heart as sleep flew like scales from her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Felix asked, stirring instantly awake at her abrupt movement. “Is it the baby?”

“No.” Laquetta shook her head. “It’s Aisha. We need to pray for her. Now!” she said, springing up from the bed.

Felix’s eyes widened in shock at her aggressiveness. It seems that the more Laquetta’s belly grew, the bolder she became. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that just yet.

“I said now, Felix!” Laquetta reiterated, tugging on his leg as she knelt beside the bed on her knees.

“I’m coming,” Felix replied, moving to join her on the brown carpeted floor.

Then with Laquetta taking the lead, they touched and agreed for God to reveal His love to Aisha in an undeniable way. They also prayed for Him to protect her from all danger and remove every trace of bitterness from her heart.

When the Amen was finally put at the end of that prayer, it was done so in faith. Then and only then was Laquetta able to go back to sleep. Felix, however, stayed up for awhile afterwards. He had a bit more talking to do with God about all these new changes in his wife.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: I’m going to post the chapter (Ch. 17) that God used Marlene to confirm later today (after a bit more tweaking).

Hopefully Chapters 16.1 & 16.2 will hold you until then. These two chapters were necessary in order to get Aisha off that roof in one piece and to set up the scene for when Bonz finally asks her what she wants from him (which is what Marlene and my notes agreed had to take plan) since the man definitely needs some clarity.

I hope everything understood all that. lol. If not, just read the chapters. I'm sure you'll get it then.

Okay, I need to go post 16.2 now. Talk to y'all later.

Marlene: Thanks again, girl. Don't forget to email me with your free E-book choice. You deserve that reward for your timely input.


Subrina said...

Aisha don't know which end is up at the moment...She needs to find JESUS quickly.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Isn't it interesting that the main people that need Jesus the most won't even reach out to him? Even when He's clearly reaching out to them?

Kim said...

yeah that's so true....

Anonymous said...

I know what it's like to be away from God. It's confusing and sooo very lonely. I also love the new change in Laquetta. I hope Felix does too.

P.S. I was so excited that you even considered my ideas!!!

Peace and Love Y'all.

Suprina said...

Marlene: Why wouldn't I consider you ideas? They were/are the bomb, girl! And so very, very close to what I had in mind all the time. I just needed that extra confirmation to proceed in that direction.

As for Laquetta, I'm enjoying turning her around. If Felix is the man we all think he is, then he will make the adjustment. Shoot, the brother might even grow to like it since a certain level of female aggression does come with a few perks. lol.