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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 15.4

After dinner, which Aisha insisted upon paying for, they ascended to the top of the restaurant via a flight of exterior stairs. Aisha wanted to show Bonz the beautiful rooftop garden that was up there. It was a great place to think, talk, or just look quietly out over the city. It was also secluded enough for a heavy make-out session if one was partial to that kind of thing.

“I love it up here,” Aisha said as they strolled between two wide rows of colorful flowers. From the years she spent helping her mother in the florist, she knew exactly what kind of flora these were – Zinnias. “It’s always so nice and peaceful.”

“It is nice,” Bonz said, reaching for her hand. In his other hand sat Aisha’s portfolio, which he was too reluctant to return to her just yet. “How long has this been up here?”

“Since forever or so the current owner tells me,” Aisha replied, revealing the results of a previous conversation she’d had with the owner. “In fact, I heard that the original owner wouldn’t even let him buy the place until he agreed in writing to leave the garden intact after purchase.”

“Really?” Bonz’s brows rose in amazement. “All this time I never knew this was even up here. Wonder why the current owner doesn’t advertise its existence.”

Aisha chuckled. “Actually he does, which means somebody didn’t check the back of his menu tonight.” She sat down on a nearby bench, pulling him down with her.

Bonz smirked. “I was too busy looking at you tonight to notice anyone or anything else.” He could have mentioned the fact that since no one else was up here in this romantic spot, that small ad on the back of the menu obviously got overlooked a lot. Yet in wisdom he let his compliment stand alone for the greatest effect.

Aisha burst out laughing. “Good save. You deserve a kiss for that one.”

“Well, lay one on me then,” Bonz replied, putting her portfolio down beside him.

Aisha moved closer to him. Their lips barely touched before she found herself smack dab in Bonz’s lap. He was even more aggressive than she thought. And she was thrilled by it.

Aisha and Bonz moaned simultaneously when their tongues touched. Heat resonated between them and sparked a fire. A forest fire. Both of their bodies throbbed with need.

Displaying her own aggressive side, Aisha shifted her legs so that they now sat on both sides of Bonz’s muscular body. Her dress rose slightly up her thighs, giving him access to the soft skin there. Her hands went inside his jacket to feel his hard torso through his shirt.

As expected, Bonz’s hands went straight to Aisha’s thighs. Yet they did not remain there. After a brief squeeze, his hands branched off in different directions. One went around to her bottom. The other went up to her left breast.

Feeling cool air waft across her bosom a few seconds later, Aisha didn’t have to look down to know that Bonz had lowered the top of her dress. However, she looked down anyway when he promptly bereaved her mouth of his lips for greener pastures below her neck. If only he had two mouths.

For an aggressive man, Bonz was surprisingly gentle with Aisha. Like a long distance runner, his tongue made steady laps around the field of her left areola before crossing the finish line and receiving the grand prize of her taut peak.

Aisha moaned loudly as his suckles sent tingling sensations up and down her spine. Her eyes widened at the sight of Bonz’s gorgeous lips trying to engulf a full third of her plump melon. The man was ravenous! As if he hadn’t just eaten enough for two people downstairs.

“Yes, baby,” Aisha whispered, losing herself in his hunger. No man had ever wanted her this badly before.

What enemy? What revenge? None of that existed now as Aisha arched towards Bonz, urging him to feast to his heart’s delight.

Keeping his lips occupied, Bonz’s eyes shot upwards and met Aisha’s gaze. He moaned when he saw the depth of passion in her chestnut pools. His body hardened even more beneath her.

Moving to her right areola, Bonz repeated the same action. The hand on her bottom snaked inside the open back of her dress and dipped down to squeeze her fleshy cheeks, skin to skin.

Did he stop there? No, Bonz was too hungry, too impatient, too inundated with passion to stop there. Using that same exploring hand, he slid eager fingers underneath Aisha’s black lacy thong and gently stroked the surface of her core.

Her core!!

Aisha couldn’t believe his boldness. And yet she relished it. She also relished the fact that Bonz kept working magic with his mouth, kept maintaining eye contact with her the whole time, feeding off her every reaction. That turned her on…a lot.

When two privileged fingers sunk deep into her core seconds later while Bonz’s large palm simultaneously squeezed the lower crests of her bottom, Aisha thought she was going to lose her mind. Hot tingles attacked her nervous system. Pleasure shot everywhere all at once. A deep shudder rocked her body.

