Thursday, September 13, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 15.1

On the following Saturday night, Bonz got ready to meet his boys at the club. Before he left home, he tried to reach Aisha once again on her cell phone. She was the hardest person to get a hold of sometimes. He’d already called three times today.

Had this been any other woman, Bonz would have stopped trying to reach her by now. Had this been any other woman, he would have taken her out shopping, to multiple restaurants, and to a beauty salon by now. He most definitely would have slept with her by now.

But this wasn’t any other woman. This was Aisha. A woman that intrigued Bonz on multiple levels. A woman that he hadn’t seen in a week, though they had talked many times on the phone.

Bonz was tired of just talking to Aisha on the telephone. What were they, still in junior high school or something?

Bonz wanted to see Aisha’s beautiful face again. He wanted to kiss her juicy lips again. Feel that sexy body of hers just one more time. But above all else, Bonz wanted to finally take Aisha to bed.

If what his friends told him about her was true, then sleeping with Aisha soon shouldn’t be a problem at all. But if Jarrett’s report was true, Bonz might have to rethink a few things. He might have to rethink a lot of things, including whether or not he finally wanted to turn in his playa’s card.

So focused on bedding Aisha, Bonz refused to sleep with any other women all week long. For the first time in his life, he was actually saving himself for a woman. His body was protesting that fact. Loudly.

Right now Bonz was up to two cold showers a day. One in the morning to help him through the day. One in the evening to help him through the night.

“Aisha, when are you going to let me see you again? It’s been a whole week,” Bonz complained when she finally came on the line.

“Patience, baby, patience,” Aisha replied, smiling slyly as she guided her car through the afternoon traffic. She just returned from a one-day photo shoot in Atlanta and a brief stopover to see Laquetta in Macon. Both visits had gone well.

“As for seeing me again, how about tonight? Right now even,” Aisha continued.

Bonz felt his heart leap in his chest. “Just give me your address and I’m there,” he said, grabbing his car keys from the black kitchen countertop. E-Blade and Racker would just have to party at the club without him tonight.

1247 Aztec Drive.”

Aztec Drive?” Bonz frowned with confusion. Everyone in town knew that Aztec Drive was strictly commercial property, filled mostly with places to eat or shop. “You live on Restaurant Row?”

“No, my favorite Japanese restaurant is there. Which is also where I want you to meet me. Say in about an hour?” Aisha estimated, looking down at her watch.

“Oh.” Bonz tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice. He wanted to have dinner at her place where a bedroom was only a short distance away. “Look, Aisha, if you don’t want me to know where you stay, just say so,” Bonz added upon the sudden realization that he still didn’t know where she lived.

I don’t want you to ‘ever’ know where I stay! Aisha silently screamed. Yet when she spoke again, her voice was calm and serene.

“You’re taking it the wrong way, Greg. Meeting you at the restaurant is simply more convenient for me, seeing as I just got off a plane not ten minutes ago. In fact, I’m stuck in traffic two miles from the airport right now. Since I’m starving and so close to Restaurant Row, I thought you might want to meet me there. But if that’s going to be a problem, we can go out to dinner some other night.”

“Oh.” Bonz sounded appeased by her words, but only a little. He still didn’t have her home address. “In that case, give me the name of the restaurant then.”

After giving him what was required, Aisha hung up her cell phone with a smug smile. Playa, you have no idea what I have in store for you tonight, she mused, ready to give Bonz a night to remember.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

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