Thursday, September 13, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 15.2

Despite the threat of a thunderstorm and the disappointment of his friends, Bonz still made his way over to the Japanese restaurant to see Aisha. Nothing would stop him from keeping this date. It was too important.

At the restaurant, Bonz gave his name to the hostess. She’d already been told to expect him by Aisha, who’d arrived ten minutes earlier. Soon Bonz was escorted down a long corridor to a private dining area in the back.

As he followed the tiny, light-footed hostess down the peaceful corridor, Bonz noted certain aspects of his surroundings. Large rice paper partitions were everywhere. The aromas emanating from behind those partitions were tantalizing. Utterly so.

Instead of red, which was a favorite color in Chinese restaurants, this Japanese restaurant contained soothing blues, grays, and various shades of brown. Why was this so when Japan’s very flag carried that big red dot? Was red not a popular color in Japanese culture as it was for the Chinese? Bonz would make sure to research those questions out on his home computer as he often did with things he was curious about.

Inside the last tatami room on the right was Aisha. She sat on a blue cushioned chair on the rice-straw matting. A black leather portfolio rested on the short-legged polished oak table in front of her.

The hostess left almost as quietly as she’d come. However, she did tell them that a waitress would be there in a short while with the food Aisha pre-ordered.

Bonz and Aisha nodded, though they barely heard anything the hostess said for staring at each other.

The moment Aisha stood up to greet him; Bonz knew that he’d made the right decision tonight. To see her in that charcoal mini dress was just too special to miss. The front of the dress draped low between her breasts with a silver link detailing about the neckline. The rear of the dress was low cut, showing off her flawless back area.

Aisha’s feet were deliciously bare. The sight of her red-painted toes stirred Bonz almost deeper than the dress. Made him ready to rip off both their clothes and forget all about dinner. Tonight had to be the night they finally took their relationship to the next level. It just had to be.

“You’re right on time, Greg,” Aisha said as she approached him. Her chestnut pooled seemed to feast upon the sight of his muscular frame in the black suit he wore.

“Am I?” Bonz smiled, glad that he’d thought to change clothes at the last minute. Dating a model made even the best dressed man want to step up his game.

“Yes, you are.” She leaned up to give him a brief smack on the lips.

Bonz felt his body stir even more at her light kiss. “Plant another one of those on me, baby. A deeper one this time,” he requested. He wouldn’t be able to eat or concentrate on a thing until he got at least that from Aisha.

“As you wish, Greg. But first you have to take your shoes off. We’re doing everything Japanese style tonight,” Aisha said, secretly buying more time to work up the nerve to give him the kind of kiss he craved. The kind of kiss that would have him yearning for more.

Bonz promptly did as Aisha requested. Yet as soon as his shoes were off, he had her in his arms, his tongue halfway down her throat as if he was trying to taste her soul. The fact that Aisha returned his kisses with equal fervor only egged him on more.

“Excuse me, but your first course is ready,” a polite Asian waitress said from the opening in the partition. Her blue and gray attire was as serene as the rest of the restaurant. Her hands contained a tray of food with all kinds of Japanese delicacies upon it.

Realizing they’d forgotten where they were just that quick, Bonz and Aisha abruptly broke apart at the interruption. Aisha looked particularly rattled by that unexpected loss of control.

“Thank you. We’re ready,” Bonz said, taking control of the situation as a shaken Aisha put even more space between them by going back to her side of the table.

Bonz followed suit, sitting on the opposite side. The unopened portfolio was moved to the farthest end of the table so that the waitress could begin unloading her tray.

Each ceramic plate came with a small bowl of dipping sauce. Colorful spices abound. The whole display looked more like a work of art than a meal, yet the delectable smells rising from it confirmed that it was indeed food for the body. Bonz inhaled deeply of the aromas, laying aside his other hunger for the moment.

When they were alone again, a fully recovered Aisha reached across the table and stopped Bonz from sampling the bowls of food in front of him. “No, baby. Let me feed you tonight, okay?”

Bonz’s gaze instantly zoomed in on their entwined hands. His brows creased, puzzled to find all four hands trembling as they held one another. Yet when he looked back up into Aisha’s eyes and saw raw desire that matched his own, Bonz immediately understood everything.

The unmet need coursing through their veins was the cause of the tremors. They would have to do something about that very soon, lest they both explode.

“Okay,” Bonz finally replied, giving Aisha another one of his rare smiles. He couldn’t wait to feel her soft hands upon his mouth…upon every part of his body. Hopefully, tonight.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Subrina said...

I pray the only thing that get served is dinner and the

Suprina said...

Subrina: You'll see in about 10 minutes. *grinning mischievously*

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you research certain topics but one thing I've noticed about your writings is that they're very informative. An example is when you gave a hint of the the difference between the Chinese and Japanese cultures. When I read your stories, I feel as though I'm there. I also love that Bonz is so intelligent and takes the time to research subjects he's curious about. Was that how your cousin was?

Suprina said...

Marlene: Yes, I am a researcher by nature, which made it easy for me to transfer that trait over to Bonz. You wouldn't believe all of the 'seemingly' useless facts I know just because.

Hubby says I should go on a game show or something, calls me egghead (that's his idea of an off-handedly compliment. *rolling my eyes* Whatever. lol)


I'm glad you feel as though you're in the story. That's my intent. So I guess I am doing something right. *smile*

In answer to you about my cousin, yes, Dontavious was very intelligent, too. I don't know if he was a researcher like me, but he was definitely inquisitive. Got him in a LOT of trouble growing up. lol. I have fond memories of him.