And suddenly, Aisha’s eyes closed…in ecstasy.

“Ooo…baby girl,” Bonz endeared in a whisper as her body began to shake violently with release. Oh, how jealous he was of his fingers right now.

Just then, the sky opened up and began to sprinkle droplets of rain. The cool drops hitting Aisha’s skin did wonders to bring her sanity back. Her mind instantly began to clear. The weaning of her passion soon followed.

“Let’s go back to my place, Aisha,” Bonz said huskily as the downpour thickened.

“No,” Aisha replied, abruptly extracting her body from his. She stood upon wobbly legs. With trembling hands, she fixed her dress aright.

“No?! After all that?” Bonz looked shocked beyond measure and truly, genuinely confused.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: I'm going to take a break now. I need to think on a few things, because the story is changing at this point from the original manuscript. For some reason it always does that when I edit online. In fact, this whole scene is NEW!

*shrugging and shaking my head in wonder*

Anyway, Aisha has painted herself into quite a corner. I need to figure out how to get the sista out of it, still maintain Bonz's interest, and not blow her cover. Got a few ideas already. Need to just step back for a few hours and meditate on them.

Any suggestions, you guys?


Just came up with a fun contest:

Whoever has an idea(s) that's most in line with mine (which I'm not telling because I want to see God work in this thing and give me some confirmation)will get a FREE E-BOOK of their choice (excluding the ones not complete yet).

Subrina, if you win, I really don't know what to offer you because you've read just about all my books. I welcome suggestions on that dilemma, too, y'all. lol.

Okay, stepping away from the computer now. I should be back online around 9pm my time(EST).


Anonymous said...

Suprina, remember when you said that Bonz needed to find out what Aisha's true intentions for him were? (Is she looking to find "The One" like Jarrett said, or for a short-term arrangement like he'd heard about from his friends?) Pulling from that, I would suggest that Aisha play like she's too confused and has to figure some things she's torn. (This will actually be true because Aisha is torn between her attraction to Greg and her need for revenge). If Aisha tells him this, he'll automatically assume that she really does want to be with him in a committed relationship, but is afraid because of his history. Her revelation will also make him question his intentions for her. (Is he willing to turn in his playa card for her?) All these speculations will keep him intrigu...I think. LOL. Did you understand any of that? LOL

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add, the last post was very tastefully written...not an easy thing to do.

Kim said...

u werent kidding Sprina when u said things were gonna heat up!!! i must admit i enjoy their passion, but i'm glad they stopped....

i hope u think with some good ideas...unfortunately i'm not very creative in that line, so i can't assist.... i was planning to check out your main website 2mo coz i think my hubby's going let me get 1 of your books for my bday on sat....

anyways i'm off.... will drop in tomorrow!

Suprina said...

Marlene: Though I gave no closing time for the contest (and it was first-come, first-serve), there's really no need for me to go any further than your suggestion.

Especially since your post lines up a lot with the ideas I had (and did not disclose beforehand). Particularly the part about Bonz questioning her true intentions towards him. You were right on with that.

So CONGRATULATIONS, girl! You just won yourself a FREE E-book.


Just hop on over to my main website, decide which e-book you want from the lists on my ordering pages, then email me with your selection. You should have your book within 24 hours.

Kim: Thanks for being honest about your creativity snags in this area...and about how much you enjoyed that last scene. lol


PS. Marlene: I forgot to say thanks for participating and for the comment about the scene being tasteful. I try, girl.

Talk to y'all soon.

Subrina said...

Sorry that I missed the contest but I just got home from work and all the activity was over...Anyhoo... I like Marlene suggestion and it's what I would have said too...Now back to this chapter girrrrrrrrl that garden scene was smoking but I loved it. When it started raining I needed it to fall on me to cool me off...rofl...Where's my

Suprina said...


*singing now*

"And many more!"

Be blessed,


Suprina said...

Subrina: Tee-hee. Girl, you tickle me. *giggling* Yeah, Boaz, where are you, boy! Subrina's waiting for you. lol.

Okay, let me get back to writing the next scene...

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHH!!!! I've never won anything before!!!! People looking at me like I don' lost my ever-loving mind. Don't care though! LOL.